Musing about Hajime Katoki

Anyone else think that Katoki is trying to redo the whole “Endless Waltz” thing?

I mean, look at the designs of the Wing Gundam EW and Wing Zero Custom

They’re the SAME damn Gundam, pretty much! The torso, the legs, the head… the whole damn thing, chief.
They even had stupidly designed wings. One pair looks like they were ripped off a giant robotic chicken, and the other pair… look like the American flag made out of geometric shapes and shit. Mad Geometry up in here.

He may be retconning the whole "Heero Yui took the Wing Zero and turned it into… what he turned it into within a year. Ingnoring things like the months it takes to design, craft, assemble, and fully test single parts, let alone angel wings! And another thing about that completely unnecessary “remodel”… where the hell did Heero get the money for all that shit?! Was there just some spare Gundanium lying around?! And again about Endless Waltz and its dumb story. Heero spent all that time (and money) turning one gundam into effectively another gundam… and then he just sends it into the sun to be destroyed! It’s like me taking a rusted piece of junk, turning it into THIS and at the behest of my white as hell arab friend saying “Oh no! People are walking everywhere now! We don’t need cars anymore! All they do is pollute the air!”, and send it to the damn junkyard. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!:evil:

Now what I’m trying to say here is that Katoki looks like he’s not gonna turn his Wing Zero into the Wing Zero Custom. It looks like maybe Heero will just take the Zero System out of the “Proto” Wing Zero and just put it into the Wing Gundam EW and customize that. What I’m basically saying is that maybe Katoki is trying to say “Hey, look at this, Okawara fan boys! I’m not gonna turn the Wing Zero into the Angel Gundam!”

And there’s also this little gem I found online. It’s a cover I believe to one of the Frozen Teardrop books. And believe you me… I have problems with EW… but they PALE in comparison to Frozen Teardrop. That’s a whole 'nother minefield of shit. But back to the picture, it seems that we may be seeing the Altron Custom… with wings and a scorpion tail thingy on the back! Woo!!!

If he keeps on this path of altering his story and shit to be more respectful of what came before, then I just might show a little more love to Hajime Katoki.

Sorry if this post doesn’t make any sense… I just wanted to vent.

P.S. I’ve since added the 1/144 trans am Arios and Seravee/Seraphim gundamus to my collection.

I have a thread for hating on Katoki and his idiocy. Respecting the original Okawara designs would have involved releasing an actual MG Wing Zero and company, instead of using his influence on the model division to invent NEW bastardizations of Okawara’s designs. I seriously hope he loses the ability to draw in the near future. His Ver. Ka.'ing of existing designs has got to be stopped. He can’t even resist screwing up his own designs. MG Tallgeese, I’m looking at you. He’s like the Frank Miller of Gunpla. He did a couple of great works early in his career, and now he’s let that success go to his head resulting in him thinking that everything he touches is golden, even when it’s crap, and, because of the brand name he’s created, his idiotic fanboys continue to happily swallow his crap with smiles on their faces. The sooner he retires/gets fired, the better.

Shouldn’t you hate the suits in charge, I’m pretty sure they went to him to get him to redo the designs, he accepted, and then they approved the work obviously.

Just saying, he’s geting paid, I doubt he went out an said “I’m going to redo these particular mechs that aren’t even that popular in the main fan base (Japan) just to make a few people rage and make Bandai accept them as new Cannon muahaha.”

Really doubt that. Now I could be wrong and he could have went to them but I doubt it.

It’s not his work on the original EW OVA that really pisses me off about him (although it doesn’t help). It’s more his Ver. Ka. lineup and his constant tweaking the models of other people’s designs for no reason other than he can. And I blame the suits, the prick himself, and, most of all, his idiot fan base who just run out and buy whatever he produces, regardless of how good or anime accurate it actually is. It’s a freaking cult of personality. Okawara doesn’t run around calling everything Ver. O. No other Gundam mecha designer does that. And don’t give me the he’s very popular line, going off of Japan’s most popular mobile suits, Okawara’s designs have Katoki’s beat by a mile. Katoki’s influence is likely because he has successfully engineered a cult of personality and amassed a cult of very dedicated, very vocal fans, who support whatever he does. They even try to defend the ridiculous proportions as “being more realistic”. The Bandai suits would be fools to not take advantage of such a rabid fan base, even if they are smaller in number than the silent majority. I’m not saying that Katoki is unable to turn out a good original design, far from it, but his constant screwing with other people’s designs negates it. Very few things would make me happier than to see him and his influence completely and permanently removed from the Gundam franchise.

