My first Gundam buiild!

Hey guys,

Well some of you guy’s may not have seen my intro post so Hey :slight_smile: But as the title reads this is my very first gundam build. I trawled ebay etc and came across this kit it’s a first grade MS-06F Zaku II, I know FG is really bad quality but i paid £1 for it with free P+P so thought if I screw up not that expensive lol! So anyway I popped into my local hobby store and invested in Tamiya acrylic paint, I forgot the instructions so matched colours as best I could (body is a tad dark and gunmetal is a bit too light but hey) I also brought myself a tamiya weathering master just to try weathering a go first time for that aswell! Well let me know what you guys (don’t be too harsh, i know its not great lol) think still got to paint the joints on the legs and the small amounts of red but nearly there also need to fill up the sides of the chest but was waiting for paint to dry overnight :slight_smile:

Mini update still have to paint black parts & small red parts but need to wait to get paint :slight_smile: Thoroughly enjoying this though!!

You’re quite an adept Hitman! That’s very impressive!

Thanks buddy :slight_smile: I appreciate it. Just can’t wait to build a higher grade kit!!

the battle damage and scaring look really good, looking forward to seeing your next kit.

Thanks jayhat much appreciated, pretty chuffed how it came out it will definitely look better once i have a flat clear coat on it and take some of that awful shine off lol :slight_smile: I’m really excited for my next kit!!

Considering people usually do too much weathering during their first time doing it (myself included), I think you did an excellent job. Pretty moderate and the battle damage is spot on.

Thanks Dlinker :slight_smile: I appreciate it. There’s a few little bits I’ll be tidying up before I get to clear coat it (butt stock, and small scuff on left arm and the couple of small red parts on the Zaku) I got so into the weathering it would be so easy to go over the top, I did each part of the damage and then took a few steps back too see if it was a bit too much so too hear you guys complimenting it means a great deal. Thanks again all you guys :slight_smile:

For your 1st every Gunpla build. I think you did a great job. The weathering looks great man.

Looks pretty good…it looks like that zaku seen some time in the one year war

Thanks Thwalker :slight_smile: I’m excited to move on to a higher grade kit now. I enjoyed every minute of this but not of any suprise it was a very very simple kit and annoying that some of the panel lines don’t match up :frowning: but alas i knew this when i brought this little bargain lol.

Thanks Swark, I think this Zaku deserved too show off some battle scars :slight_smile: