My first try.

I was reading the usual morning dispatch, news from the ever nearing frontline, local news and the same order from the HQ as for the past 6 months. “Continue to guard and maintain 311th Warehouse and all its contents.” This warehouse and the surrounding building complex were once a fully functional experimental facility for development of mobile suits. However when the war started and the front line moved closer to this colony all the staff left for a safer place leaving me and the prototypes that did not go into production here. Honestly I did not mind, the war has been going on for 7 months now and I haven’t even seen an enemy soldier or anything resembling a deadly situation, all I do is fight off boredom as hard as I can.

Which is why when two military buses showed up full of people and disgorged them right into the courtyard I never expected what came next. A young cadet girl walked right up to where I was peacefully reading a book and in a proper stiff military salute greeted me.
“Cadet Stasha Yoto reporting for duty sir.”
I did manage to pick myself up and half heartedly salute back while trying to straighten my uniform which from months of frequent washing and drying in the sun has become a shade or two lighter than regulation.
“Lieutenant Nest Cium, mind telling me what are you all doing here?” I replied while pointing at the mass of cadets still fresh in their uniform roaming about my previously empty courtyard.
“Sir, the 311th autonomous patrol unit has arrived as per orders to this location, further information is for the commander of this base only under authorisation code 5 Foxtrot Lima Blue.” Ensign Yoto replied handing me the envelope with my authorisation code printed on it
“That I guess would be me, Ensign,but this must be some kind of mistake and we will clear it up when I read this order” I continued while opening the envelope with full conviction in my voice that the paper pushers back at the HQ must have made some kind of mistake sending a busful of eager young cadets to a forgotten place like this, after all if you don’t count the small security detachment in the spaceport I was the only soldier inside the colony.
But as I read the papers inside the envelope I could see that there was no mistake, I was given command of the ship stored here in the warehouse along with 76 cadets straight from the Earth Forces Navy Academy. The orders were simple, in two weeks time we were to take the ship and four mobile suits and head out to patrol the space around the local colony group. Remembering the morning news I knew that because of intensifying battles they recalled most of the ships from this area so reinforcing the patrol line with a spare ship crewed by cadets seemed like a good idea on paper but in practice and personally for me that meant becoming a combat commander of a highly experimental ship crewed by teenagers that had a very different range of skills and training. There was one helpful thing in all of the papers, a list of suggestions for various posts.
“Cadet Yoto you are immediately promoted to Ensign and you are appointed as my second in command and my personal aide. You will now organise the rest of the unit and bunk them in the residential building on the left. Any questions?” With my best commanding voice I gave the order.
Newly minted Ensign Stasha Yoto obviously delighted by her sudden promotion lept into action with a crisp “Sir, no sir” and started ordering the rest of her classmates with both great energy and skill. I will contact the HQ for confirmation of orders

This is my first try at writing Gundam fanfiction and I am not sure yet what continuity to use for it. If you are interested for more then do tell me and any suggestions would be nice.