my thoughts on Gundam 00, Season 1

My thoughts on 00 - It only should have been one season, because the second season felt like bull shit.

Be damned for blasphemy! Seriously you didn’t like the 2nd season? Why? I thought it was awesome. The 00 Raiser is just total badassery.

I can sum up the second season in two words, Quantam and Inovaders!!! Hell if we made a drinking game and took a shot every time those words were said people would die of alcohol poisoning before the first episode is done.

Second season’s story fell very flat for me, hell they brough Lockon back and barely did anything new with his character and made sure he looked the same, yea I know they hinted at him in the first season, but come on. Don’t get me started on Graham and Ali Al Sanchez, their characters in the first season were extremely well done, in the second season they felt like completely different characters, hell Sanchez should have stayed dead, his death at the hands of Lockon while getting killed himself was a great plot device. The second season had alot of potential that they explored some, but they came up short. Don’t get me wrong, I still liked the seasond season I know I seem like I’m bashing it, but it just falls short in areas it should have excelled in, of course thats my opinion.

well dudes, I am currently watching season 2 of Gundam 00. I decided to watch it online, something I usually never do as I prefer watching shows on my 72 inch TV with the surround sound, but damn Bandai aint getting more of my money until they lower the price on their dvds. Anyways, I am on episode 7 right now and so far the 2nd season is pretty good. Here are some of my thoughts on the 2nd season so far:

-I like how the Meisters and Soma Peries (now Marie Parfacy) have grown as characters, and Lockon 2.0 aint bad. not as good as his older brother but still pretty cool.

-Saji continues to be one of the worst Gundam characters of all time, but it looks like maybe he is on the path to changing.

-Louise, Marie, Feldt, Marina (who is now a decent character), Shirin, and Kati look even cuter now in the 2nd season.

-Graham has become even more of a badass, and I am proud.

-I felt like the Allelujah and Marie storyline was wrapped up way to soon. The 4th episode he was all like “I vow to save you Marie” then bam, three episodes later they get together. Not very Gundam-like resolution to that storyline (see Four/Kamille or Aina/Shiro on how to do a “star-crossed lovers” storyline).

-When Saji had his gun sights on Louise, I was like “oh shit, I have seen this scene before. doesn’t end well.” Thank god nothing happened. I don’t like Saji x Louise (at least not yet), but I like Louise as a character.

Anyways I will now post a few comics that made me a laugh a little…and cry a lot.

(in Haro’s voice)

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Saji really grows into his own later in the show. He is one of my favorite non Gundam pilot characters.

This guy knows what’s up :smiley:

What I didn’t favour about S2 at all was all the beam-spamming.

That really some pain in the eye.

Lol This is why I don’t like the second season. The first season was extremely well thought out while the second felt like a silly attempt to recreate the greatness of the first season. I’ve wondered if they only planned on one season because that would explain a lot of things. Also, the first season had me on the edge of my seat and I never once felt that way during season two. Killing lockon and bringing him back was stupid.

Yeah, Saji becomes much less annoying in the later episodes. Kind of a spoiler (forgot which episode it was), but after he gets bitch-slapped by Tieria for doing something stupid, that’s when he starts getting better.

I’m curious to see what you think of the Innovades, haha.

no spoiler for me. he got bitch slapped around episode 5 or 6. I am on episode 14 now and Saji is still acting like an whiny idiot though. Come on dude, you got just 11 episodes to change!!! Got to say, the 00 Raiser isnt doing it for me. Just like the Strike Freedom, I think it is just a bit much if you get what I am saying. I dont mind the Innovades. Not the best villains ever to be featured in Gundam, but not the worst villains I have ever seen either. They come off as being a bunch of Scirocco wannabes.

btw episode 8 featured the return of the Magnificent Moron, Patrick Colasour, Ace of the AEU!!! I am pleased.

Patrick is a character I love to hate and his ability to not die is impressive.

I hated Patrick during the first half of the Season 1, but grew to love the guy in the second season. Unlike the Innovades, his arrogance has a light-hearted feel that is much better to watch.

The Innovades are just a cheap set of villains. Only Ribbons and Tieria were worth tolerating; everyone else I was happy their screen time ended permanently by the end.

How are you liking the 00 Raiser’s design? Too much as well? I didn’t mind it, but I wish they gave the normal 00 more screen time.

I think the reason the 00 didn’t get much screen time was that it’s designed to work with the 0 Raiser. So within the episode constraint, they probably had to rush it a bit so that the 00 Raiser could make it on screen as soon as possible.

I find that something to gripe about, only because the plain 00 seemed decent on its own and it matched the aesthetics of both the Exia and Qan[T]. Almost makes the 00 Raiser the odd man out in the line-up since it has a bulkier appearance.

Minor gripe aside, I did enjoy how they portrayed it as this incredible war machine that gets humbled from time to time (culminated in the movie, although it really hurt watching it go boom). Helped to make it seem more of a small player in a grand plan rather than the only player.

Just finished watching Season 2, episode 17. No joke, I am in tears over Sergei Smirnov’s death. One of my favorite characters in Gundam 00 by far. The whole “lets all team up to save the Earth” thing they (the A-Laws, Celestial Being, the ESF Army, and the rebels) had going on there reminded me of Neo Zeon and the Federation teaming up to push away Axis at the end of CCA. One of the best moments of Season 2 so far. I figure this is gonna cause Sergei’ son to become a good guy and ditch the A-Laws when he finds out the truth.

currently watching episode 18 and I want to note how happy I am that Saji wears a plain white, standard space suit. No way a whiny rookie like him deserves an ace status, colored pilot suit like the rest of the CB pilots (the Meisters and Soma).

I take it you don’t like Saji all that much do you?

hell no. dude has no balls.

He’s not supposed to. He’s there to represent what happens when somebody innocent tries to force themselves to be a soldier. He’s the human factor of the show.

Agreed, in the first season both him and Luise were meant to show the civilian side of the show, something they haven’t done much of in Gundam before.

I liked the idea of his character in S2 but he was annoying. I did like his speech where he tore the whole crew down for their need to avenge/revenge constantly. They had alot of great ideas in S2 but they either missed excuting them or came up short.

Also I thought the point of the O Raiser was to regulate the twin drive because OO couldn’t do it on its own (remember it almost blew it self up fighting Graham). OO Quanta was designed with what they learned with OO Raiser so they didn’t need the Raiser system anymore.