My V-Dash Gundam, truck build.

As I have said before I have to do most if not all of my G-building in my truck. So I don’t have the ability to paint or do to many add on parts, space is limited. But I give it the old USMC try. We work best with less.:smiley:

Here are a few more pics I forgot to post.

That looks great! It looks like it was built in a proper building.

Thank you Sir for the complement. Patients works well when building Gundams. Will post more as I go along.

The build is looking very clean. What do you think of the kit so far?

Thank you Dlinker, the kit is VERY repetitive. the little fighter, well there are 4 of them, other wise it is a cool build to do. just finished the “Core Buster” tonight will update latter in the day light.

Always wanted to pick this one up. Once I’m done with all my ew wing series I’ll pick this one up.

Build is looking great man. Very clean. Good work.

Ahh, tedium, one of the worst things you can encounter when building a kit. You’re doing a good job with it, though. Your results so far don’t show any signs of someone being bored by the kit. Good practice for other tedious kits (looking at you, Nu Ver. Ka with your funnels).

Looks great! I can’t even see the nubs and the lining is super clean and just the right darkness and thickness. You’re just making me want to pick this one up even more.

Dinker I already built the NU Gundam Ver Ka with double funnles. That was mind numbing. Now still working with all the water slides all 5 milloin of them. Ha!

RX-78-2 I only use a .005 black felt tip pen. I draw the lines on and wipe off what I don’t want with a paper towel. Thanks for the commplament I appreciate it allot.

Looking great bro! Got the EW Wing today. I will post a WIP thread when I start on it.

Ouch, you actually did the complete funnel set? This one must be kind of a cakewalk then. And I hear you about the waterslides. Only the masochistic will want to apply all of them.

or some one like me with an out of control OCD thing going on. Must put them all on or it’s not done. I hate my self some times. Ha Ha!