MS Gundam 0079 Remake announced!

Teaser from Bandai meeting announcement.
G40 is the remake of first Gundam.
Protip: The backpack is inspired from Core Gundam.

Consider to purchase the RX78 G40?

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They taken down the video after 2 hours in gundaminfo. Thankgod it’s early recording before they delete the video.

As always with Gunpla, I’ll wait until the actual thing is out and I’ve seen some peer reviews before making the decision to buy it.

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If only they remake the whole movie.

Not really interested in the G40 Gundam. That Zaku though, that’s a different story.

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I really like the backpack design, it’s inspired from Core Gundam. I might get one soon and no stickers for G40’s body surface.

HG reveal

The face definitely looked better without panel lined, much better. Even the anime from Project G40 do not have those lines, not sure why the previous pictures did them. Anyway, going to have to wait and see.

Last video

Amuro Ray
Char Aznable
Kamalia Ray

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I hope they follow through with this. I would love to have context for the changes in events.

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I don’t mind the story isn’t follow from original.

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Meh. Floating Zaku in a gravity environment, fail already. 0079 doesn’t need a reanimation lIke this. We already have origin for that. Nor did we need another RX78/Zaku variant. We already had origin for that. And finally, the Enzo Ferrari is hideous, and I thought its designer would never work again, but leave it to sunrise/bandai.

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They never listen to the request for over 10 years… They would never renew the text book of year 1979.

The clip looked fairly good. Gundam’s face still looks weird with the lines at the mouth piece part. Zaku II, well, still look like Zaku II. They seemed to updated the core fighter to be similar to that of GP-01, God Gundam, or Force Impulse, which is fine, but kind of meh.

Hopefully they make it into short OVA(s) instead of remake the whole 0079. Granted, character development will be good for the story, but really not seeing them remaking full 49 episodes worth of materials.