MS Faction Emblems

Does anyone know what the different Zeon emblems are that come with my RG Zaku II sticker set?

Is your Zaku II the standard type, or the Char custom Commader Type?

It’s the standard grunt Zaku.

Those are rank insignia i believe.

Actually the upper ones are from the Principality of Zeon while lower ones are from the First Neo Zeon movement.

Ah, I think you were looking at the little chevrons. They look kinda similar to our military rank insignia, right?

@Zeta - I googled the images of both those you mentioned, but none have come up with the upper emblems.

Huh… weird.

Edit: Scratch that, the upper ones are from the Principality of Zeon. Here are some photos comparing the two, with the Principality on the left and Neo Zeon on the right. Notice how the Neo Zeon on is more streamlined while the Principality of Zeon one is a little more ornate.