Name your only one favorite MS

Just name one of your favorite mobile suit.

Gundam Exia

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MSN-06S Sinanju

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Forever Gundam

Always has been and will be, the EMS-10 Zudah.

We are also graced with the EMS-10E Zudah Jager, EMS-10 Zudah F, and the GM Camouf. (A lot of wiki sites seem to always say it’s based on a Zaku, but the legs are a dead giveaway (not counting the much slimmer profile from a Zaku) that it’s using a Zudah at the base)).

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One? Boy that’s hard.

Perfect Strike Gundam. (Got my eyes on that PG coming out…)


The one Mobile Suit I keep coming back to in my mind is the Hekija. I love how unique it looks & feels.

I guess that means a lot of people are ill informed. The zudah was designed by Zimmad as a competitor to the zaku. Unfortunately for the Zudah the Zaku was chosen as the Mobile Suit for the Zeon force because the Zudah liked to go BOOM.:boom:



You see, but that was only because of a radiator issue that couldn’t properly keep the reactor cool when it was exerted. It’s the same reactor that Zimmad took out of the Zudah and put into the Dom. Even without exerting the reactor, it was still leagues faster than the Zaku.

I actually have a Zimmad company logo tattooed on my leg.

Love it! I’m pretty sure I got the Kshatriya for Christmas.

Honestly, all of the Unicorn enemy mobile suits are freaking amazing :heart:

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RX-93 Nu Gundam…

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“It’s been a while since we’ve seen Shiro45 — their last post was 7y ago.”:astonished:

Anyway, easy, please refer to the username.:laughing:

If the SD’s don’t count, I like Gundam Rose! Seems like the kind I’d pilot~

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Anything, just 1 MS.

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Even though it gets shredded like paper, I’d pick the Saviour Gundam from Gundam Seed Destiny. It’s my favorite out of Athrun’s mobile suits.


Yes, I have that MG. It’s limited edition from now on.

Man, someone’s not picky at all. ^^; What if ya got a crap suit? Wouldn’t that ruin the experience for ya?

Imagine there’s a GBN battle pod, we can only ride one suit.

Geara Doga

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