My Master Grade RX-78-[0]2 Gundams

Yup. I made the right move of choosing both the 2.0 (Original Series Design) and Origin (Manga Design) versions. Both of these kits are fantastic, with the 2.0 offering a simple, fun build, accuracy to the original show, and everything it used in said series, and the Origin basically being a perfect representation of the Early Type used throughout the Gundam The Origin manga adaptation and the overall design that now serves as the Gundam’s main modern redesign. And also coming with a buttload of accessories including a back cannon to make it resemble its brother, the RX-78-01.

If I were to choose a personal favourite however, it would have to be the Origin.

I mean come on, guys, it’s a fantastic design! I don’t care if they only chose to adapt the Char and Sayla volumes as an OVA rather than the entire series and its take on the original show’s plot, this is a great design!
Oh, and if you want me to, I would show you my high grades of this design.

EDIT: Yes, I am fully aware that this version of the Gundam will be featured as the centrepiece of the Cucuruz Doan’s Island film adaptation.