My Mac decal

I bought a neo zeon and amuro ray insignia decals that are supposed to be for cars and I put the neo zeon one on my mac case. I intended to have both decals on my computer case however I think just the neo zeon one looks pretty sweet. Here are some pics. The second on is of the amuro decal roughly where I would place it if I did. What are all of your thoughts? Sorry for the crappy pics! I will take better ones later… once I hear your oppinions.

Dude, that’s friggin awesome! I’m not really experienced with Mac devices, is that a mac book?
Either way, the final effort is so nice.

Yeah man it is a macbook pro. It just has a protective case on it. I have been wanting to get a decal for it since I started watching Gundam. Originally I was going to just get a Zeon decal, however I opted for a Neo Zeon one instead. The reason is I couldn’t find a EFSF decal to go with the Zeon one. The decals ended up being larger than I expected so decided to put just the one for now and maybe just save Amuros for later.

So where did you buy this decal from?

I got it on amazon. I just searched for Gundam Stickers and I bought them from a company called SPDecals. They shipped fast and they offered ten different colors. The decal is very well made. They also offer different sizes. The ones I got were four inches and now I think three inch ones would be better suited for my use.

I might just have to order me up a few of these. Thanks for sharing man. And they both look great.

They are awesome! Very pleased! Not sure how they will hold up on my case! But I’m sure they would be perfect for a car window (they are designed for that purpose of course) or at least the back of a computer without a case. I will let you all know how it stands up in how I am using the decal.

Sweet find! I used to have a boba fett skull insignia on my laptop but then i upgraded to a macbook pro. I put a bunch of vinyl decals on the actual computer, then put my clear case over it.

I have an old decal from an old forum on the back of my laptop. I need to get one of those for mine.

Well I decided to put both decals on my mac! I’m actually starting to really like the hi nu insignia!

@squee I really like the decals on your mac as well! Quite the display my good sir!