My mixed Gunpla collection Rx78 and more

Here my first Gunpla composed model kit based from EX Standard Rx78 Gundam with the pauldron based from SD Hi Nu Gundam(the rest part is broken)

I really like the new customize that looks more new and enhance version of the first Rx78 Gundam!



He looks really good, I love all the detail work!

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Thanks! :+1:

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Meet the refreshing grandson…

I advice you all, this product doesn’t contain the beam saber and some of the part must be paint by yourself.

I’ll have to keep that one in mind for a later date. :eyes:

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There are plenty of stocks for Rx78, Strike is the last one that I brought from the shopping mall… I believe it’s still available somewhere else…

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I am done, my SD Rx78 Strike and Aeriel Gundam.
Core change! :joy:

Looks familiar right? :smile:

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There’s too much stickers and missing color for the Strike Gundam. I quit collecting SD Gundam from now on… looking for the MG size in the nearest shopping mall… :persevere:

My SD Rx78 with Strike Torso and Aile Backpack is now belongs to Gundam. I don’t really care about Strike, it is now my secondary collection.

It’s complete, here’s my Gundam RX79A and Lightning Strike Gundam.

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