My Gunpla: A History

I’ve been wanting to do this thread for awhile now. The idea is simple. I’m going to showcase my Gunpla in order from my earliest kits to my current stuff, starting with the Master Grade line, which has been my main model line since approximately late 2000 or so. I will also briefly note changes in my technique whenever it becomes relevant.

One final note before we begin, I have a small gallery of some of my kits, which was created under my old, deleted account and still remains up. I’ll post a link to it here for old time’s sake, but I’d rather you not bump it up. This is my gallery from here on out.

Wow. That back story went on for far longer than I had intended. I don’t normally type up my posts in a word processor in advance, but I’ve decided to make an exception in this case. I’ve moved my Brief History section to my word processor, and deleted the wall of text from this topic for the time being. I’ll go over it later, after I’ve gotten some sleep, and I’ll post the revised, shortened version then.

Until then, I’ve posted images of my first five MG kits, so feel free to look them over.

Please bear in mind that these are my earliest MGs; the oldest was built about 13 years ago. They are not the most well made Gunpla in the world, and some have been damaged over the years. The idea of this thread is to show my progression in skill over the years, which will become apparent as I add more kits to the gallery.


Zeta-G’s Master Grades
Phase I: The Unlined Kits
[SIZE=2]Part 1: Master Grades #1 through #5[/SIZE]

Master Grade #1: Full Armor ZZ Gundam

This guy was built in late 2000 or so. He’s in pretty bad shape. Not only was he initially built without the use of any tools, but he was severely damaged during a move a number of years ago (which is better than I can say for my old Wing and EW kits; they were totaled). I’ve had to glue some parts back together, but he’s still missing some pieces here and there. I’ve thought about ordering replacement parts for him, but given the amount needed, I’ll probably just wait for a new version of the ZZ and get that.

Master Grade #2: Zaku II (Version 1.0)

This guy was built about four or five years after the FAZZ. Again no tools were used in his construction.

Master Grade #3: GP01/Fb

I started using a modeling knife to remove and shave parts with this kit. Built shortly after MG #2.

Master Grade #4: RX-78-2 (Version 1.0)

Built shortly after MG #3.

Master Grade #5: GP02A

Built shortly after MG #4.

A great collection sir. You and I share a kit. The MG GP02A, and they look about the same as well. Covered in dust. lol

Seriously though the kits look great. I can’t wait to see your newer kits.

Seriously look closer at the FAZZ and Zaku. They have ginormous burrs. Part of me wants to take a hobby knife to them, but the other part says “leave them alone, so you can see how far you’ve come.”

Also I have 47 more completed Master Grades already, with another on the edge of completion. You’ll get to see more, in due time. For now, I need sleep. I was screwing around with this damn thread for 6 hours, and I need my sleep or else I’ll get even crankier than usual… :wink:

Ha, you should see my early kits. It’s like picking up a rose stem. They might as well have thorns from all the left over spurs.

Nice collection!! The fact that you did not use any tools initially…and can still produce a great looking kit is really admirable~

I can’t wait to see more~ :smiley:

For kits built that long ago when you were just starting, those are way better than many of the first-times I’ve seen. If it wasn’t for the visible nub marks, they would be clean OOB builds.

With that many kits in your collection, it will be interesting to see your progress on them all.

A very nice collection. I honestly see no nub marks on the Zaku or FAZZ.

Zeta-G’s Master Grades
Phase I: The Unlined Kits
[SIZE=2]Part 2: Master Grades #6 through #10

Master Grade #6: Ground Gundam

Built shortly after MG #5.

Master Grade #7: Kampfer

Built shortly after MG #6.

Master Grade #8: Zeta Gundam
Built about a month after MG #7. Floppy as hell. Last kit of 2005.

Master Grade #9: Destiny Gundam

Built three years after MG #8. First AU Master Grade.

Master Grade #10: Gundam F91

Built shortly after MG #9. The oldest of my kits that I consider to have been built well. I’ve seriously thought about going back and panel lining this guy to make him look even better, but I’ll probably just get another one. I love the F91.

For unlined and out of the box those kits are looking very clean sir. I love the Kampfer. The F91 is also looking good. Though that action base is kinda creeping me out.

Zeta-G’s Master Grades
Phase I: The Unlined Kits
Part 3: Master Grades #11 through #15

Master Grade #11: Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka.

My first Ver. Ka. I hate this model, parts fly everywhere, whenever I even give it the slightest touch. Still it’s the Unicorn.

Master Grade #12: Hizack

Built about a year after MG #11.

Master Grade #13: Qubeley

Built shortly after MG #12. It’s another one I’ve thought about going back and panel lining. From this point on, I tend to regard my kits as solid at the very least.

Master Grade #14: Exia Ignition Mode

Built shortly after MG #13. I bought him for the LED. I chose not to use the water slides. The R1 parts are still waiting to be used for a second Exia. Last kit of 2009.

Master Grade #15: Super Gundam

Built shortly after MG #14. Got it for joining Gundam Club Platinum. I completely disassembled the head a few months later, so I could practice lining before building MG #17, so the head on this guy is now lined. I normally pose it as Mk. II. The G-Defensor is normally Master Grade #47’s victim. :wink:

Your nub work continued to improve. Kits 10 to 15 have barely any visible nub marks/gouges. Nobody seems to enjoy how the MG Unicorn is engineered, haha.

Very nice kits. I see the progression.

Yeah the progression of skill is for sure there. That Ver. Ka Unicorn is particular nice.

thats some nice stuff there man

Zeta-G’s Master Grades
Phase I: The Unlined Kits
[SIZE=2]Part 4: Master Grades #16 and #17[/SIZE]

Master Grade #16: Anavel Gato’s Gelgoog

Built shortly after MG #15. Another Platinum Gundam Club kit.

Master Grade #17: Rick Dias

“You better click this link, or else!” :wink:

Built shortly after MG #16. Final Platinum Gundam Club kit. Final unlined Master Grade. He’s also been given a personality.

I love the look of the Rick Dias. Very nice job.

Check out the newly added link for more Rick Dias. He’s one of my favorites.

[COLOR=#333333]Zeta-G’s Master Grades [/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]Phase II: Early Lined Kits
[SIZE=2]Part 1: Master Grades #18 through #22[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Master Grade #18: Nu Gundam

Built two or three months after MG #17. It is my first fully lined Master Grade. I used a black panel lining marker, and, from this point on, all of my kits will have panel lining, unless otherwise noted (I won’t start using brown, grey, and brush tip lining markers on my kits, until a couple of years after this kit was finished). Honestly, I really like this guy’s heft. My best friend has the Ver. Ka., but other than the hands and (especially) the head, I prefer this one.

Master Grade #19: Force Impulse

Built a couple of months after MG #18. He was one of my favorites for a long time. I used him as practice for the next kit.

Master Grade #20: Infinite Justice

I started building this beauty immediately following the completion of MG #19. Longtime forum members know that my Infinite Justice is my pride and joy, and that it is, without question, my favorite kit.

Master Grade #21: Musha Gundam Mk. II

Built this guy a few months after #20, and a month or so before this forum opened. I won it in a contest.

Master Grade #22: V-Dash Gundam Ver. Ka.

Built a month or two after #21. I chose not to apply any of Katoki’s unnecessary, ugly decals. I like the look of the Gundam, but the MG V-Dash Gundam is way too flimsy for my liking.