my thoughts on Gundam 00, Season 1

Well guys I finally finished watching the 1st season of Gundam 00, and the 1st thing I want to say is that I am glad that I decided to give it another chance. Just like last time, it was hard to sit through the 1st 10 or so episodes, since there is so much backstory and introduction going on. However, things really start picking up after that, especially when the Trinitys arrive on the scene. I am itching to get the 2nd season and probably will sometime next week. Anyways here are some of my thoughts on the 1st season and please free feel to give me your thoughts on it as well.

-Once again, I wanna mention that Lockon Stratos is one cool mother****er. I really liked his character, and even though I knew he was gonna die beforehand, his death still managed to bring out some strong emotions in me. I got to say that, at least to me, his death was the most touching death in all of Gundam, with the except of Lalah’s, which actually brought me to tears the 1st time I watched it. Anyways, I hope that Lockon’s twin brother is as great of a character as him.

-Other characters I really liked were all of the other Meisters, Sergei Smirnov, Ali Al-Saachez, Graham Aker, and Patrick Colasour (the guy is such a magnificent moron). Characters I disliked were Sumeragi Lee Noriega (get your pitchforks out), Marina Ismail, and the goddamn Crossroad siblings (I hate them SO much for many reasons).

-I loved all the opening and ending theme songs of the 1st season. I already downloaded all of them and added them to my Gundam playlist.

-With the exception of the Tieren, which is the most cannon fodder looking mobile suit I have ever seen, I liked all the mobile suits in the 1st season, especially the Gundams Kyrios and Dynames and all the Flag variations.

-That whole last battle sequence was awesome. Nearly every character got their moment of greatness, with Lockon, Daryl, Graham, and Allelujah especially getting great moments.

Yea 00 isnt a bad series even though its commericeal. It still has lots of action and deep character background. And the second season is ok but i think the first season is better

OO is awesome!
until the movie, it took everything we loved about Gundam was Broken with Awakening of the trailblazer.
I do not car for that movie.

Saji and Luis will forever be my otp.
I love this duo! There relation ship can be humorous, cute, touching, HEART BREAKING… -sniff-…
00 had this atmosphere of adventure but then the last episodes gave off hopelessness. I never felt so depressed over some robot repeating its partner’s name. I actually cried ober Lockon’s death.
Setsuna=Light Yagami
The character I hated the most was Nena, but in the good kind of way.
SHE RUINED MY OTP FROM THE FIRST SEASON! You can’t escape from the red miles! Nena looked so cute and innocent until she executed a complete 180 heel turn.

I liked the first season alot, I liked how the grunts acctually put up a fight. The second season is alright but not as good as the first, to me it gets more shallow but I didn’t feel it was bad just not as good as it could have been. I liked the movie, it was a risk for them to make and I think it worked well.

I just recently tried it out too, and I love 00. There’s my beloved SEED, but 00 makes me love the entire franchise like how it was when I first started. I’m also noticing tones from previous series, which is to be expected, but welcomed.

I’m not going to lie.

Having viewed S1, I expected all of the pilots (or many of them) to have been vaporized.

Yup, I really personally labelled them dead. (Which was quite irritated and mislead of me to do, watching it one year ago and already knowing of S2)

You are right Patrick is a magnificent moron. And as for Sumeragi for me her character was not really important. And I did really like the Overflag.

I am warning you now that Lockon’s brother will NEVER be as good as the original. I’m glad you like 00 I really loved it too.

00 is probably my 2nd favorite full series. I love both seasons. I must say that I like the 2nd a bit better simply because of the 00 Raiser.

I prefer the 1st season more because it didn’t have annoying Innovades doing the intrigue. They were the lowest point when it came to the 2nd season to me. Their arrogance made me want to punch a wall.

man so many people saying that the 2nd season is inferior to the 1st. It is making me think twice about buying season 2, especially since I dont have the money to buy it :frowning: .

man i like nena trinity. to quote my favorite pro wrestler CM Punk “I dig crazy chicks.” as for Saji I felt like him and his sister were the most useless characters in the series. Their storyline had absolutely no impact to the main storyline at all. I do like Louise though. Saji doesnt deserve her. a real man wouldnt of left her alone and gone on with his life. he would of stuck with her even if she said she didnt want him too. my OTP would be Feldt x Lockon…damn you Tomino. I know he had a hand in Lockon’s death. I can sense it, Newtype Style.

I must add I hated it when Daryl Dodge died

me too. but at least he had a glorious death.

(British Accent) Indeed it was

He went out like a boss. Both him and Lockon had good story-driven deaths in this show

[QUOTE=Ginga Bishōnen;74569]man so many people saying that the 2nd season is inferior to the 1st. It is making me think twice about buying season 2, especially since I dont have the money to buy it :frowning: .

I’m a big fan of 00, and it’s true. 2nd season is inferior to the 1st, but I think that it is still good.

If I must admit, their deaths were satisfying.

Haha, their deaths are tied for second place with Ali Al-Saachez’s death for best moments in the series. Hardest part for me was how androgynous those Innovades were.

I also think the 2nd season has its appeal. If anything, it’s the key series to watch in the whole 00 universe.

Well so far 00 universe only consists of Season 1, Season 2 and the movie. And the movie is just not that good. I think 00 is essential on a gundam fans watchlist.