MS Gundam Unicorn EP 7: Beyond The Rainbow


I finished MS Gundam Unicorn last nighr and I have some queries.

Chief among them was what did the Rainbow around Banagher Links symbolize?

What was happening when Banagher or others became emerald colored spirits? Was it simply they’re souls/ minds talking, or was it asteoprojection/ leaving they’re bodies, or Necromancy, the dead visiting and them going to the Netherworld?

Was Bannager dying when he became a spirit boy and was with his dad but then he heard Audrey and decided to stay in the realm of the living? Or was that just like when Marida Cruz visited everyone after her death?

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Unfortunately, it has been literately years since last watched the Unicorn series.

Maybe you want to try to watch the Gundam Unicorn RE:0096, which was basically TV version of the OVA, but since the runtime was longer than the OVA combined, there were bound to be extra stuffs. However, never really seen it, so cannot tell you if it will answer some questions that you have about the Unicorn series.

Also, if you can, definitely watch Gundam Narrative, it might help answer some parts of your questions and it served to be the direct sequel of Gundam Unicorn and seemed to be canon.

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The ending to unicorn doesn’t explain enough in my opinion.

If you watch zeta gundam, you see that Camille slips out of his own mind. I think Mineva was afraid of Banagher doing that, and pulled him back just in time.
I’d have to watch the Gundam Narrative movie again, but it might have happened to the newtype character in that as well.

They’ve shown the newtype power interacting and affecting the real world before, Camille shut off The O and paralyzed it, amuro stopping Axis from hitting earth, etc. I think the crystals growing out of Unicorn was sort of the next step to that. The director has commented on how it somehow has to do with time, like how Unicorn shut off the jegans by doing something to their reactors.

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The Unicorn actually rewound time and so the Jegan’s reactors were reverted back to before they were assembled.

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Thanks for your many answers!

I shall have to check out Gundam Narrative.

Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 is currently available on the official Gundam Info website if you have not seen it yet along with Gundam 00, Gundam 00 Movie, Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny and Char’s Counterattack.