MR JQ's WIP Garage

Added some details to Narrative Gundam, #Goldnotyellow and did some more assembly. Been distracted by Fallout 4 lol so work is slow goings.

This guy just came in
(Thanks :blush:)
Hoping to get him built at a group build tonight.

No group build, but did get this bad boy assembled and in cabinet condition.

Pro: Nice details, and color separation
Con : seam lines and dark plastic leaves marks.

Nice Hg hopefully we get more Wing kits.


Current crazy project, converting Hg Mercurius and Vayeate to better kits with Hg Leo’s.
This has been more difficult than I anticipated, but that’s how it goes lol

Prog on Mercurius so far, hardest part so far was figuring out how to keep the moveable shield bits. Goofed up the chest piece a bit by having runny adhesive.
I’ll post more as I can.

Only done small mods to Vayeate so far
Wire cable

Added inner barrel and made a sight

Extended the backpack

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I’m sure they’re going to look amazing when completed, though!

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Looking forward to this, the retrofit looks like it’s some work but you’re pulling it off well!

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Mercurius = 90% complete

Vayeate’s donor body is assembled with modifications beginning. Weapons coming along nicely.


AAAAAA They’re looking so cool!! I can’t wait to see them complete~!


Decided to snap together Mg Stormbringer

And then I started snapping this bad boy


When you take over as tallest mg

Main assembly is complete, just working on the backpack and weapons now.


Started snapping this big boy.

Not a fan of the shade of red used on this kit, will def get painted later.

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Two new arrivals, I’m still waiting on Barbie tho

Not sure if I want to put the igel equipment on my already painted HA, or put it on the endless waltz one.

Really looking forward to this build

Oh and most of ZZ is snapped now.

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Zeta cube

Barbatos snap build has begun

Also painted up some pilot figures


Snap build complete, on to next build and…

So it begins…


This is sick ! I actually saw somewhere that you can buy the maganacs in a huge kit that has a lot of them , absolutely bonkers !


I believe they come in a set of six or if you want to spend a couple hundred dollars you can get a complete set of them.

Not sure why the thread was hijacked, but the each of those boxes can build 6 Maganacs, complete set will have 6 of those boxes, all the same looking and everything will be the same. The only catch is that there is only 1 instruction sheet. Search Youtube for some build videos and you will see.

Well here’s about 6hrs worth of work done on MkII

Don’t have any button batteries right now, so I don’t have any proper led shots, tried to use usb wiring, but the led came out as a funky orange color, so I halted all testing.

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For USB wiring, did you do a proper voltage step down to 3V?

No, used a spare usb cord from a broken mouse. I’ve never had problems in the past, so not sure what the deal is. Waiting on button batteries to come in before I do anymore with the led.