My small Perfect Grade collection

Hey guys, I’m new here but I thought I would share my collection with you all. I picked up this entire set at an auction already built and painted. The detail on them is top notch and I only wish I had that kind of talent.

Wow, whoever built those did so with great care and attention because those look beautiful. That Dendrobium is especially epic.

Yeah they sure did, the pictures don’t do them justice. Even the tiny pilots inside are fully painted. It’s unfortunate they had to be auctioned off, but at least they went to a good home and to a fellow Gundam fan at that!

Wow man. That is an awesome collection. The person that did those kits really went to some great lengths to make those look good. You got a great collection from that auction.

Wow, you got lucky. I wish I could build that great too. That dendrobium looks very impressive.

omgz… DAT DOM!

Yeah. Here is some more pictures of him with lighted cockpit, thrusters, etc.

That is the Rick Dom Char Custom if I’m not mistaken. Looks awesome. On a side note, where in SoCal do you live? PM me your answer.

Wooo, what a killer collection! Very nice! May I ask how much it cost you for the entire set?

Let’s just say I got a really, really good deal! I still have 4 ships that I can’t display because they are huge and take up a lot of space.

DAT DOM ROCKS~ i love the painting

Lol just wat i was thinking.

Thats the HY2M Dom. I really want one but there hard to find.