Need a new anime to watch.

Until my next college semester starts I am going to be a total hobo,(currently job scouting), anyways, I need an anime to watch. Just toss me some titles, except the big 3. Really getting sick of nakama power.

Tenchi Muyo

Seikai no Senki/Banner of the Stars and Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

Seconding Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Ghost in the Shell SAC.

Here’s a few I’m watching now, with quick descriptions:

[ul][li] Sword Art Online - An augmented reality gaming console (think of it as a safer version of the Matrix) launches the show’s equivalent of WoW, and on the day of the game’s launch, the creator goes maverick and removes the logout button. Then he proceeds to inform the entire in-game community that the game has successfully hacked the users’ brains: If you die in the game, you die in real life. The only way out is to beat the game, and the show follows the life of the game’s #1 player from the beta testing stage.[/li][li] Highschool DxD - An ecchi series with a surpisngly engaging story. Ignoring the bouncing girly bits and fan service, the show follows a high school student who is killed by a Fallen Angel, only to be saved by his high school’s Occult Club president, who turns out to be a demon. In exchange for his new lease on life, the guy is now soul-bound to his savior as an indentured servant, joining the rest of the occult club, which is actually a whole team of the demon’s slaves meant to serve as her personal strike force in an ongoing three-way war between Devils, Angels, and Fallen Angels.[/li][li] Is This a Zombie? - A comedic twist on the “magical girl” genre. A high school student is saved by a necromancer on the night of his murder and resurrected as a zombie, giving him a second chance at life to find his murderer. While doing so, he trades blows with an over-bearing magical girl with a chainsaw, and winds up untinetionally stealing her powers. Now stuck with her powers (and the embarassingly girly outfit that comes mandatory with them), the boy begrudingly takes both her and the necromancer in as roommates until he can figure out the mystery of his murder and how to give the girl her powers back.[/li][*] Magical Girl Madoka - One of the darkest animes I’ve ever watched. Impressionable junior high school students meet a magical creature who grants one wish. In exchange for granting the wish, the recipient agrees to be a Magical Girl and is given special powers to wage war in the shadows against unseen mystical forces called Witches. They learn very quickly though that the wishes they make and the job they’ve taken aren’t as glamorous as they had hoped.[/ul]

Watch Megazone 23, should you be keen on 80s mecha movies.

It’s actually a plot composed of 3 movies lasting 80 minutes. It’s quite entertaining and amusing to view that and some things strike the eye of the audience, so to speak.

Sit back, lie down, switch off the lights and watch that on a friday evening.

lol cowboy bebop

outlaw Star and Trigun if they havent been posted already lol

Hmm. Looks like Chapel’s given me a couple of things to check out when they finish up in a week or so…

You could try

darker than black ,spice and wolf, broken blade. blue gender, Bastard, code geass, devil may cry, Record of lodoss war, strait jacket that’s some you could watch.

I second those…particularly that last one :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, Swark’s already mentioned it, but I’ll suggest it again ;

How about viewing C-Bebop? (Assumedly, you’ve watched it already, but still :3)

I second those who suggested Outlaw Star, Trigun, and Cowboy Bebop.

Really? No one’s mentioned JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? The amount of over the top hot-blood and fabulous is downright unfathomable.

I’ll add a few I really enjoy; Sekirei, Rosario+Vampire, Godannar, Black Cat, Kaze no Stigma, Sengoku Basara, Dragonaut: The Resonance, and Genesis of Aquarion.

new and releasing each week Robtic,notes

I just marathoned nine episodes of the new 2012 series over the weekend. If I had known they were re-doing the anime sooner, I would’ve definitely suggested it. The fan-sub team for the new series is ridiculous XD

Are you talking about Duwang’s subs? I haven’t watched those subs but I heard they’re fantastically bad. But I think it’s cool how they’re making a shout-out to the old manga scanlations.

full metal panic, fruits basket, sgt frog, clannad, death note, birdy the mighty, the beautiful yet ugly world, trigun, vanguard, gurren lagann, Rosario + vampire, highschool dxd, girls bravo, ooran high school host club, sword art online, the world god only knows, demon king daimao, toradora, hanamaru kindergarten, school rumble, otome youkai zakuro, my little monster, horizon in the middle of nowhere, hayate no gotoku, a bridge to the starry skies, myself; yourself, air gear, oreimo, kazu no stigma, azumanga daioh, baka and test, black jack, “listen to me, girls, im your father”, sekirei.

I’m about to start watching Samurai Champloo soon.

I’ve been being occupied by “You’re under arrest” for 2 weeks now. (and yeah, I’ve finished viewing it.)