names for a child

so i am having another kid soon i named my first son “Athrun Zala archer” and my daughters name is “Lacus Clyne Archer” well my girl friend is prego again what do you guys think are good boys and girls names we dont know if its a boy or a girl yet thanks

The hell?

Athrun Zala and Lacus Clyne are you serious?

like a heart attack

Why those names?

Athrun is 1 month and Lacus is a year and 2 weeks love the hell out of them

because Athrun reminds me of someone that loves to find the right path of life and lacus is a leader someone that others can count on and thats why i chose those names and my sister named her son Kira so that one was taken lol

I’d like to name my future son Casval Rem, but my fiance wouldn’t got for it. But she is all for naming our future daughter Artesia.

You’re lucky to have either a very open minded girlfriend or a Gundam fan for a girlfriend :-).

Anyway, names, right… uhmm… for a boy how about Godderic. You could call him God for short. Then, when he gets in trouble at school (most likely because of his “god complex”) you can ask the teacher why he/she is always blaming God for everything? And why does he/she want God out of the classroom so bad? and I suppose next you’ll want to leave God out during the pledge of allegiance too!

But that’s just me, I kinda have a twisted sense of humor.

not so open minded just dumb as hell told her lacus was my mothers middle name till after she was on the birth certificate. and athrun i told her it meant love of life and she bought it till about a week ago she found out while i was watching seed she flipped but she likes the name now. but she was watching gundam with me today and wanted to go with m’quve. her reason behind it was because i name all my kids after gundam charters i told her no way in hell would i name him that if its a boy i hope she was kidding but idk. maybe she will let me go with rx78 lol
but i love godderic

Haha. This is funny and so messed up at the same time. XD Shit try Lyle Dylandy. XD

Naming your kids after cartoon characters is insane. Especially bad cartoon characters.

My wife is 16 weeks along and we’ve narrowed it down to a list of 80 names. We are waiting til we find out if it is a boy or girl before we narrow it down further.

I’m quite fond of either William or Elizabeth.

sniff sniff I smell a troll here

Yeah, that’s what I figure.

Unless you’re talking about me…

I’m no troll. I just fed this one is all.

for a boy Anaveil Gato it just has that ring to it but your possible future son may hate you because the short form is ana or veil both girl names

Depends if his son decides he wants to be a man or go transsexual.

Trieze if its a boy and Haman if its a girl

i like william but elizabeth wont happen thats one of my ex’s and my curent gf hates her lol but i am trying to stick to gundam names the trend is going strong dont want the other kids to think i love the new baby more

Dude, is this real?

What if your kids grow up and watch Gundam for the first time and hate it? If I woke up one morning and realized my name was Kamille and based off the UC dude with the same name, I’m gonna be pretty pissed.

It’s too bad you’re not a Macross fan, and this where a Macross forum, you could just name your kid Roy and get away with it.


Should you really intensely desire to name your kid a “Gundam character name”, I’ll gather/collect/list some names for you to give your kids :

Lowe/Löwe = Translatedly, It means “lion”. I guess, it’s justifable to call your kid a lion for it’s a formidable and royal animal.


Heero/Hiro = That’s a common, official and Japanese name. It’d do well. Well, Heero isn’t, obviously. Hiro is.

Graham (Aker) = Sounds good

But please, please, DON’T EVEN CONSIDER ASSIGNING “SEED NAMES” TO YOUR KIDS, that’d just be ludicrous.

Athrun and Lacus ? You serious ?

yea well the thing is that my entire family names there kids after some cartoon charter like my little sister was named jasmine after Aladdin’s princess, i was named after hal jordan, my twin sister was named after Lois Lane its a familt thing i guess my twin sister said her next son will be named aizen after bleaches captian of the 5th division.
im pretty sure they like it so far because i put it on and they seem to enjoy it at least more then they enjoy when i put dbz or bleach on i know they dont understand it. i like heero and haman.
what do you guys think of Loran, or Setsuna

You’re a troll.

Thusmore :