MR JQ's WIP Garage

Oh cool 1 step ahead! Yeah would love to see a write up on installation.

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One of my favorite PG kits hands down.

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4 cabinets complete! Whew, this was a task. Still need to dustproof them, but that’s going to be for another day.

I’ll be making a how to on this, not sure if I should make a thread specifically for that?

Overall I’m very pleased with how this turned out, going to use my old led lights in my ab booth, and rearrange that setup later.

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Which LED light strips did you get? And how do you plan on dust proofing these? Genuinely curious as these will likely be the display cabinets that I get.

It looks great!

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This is the led I used, I had to source a few other things to be able to complete it for four cabinets.

I read online that you can use pile weather stripping to line the inside of the door of the cabinets to make it dust proof, it looks like this

Back to building and painting things…

Snapped Hg Sarah Doll together last night, and I added the sky high wings.

Sadly there’s no peg holes on her, so the stand combo has to be used. Might work better with an actual action base and an adapter.

Ive also been slowly doing a re-work on a mmpr Shogun Megazord that I got from eBay, but I don’t have much for pics at this time.


Happy Valentine’s day everybody!


You sure like those Gundam girl models, I see.

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Sometimes I get Pokemon fever lol

They’re really not that good, the Build Divers/Re:Rise are much better in terms of quality. Plus sometimes I need models that aren’t the same ole, Same ole…

Got The Mg Zaku Warrior in today

Thanks! @briank913


Yay! Enjoy and show us what you can do!

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Losing parts is probably the worst feeling of gunpla. Especially when it goes to an expensive kit. My Perfect grade Banshee had been missing it’s facemask for over a month now, looked everywhere, re-arranged my area, and did some organizing all without finding the part.

I’m happy to report that the mask appeared today, back from the black void of missing things, praise be to those who govern the endless void, for you are powerful and merciful lol.

Now hopefully I can get this project back on track, as I had been feeling pretty defeated.


I’m glad you found the piece! Already, I’ve learned how frustrating that can be, but I can’t wait to see this one finished. It already looks absolutely stunning!

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Finished the main assembly of AEUG MkII
Just have shield and bazooka to finish assembling.

Had a pigtail splitter left over from my cabinet project so I tested it by lighting both Perfect grades and it worked.

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Been sick (not corona lol) so I haven’t been able to do much work. So I dusted off my perfect grade wing zero to get the leds working again and add a pigtail.

Then I got really bored and added a pigtail to the 1/60 Wing zero and decided to strip off the paint on the eyes and possibly add an led to them. (No pics of that atm) oddly enough this kit came with a red led for the chest piece, so I swapped in a green one. Oh and a note, don’t leave batteries in and forget about them…battery acid everywhere.

Might detail up this kit some more.

Annnnnd added a led to the head.
I think it turned out pretty good, despite this kit being in kinda rough shape.

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On the mend. Decided to put together my 1/35 zaku head that’s for my diorama. Trying to figure out how to give it a sunken look and how much battle damage it should have. (I should of gotten two, because I don’t want to destroy it lol)

Going to be doing a desert/sand theme. Going snails pace lol.

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Those figures look pretty good.

You could do something like this with the zaku head and put a camo trap over it and weather it a bit.

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Thanks! That’s a great idea, the gears are turning again lol

Your welcome. I’m sure what ever you decide to do it will turn out looking great.

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