My list of finished customs

this is a thread about my list of personal finished customs, I will upload them when I am done

these ones are already done

based on a storm bringer
this was one of my early attempts
I oversanded most of the parts and was experimenting a lot in this one
was trying to make it based on the pale rider calvary

based on the hyakushiki crash
used a combination of the Megashiki and revive hyakushiki(used the revive as a base)
made this for a compaction hosted by zaku
dunno why he deleted mine

the forearms used to be the lightning zetas before I got a hold of the Mg hyakushiki crash
still finding the parts to this day

I was young and lost the chrome parts for the pistons and the wing binders

this is before I learned you can get rid of paint in an isopropyl alcohol bath
missing parts due to the fact it’s a year old now

also want anyone’s opnion on this subject

still sore about it

Because it feels like on the site critisism (no matter how harsh) is not allowed
crap place to be a customizer

this is one of my latest ones
a HGCE destiny revive custom
this one I am extremely proud of

I redid the collar, added some more details, redid the cockpit and knees were off a amazing freedom
reidd the entire waist from a impulse and strike gundam
redid the head based on a Impulse head with destiny face

Btw these ones are from 2019

soooo, by this point the ones I am working on is even better

Really like the color scheme of the Stormbringer. A kit that has eluded me.