MR JQ's WIP Garage

Just got my Maganac sets in yesterday and have been slowly putting them together.
These two are the Auda/Ahmad suits plus a reg suit.

For now, I’ve only airbrushed the grey parts Gunmetal, and GM to paint the parts that use stickers to gold.
Not the greatest paint quality but it works for now. I have Rasid/Abdul still left to build.

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The gold really does these suits justice! They look great!

Thanks! I need to go back with an airbrush and clean it up, but for now I just want them built.

Got My squad assembled!
4 customs and 1 grunt suit. There’s a lot of work still to be done, but for now they’re going into the display cabinet as is.

Looking great dude! Especially with Sandrock in the background!

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So you had to get 2 sets of each P-Bandai ones to build the 4 custom set?

Each kit comes with 2 sets, but only enough parts to build one suit.

So to build all 4, you have to have the 2 custom sets, PLUS two regular kits. Make sense?

Yes, that makes perfect sense. Thank you very much for the clarification. Thought that might be the case before they got released, but was not sure if that was doable. Now just need to get those sets…