My latest WIP

Looks kinda small huh? That’s cause they’re 1/400 scale. RX-0 Banshees (Normal & Destroy Mode). Next stop… the hobby shop for more paint. :wink:

That looks awesome! I guess this is the hobby that you do? Not the traditional Gunpla that we all are used to, haha.

MOST of my collection is 1/400 scale (because they’re so cheap… you can get about 20 for the price of one HG), plus I can actually play games with them; but I do have plenty in different sizes.

Huh, they’re actually not as small as I thought. From the pics in your intro thread, it seemed like they were really small. Looks like really good stuff and another alternative for people who prefer to focus on the paint and dolling-up process of the hobby.

Where do you buy these?

If I can find them in Japanese or Chinese grocery or book stores, I’ll pick them up there, but for the most part I find good ones on eBay usually.

…and the Banshees I got from a guy in Hong Kong who specializes in 1/400 miniatures. Http://

BTW… they’re prepainted. But you can always add weathering or customize them. (Except for the Banshees obviously.) :slight_smile:

Pre-painted you say? It would actually be cool if you stripped the paint and then painted it like a Warhammer miniature.

Yeah, but there are limited edition Gold, Silver and Crystal Clear versions that are just begging to be painted. :slight_smile:

Wow. You made me want a few, haha.

LOL… Cool! Lemme know if you do end up getting a few and want to play with 'em on the Tabletop. I can send you the link to our rulebook after I get it all sorted out. :slight_smile:

Neat! I will.

20 for the price of an HG?
Sounds interesting.

Any link for a D-scythe or GP model on ebay?

Pretty neat little figures. The fact they come pre-painted is nice. I doubt I could get as good of detail as you at that scale.

Well, I don’t see any Deathscythe’s on there right now, but a 1/400 will be about $7-12. Usually the more “in-demand” ones or rares go for a lot more.

Here’s a typical lot of 1/400 from a guy (Takuya) I regularly buy from. He has his own hobby shop in Japan and can usually find almost any 1/400 you’re looking for.

I got some really great “Char’s Counterattack” figures from him (Hi-Gundam, Sazabi, Jagd Dogga to name a few). About 20 for $36.00 including shipping.)

BTW… if you buy them from a shop,.they normally come in BLIND BOXES! So getting the one you want is harder that way than buying from eBay where they’re usually already taken out of the box (NOT BLIND).

Here’s an example of a super rare 1/400 MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam with a Zaku head. Takuya is selling it for $60, but I’ve seen others selling them for upwards of $160.

That’s insane. Might as well just combine the Zeta and Zaku themselves.

True, but believe it or not… underneath the base it has information regarding what model it is and has some stats to verify “authenticity”. LOL

That’s how they get you, haha. I guess the people who need to have an “authentic” limited edition Zeta Zaku buy that.

LOL…yup! And I’m not that kinda sucker!

…yet. :slight_smile: