Naruto. *Here there be SPOILERS*

Well I was just figureing, since one or two people I’ve seen (namely Exia :stuck_out_tongue: ) whatch/read Naruto, that I’d make a topic to discuss it in. Also as said in the topic, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. You’ve been warned.

Well in the most recent Chapter 560, Madara revealed that he had Rinnegan, on top of Eternal Mankeyko Sharingan, makes sense since the Uchiha desended from the sage of six paths, but still that’s a bit much, kishimoto needs to throw the Hyuga a bone.

The best shot for the Hyuga is if they figure out how to remove the curse mark from branch family, thereby settling most of the issues.

As far as Madara and the Rinnegan, it’s awesome and hax. But I’ve read some theories that the Elder Son of the Sage of the Six Paths originally started off with EMS and it got diluted through the years.

The 4th Raikage is a douche too. Also, I wanna see what the real battle between Madara and Hashirama was all about, straight from the Edo’s mouth! And more Sage of the Six Paths, he keeps getting awesomer.

SO. Along with having hulu and watching Tiger & Buny, I tried to get back in to Naruto. I just can’t man.

I dunno why, just at some point it stopped appealing to me.

Probably the mostly filler crap, read the manga it’s better. Or it’s the sharigan/rasengan spam that’s rages throughout the manga. Or the repetative nature of displaying the new generation is better than the old. Or other stuff.

I like it because it has ninjas that aren’t taken seriously…and the sharingan is friggin’ awesome. One power from any comic/manga, BAM, there we go. Wants me sharingan.

Yeah the endless waves of Rasengan spam, and sharingan spam is a bit much.

But yeah Madara geting the Rinnegan is super Hax, but at the same time is killer, and yeah I hope they have a flash back of his fight with the first, it’d be insane, to see what Hashirama could do. (as it seems that Rinnegan couldn’t save him)

About the Rinnegan geting diluted down, that’s what my theory is so far, I also have a few on how nagato could have goten it (one of them is lolz)

  1. He has Uzumaki blood, so Madara (or another Uchiha) could have had a relationship with an Uzumaki. (the lol part is the fact the the Uzumaki and Senju where allys)

  2. The sage of six paths had another kid, maybe a daughter, and over the years the Rinnegan never surfaced because it was a ressive gene (same with it never appearing in the Senju) so Nagato may have got luck of the draw and was able to activate it, due to him being a desendant of the Sage.

  3. Tobi was tellin the truth and Madara activated it, or rather him since it seems that Nagato would have been born after Madara died.

It’s also seeming as likely as ever that Izuna is under that mask.

As far as the Uzumaki clan goes. I’m a firm believer that that clan was created when an Uchiha fell in love with a Senju (either or), and when the Uchiha found out they tried to kill both the Uchiha (you know, Curse of Hatred) and the Senju (you know, Will of Fire) but when the Senju found out they hid them and there the Uzumaki clan is born and the SotSP’s dna was again in one body. Or it was some “Romeo and Juliet” type crap, but this time “Juliet” had a kid that the Senju protected while R and J sacrificed themselves to protect their child.

That could be likely.

Honestly though, I want to see Itachi go Head to head with Madara, they both are immortal to an extent now, and well, It’d be fight of the century to see to Geniuses go at it. Even though Madara is stronger. That or Kabuto should find away to revive Shisui and then Itachi and him should duke it out. (Now that Itachi isn’t under Kabuto’s controll) That’d be a pretty even fight.

No, leave Shisui out of this completely. He’s one of the few people who shouldn’t be revived, just his legacy enough has influenced the entire manga. “Self-sacrifice…A nameless shinobi who protects peace from within its shadow…That is a true shinobi. Shisui taught me that” - Itachi Uchiha.

I mainly just want to see what he can do. So in short I’d be fine with a back story revolveing around him. (Kinda like they gave Kakashi)

Well…I’ve never really read the manga, can’t really much find it. But I’ve seen MOST of the anime…well…I was two box sets away from completing the first part of the series, and I didn’t want to start on Shippuden until I had completed my set…Of course, this doesn’t mean other people haven’t spoiled things for me. (So I already knew about Itachi being controlled and the like.)

Itachi is actually one of my favorite characters, along with Kakashi, Shikamaru, and Gaara.

Actually those 4 characters get even more awesome in Shippuden and there are plently of sites to read it.

So I’ve heard. But, I don’t really have time to sit around and read manga a lot of the time. And most Manga sites I know of…can’t show a lot of series I like…due to copyright or something like that.

Yeah all of them become BAMF to the second power. Hell Itachi was fighting deathly ill and blind and was still kicking Sasuke’s ass untill the illness got him. (Which he planed to do)

Sorry for the double post.

But has anyone seen chapter 561 yet? I won’t post any spoilers just incase but, Madara seems to be geting more hax by the second, it’s geting into ridculous territory now.

I did. It’s not that hax, Naruto is a clone (way more hax) who was able to handle all that and besides Madara is an Edo. That jutsu alone is just full of hax and troll, granted if possible I’d use it, but it’s not like Madara has to strategize much. I’m more interested to see what the deal is with the Kyuubi.

Well it seems pretty hax to me…I mean busting out a Keikkei Genki that so far in the series has only belonged to one person, minus the one who got it forced upon him (Yamato) and the other who stole it (Danzo).

Yeah it’s up there with Naruto’s hacks. I mean it makes sense at the same time though…since he had loads of cases where could get Hashirama’s Cells, but still.

I am ok with it though, because maybe with Madara haveing Wood Release we’ll be able to see it’s full power since Hashirama never showed to much in his short time being Edo Tensei’d fighting the Third, that and it makes sense since he had access to his cells like I said.

Now about the Kyuubi thing, there dosen’t seem to be much to it, we know he was controlled by Madara at once, Kyuubi rather let Naruto have his power than let Madara use it, I mean he must have a reason for it but It’s proboly as simple as Madara used the power against Kyuubi’s will, and forced him.

itachi and Gaara are defidently the most amasing characters but the really need to bring naruto to an end it is endless and kind of getting boring if you ask me besides instead of making new charaters to fall in love with they just bring old ones back from the dead. major lose of imajination if you ask me.

So who’s been keeping up?

Madara is still boss! Madara knows how to troll!

I haven’t not for a while, anything major happening now?

I heard something about Itachi fighting Kabuto or something.

Itachi teamed up with Sasuke! F’N Sasuke! And took on Kabuto who had a pretty awesome trick up his sleeve. The Uchiha brothers teamed up though! Like there was teamwork! WTF! Oh and Naruto became a badass fighting Tobi!