Mrpandapancake and his pile of WIPs

Howdy everyone! This will be my thread to post the long list of WIP’s I already have on the table and the ones to come in the future.

To start off with will be the HGUC FD-03 Gustav Karl…one heck of a chunky suit. At first I wasn’t so fond of the design, but its growing on me. I could see myself making another one in the future.

This was also my first attempt at using Laquer paints. Mr. Color brand to be specific. I don’t have a lot of colors on hand. So I had to custom mix the blue, red, and grey. All were sprayed at a rough 1/1 paint to thinner ratio.

Inner frame: Black green
Blue: 5 parts blue, 1 part red, 1 part black
Red: 5 parts red, 1 part black
White: White
yellow: yellow
Grey: 5 parts tire black, 3 parts white
thrusters/armement: Steel undercoated with black

The big thing I learned from this was to not mist coat laquers as they seem to get dusty in a way? So when covering make sure to go one solid wet coat where it is glossy.

While I wait for my decals to arrive I will do some small detail painting where I can. Once all is said and done I will post the final piece!

Any creative critisim, tips, tricks, or advice would be loved.


Did you spray a gloss clear on it?

You did a very nice job for your first time working with lacquers. The seams line removal looks great. The only thing I would suggest is preshading, other than that nice job.

I mostly use lacquer paints and mostly Mr Color. I like to run a 1/1.5 paint to thinner ratio because this seems to work best for me. I also like to do a “heavy mist” of paint. What I mean is I spray enough paint to tint the primer prime a light shade of paint. I do this to all the part, then I go back over the with a heavy coat. As I’m sure you know a light coat while help the pain stick when you you really lay it on. But like I said this is what works for me. You need to find your own MOJO.

But again nice job, I look forward to seeing more of this kit.


I haven’t done a gloss clear yet. I still want to do a little bit of detail painting. Mostly on the backskirt and and the beam rifle. Then I will do a gloss coat before I hit it with decals. The ones that aren’t supposed to show up for another MONTH. So I got plenty of time to knock out a couple other things.

Also I did preshade, just turned out SUPER subtle. Likely me putting on too much of a color coat. Running with a 1/1.5 may help with that. Also what PSI do you like to run at? I was running at 25psi.

I run 20-25 psi depending on how thin the paint is. I use pipettes to measure my paint and thinner. Just to clarify. When I say 1‐1.5 paint to thinner what I mean is I do a 1:1 ratio then I add a few extra drop or 2 of thinner to get the consistency that I like. I like my paint to be a “milky” consistency so that what I should for.

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I will try that thinner ratio on my next project and try a lower PSI. Thinking of knocking out a HGUC RX-77D Guncannon mass production type. Looks like no more than 3-4 colors.

You could always experiment by painting plastic spoons to see if a thinner ratio works.

True. But I always remember the lessons better by working on an actual project. So I have a constant reminded or each lesson. So these things I almost always try new things on cheap kits. In the case of gundam that means older high grades!

I have been making some decent progress over the last week or so. For one I did a straight build of The Origin Waff. I gotta say these Origin kits are a DREAM to build. I just have a love hate relationship with those stickers. They look WONDERFUL. Especially to somebody who loves lots of markings…but…they never fully blend in. Forever reminding me of them.

I also finished up the painting of the HGUC RX-77D mass production gun cannon. Only weird thing I did was give it the head of a GMIII, as the original head had no proper visor. Just a piece of plastic to paint a metalic green. Now its onto panel lining and some light weathering I think.

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