My 1st full painted squad…your thoughts?

Hello folks I’ve been building these kits since since the early 90s but this is my first full attempt at painting. Please help me out and tell me the best way to finish coating and applying water slides.
Also the best lights for the Kampher
Let me know what you think.

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For paint you want to apply

Gloss coat
Gloss coat
Panel line
Matt coat

If you live in the US look up Ecan Designs. They sale pre wired lefs, switches, and power sources. I’ve used them for around 10 years now.

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I already did a matte top coat on the Sazabi. Is it still fine to apply water decals then another top coat?

Your welcome.

As for the sazabi, yiu will have issues getting the decals to set properly with the matte coat. Decals like a flat surface to get the best result, which is why you do a gloss coat before applying them.

:+1:t4: Noted. Thanks

Looking good, dude!

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Love the coloring!

Thanks. Started a new GM squad.
Post when completed.

Very nice work man!
I should send you my painted models for a photo shoot😂