MR JQ's WIP Garage

Just got my Maganac sets in yesterday and have been slowly putting them together.
These two are the Auda/Ahmad suits plus a reg suit.

For now, I’ve only airbrushed the grey parts Gunmetal, and GM to paint the parts that use stickers to gold.
Not the greatest paint quality but it works for now. I have Rasid/Abdul still left to build.

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The gold really does these suits justice! They look great!

Thanks! I need to go back with an airbrush and clean it up, but for now I just want them built.

Got My squad assembled!
4 customs and 1 grunt suit. There’s a lot of work still to be done, but for now they’re going into the display cabinet as is.

Looking great dude! Especially with Sandrock in the background!

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So you had to get 2 sets of each P-Bandai ones to build the 4 custom set?

Each kit comes with 2 sets, but only enough parts to build one suit.

So to build all 4, you have to have the 2 custom sets, PLUS two regular kits. Make sense?

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Yes, that makes perfect sense. Thank you very much for the clarification. Thought that might be the case before they got released, but was not sure if that was doable. Now just need to get those sets…

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Always working on multiple projects…

Painting my PG Banshee so I can finally finish assembly because it’s not a hard enough kit sarcasm (I had 75% assembled then took a break, now I’m back to it, disassembling and painting)

Picked up Hg Try Burning while supply shopping, and now I have a whole new project lol

Planning on painting the flames realistically

Picked up two new paints

and I’m totally digging them.

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Painted the Flame effects for Try Burning.

Just have the Hands and the chest piece to do now. Planning on painting them Silver and candy coating them with a clear orange.

First time doing big flame effects and I think they turned out quite well.


I’m a huge fan of painting yellow plastic with gold! It adds so much dignity and coolness to the models!


Wow! That flame looks awesome!

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Got some work done on Banshee, used Tamiya Rubber black to highlight

Also snapped my ng 1/100 gold frame Amatsu

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Been super busy with life, getting sick ect…
So I haven’t really been doing much. I picked up Narrative Gundam C-packs for a build night, then got sick and missed it, so I started building this at home.

Frame painted with Tamiya Gunmetal. Painted the red psycho frame parts silver underside, then clear red over top. Yellow to gold.

I could not agree less Lieutenant commander Char!

Not only do I replace yellow with gold, I also do the same for certain parts of the weapon and the exhaust area. This practice works very well on my G04 and G05!

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Have you considered this? There are 36 kits in one box!

I love the G04 & G05! These look spectacular! Killer work!

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I’m good with just my 5 lol

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How does it feel like to construct the same kit several times? I cannot imagine whether anymore would like to repeat the same process 36 times!

Doing 5 wasn’t horrible, especially since they were variants. Thankfully these kits are pretty simple and quick to assemble. The longest part on mine, was painting the gold (Since I was using a G-Marker). If I had been airbrushing, i’d set up a nice little assembly line of em. 36 would have to be done in stages for me, Like 5 at a time.