My 1st Gundam CD in decades!

I want to announce to everyone that earlier today, I purchased my first Gundam soundtrack in over a decade! I got it on eBay and it’s called Gundam Mix, Gundam 40th Anniversary. The cover picture features all of the Gundam from the past 4 decades, so I’m guessing it’s the Gundam theme songs for the past forty years? If anyone has this or has further info on it please share it. I will give you my review of it once it has arrived. James Staley.

If you got the cover with only Gundams, then that meant you only gotten the volume 1. There was a volume 2 as well. So both volumes, according to the songs list posted, should cover up to the Build Re:Rise. From the looks of them, few of the series only have opening and ending songs covered, while some probably have the other songs covered. In total should be 40 songs per CD

I got it on eBay and didn’t see a V2 listed, but could only afford V1 anyway at the time, so I’ll have get the next one later. I am only interested in theme songs anyway: if I want bgm, I’ll buy the album. Thanks for your response and info. Happy listening! Js

You are welcome. Actually only learn of volume 2 as well, did knew the existence of volume 1, but did not know they put them into 2 volumes.

That said, when you received the CD, you might want to check it out for typos and stuffs. There will be high chance of the CD being bootlegged if it contain typo(s).

Some years ago, purchased couple Gundam CDs from store that basically sells media stuffs such as CDs and DVDs. It was not till some time later which learned the CDs were bootlegged. The dead giveaway, which did not realized at the time of purchase, was that they spelled Gundam as Gundan… :disappointed:

Also, if the CD contained mainly Chinese characters but was not officially licensed for distribution as such, then it most likely could be bootlegged as well. Learned that from the old Gundam bootleg DVDs that were distributed around years ago…

Just words of caution, be sure to check the CD for certain…

It got here today, wed Feb. 9th, yeah!! It is published by Epic and not a Chinese knockoff. It is a “mix” album (just as the name says), with 40 different tracks arranged in no particular order. Many of these I have never seen before and know nothing about, so I am looking forward to discovering some great new stuff! Dear Playasia, thank you for publishing that song list, now I’ll at least know what I’m listening to when I get around to playing this (and maybe falling in love with something new for the 1st time!). Js

Great to hear that the CD seemed to be authentic. Though did a bit more searching on it and it seemed that the songs on there were not complete at least according to some. Some seemed to be about a minute or 2 long only while the longest one, in volume 1 anyway, was almost 3 minutes long. The longest one in volume 2 was 4 minutes. So they gave you a taste of the songs and music, but not long enough for complete, for songs anyway. Not sure why.

Anyway, the following site have the song/music title in English and duration of each track.