I could be wrong but I think his versions completely replace the originals in his stories so heero didn’t do nothing. I thoroughly dislike him too (proto zero? Seriously?!) but have hated him a pinch less since I saw the semi wing zero conversion kit from his wing ver ka.

Gundam fan critic was referring to the backstory for the MG Proto Zero (which will be part of the glory of the losers, if it hasn’t already).

Damn, you hate him…a tinny bit.

Personally I like both him and Okawara. That said I like Katoki more for his Original stuff than his Retools, personally his redsigns are for the most part uneeded, I will admit. I will also agree his fans are a bit diehard.

That said his only Redesigns I outright like more are his RX-78-4 and 5, but that’s because Okawara’s Original MSV’s of those had odd proportions, I also like his RX-78-7 as well but both his and Okawara’s look great IMO. Aside from that I just like his Original stuff.

Well put. Couldent agree more. Man i wish we would habe gotten a regular MG Wing Zero TV version. Or a MG Deathscythe hell. Or maybe the sandrock and heavy arms. Either the tv version or the endelss walts version. Not this half ass shit we ended up with.

While I don’t know much about the man himself, I do like a fair bit of his work. For example, I really like his original designs like the Sinanju, the Unicorn, the GP03, the Taurus, the Tallgeese (all variants). I think some his redesigns are decent (RX-78-2, RX-78-4, RX-78-5, Proto-Zero). The only redesign I outright dislike is his redesign of the Wing Gundam. For one, it looks too similar to the Wing Zero Custom (which could pass-off as a heavily customized Wing Zero). I also don’t like the over-sized wings mounted on it, nor do I like the elongated Buster Rifle (however I do like the extra E-Pacs feature).

Whereas I respect your opinion and do not disagree witht he fact that they may pose a disadvantage.
However, the Wings are justified for WZ© embodies a godly figure (determinism; guidance by god)

EDIT : I did blatantly forget to mention (while writing my entry) Katoki’s designs for NMR:GW had been the first to be drafted.
Just saying.

The wings on WZC are impractical and ridiculous (even if the end result is kind of pretty). Don’t try to justify them. They have no place in a real robot show.

Which set of wings as there two sets of wings on the Wing Zero Custom. The large main wings (that are used for AMBAC mobility like the Qubeley’s binders) or the sub-wings (the ones that provide the Wing Zero Custom’s thrust)?

The Angel Wings period are pretty stupid. The real Wing Zero’s are much more practical.

While they are stupid, in theory the AMBAC and extra thrusters are in a way Brilliant, now don’t get me wrong it’s still too damn gaudy and impractical but with some Mofification it’d make for one hell of a concept in mobility. Their range of motion is far more than the more practical TV version. I agree impractical but they do serve a tech purpose in theory. Still they’re so damn big they might as well be giant bullseyes.

Then again the TV series had Gaudy wings in it as well, just look at the DSH. Don’t give me no hyper Jammer BS, you can make a stealth system that dosen’t need stupid ass bat wings. And the movie version is just worse.

I prefer the original TV Deathscythe to either Hell.

Yeah both Hells are too damn Gaudy for me.

Funny thing about the Deathscythe Hell’s wings. They actually have an Anti-Beam Coating applied to them(this goes for both the TV and EW versions). Not only do they serve as extra limbs for AMBAC, but also add a defensive measure against beam weaponry.

You can never have enough mobility. Even if its thanks to giant AMBAC chicken wings. Just saiyan

They are impractical indeed. I’ve elaborated on why the idea of angelic wings is imbecile and not well-designed in terms of mecha and combat in the first place.
But I’ll give you a brief explanation for me to outline later
However, digressing from mecha (which is not really focused on in NMR:GW) and diverging into symbolic meaning, there is the theory of Satre’s determinism claiming everything in this world, for instance a computer, to serve a certain purpose. (in that case I’d be alleviating working processes, calculating and what not)
Essence -> Existence. Whereas Existence clealy implies your existence on this earth, essence describes your purpose.
Firstly, can you think of anything to give mankind an essence? (I’ll spoil it here; Satre was an atheist and did not believe in god; hence, he insisted and maintained human beings did not possess any essence at all)
I personally reckon godly creatures would give human beings an essence.
Reminder: Essence -> Determinism -> Orders/(or even)Destiny
To be concise: WZ (due to it’s guiding feature called the zero system) -> Celestial being (If this conjures up any ideas of another anime, you should feel bad)
Celestial beings are depicted with what you call chicken wings so yeah.

Katoki’s interpretation of the D-scythe hell is just out of place. The Deathscythe rather represents a judge instead of the devil.
Not to mention the logic behind DHC, that’s just awkward.

I think that you think Wing is deeper than it actually is.