MR JQ's Finished Builds

Here’s the kits I’m calling finished for me.

Here’s 2017’s Finished Kits. (Since I’m starting a new Thread)

Sadly because of Life things, 2018 saw ZERO Finished kits.

Here’s 2019’s Finished Kits.

These kits aren’t given my full treatment, but I have no plans to do any further work on them. Sadly they’re all HG’s as I didn’t complete any MG’s or PG’s this year.

I’ll be adding more finished kits to this thread as I (hopefully) progress.

Thanks for checking out my works! Have a great 2020!


HG Try Burning is Complete.

Tried to do a zenithal type highlight effect for around the flame effects but it didn’t turn out quite the way I was hoping, but over all very happy with this kit. (especially considering 1/144 usually aren’t my jam for full painted kits)

Hope you enjoy!

Not sure where in the cabinet his place will be, but for now he’s mixed in with the other Build series kits.


It looks amazing! Definitely loving that flame effect


Cue The Jazz!

Finished Full Armor Gundam Thunderbolt.
Really wish I could figure out a better alternative to those plastic sleeves, but for now the joints will just be loose.

Open hatches

Closed hatches


Wow, it looks great! I like the colours, especially purple! Excellent work!

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That has turned out really nice, great work.

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Deathscythe Roussette Archangel

Very happy with how this kit turned out, only did a few decals as I prefer the clean look and most the decals are white. Need to finish my other two GOL kits before December lol.

Paints used:
Tamiya - Flat black, Flat white, Flat Red, Gunmetal, Black
Turbodork - All That Glitters
Gundam Marker - Green & Gold
Thanks for viewing!


MG Shenlong Liao Ya - Dragons Fury

Since my backlog isn’t getting any smaller (Thanks Gundam Expo lol) I needed to get this kit knocked out.

Paints used
Tamiya: Flats - White, Black, red. Gunmetal, Gloss black.
Turbodork: Bullion
Vallejo: model air silver
Gundam marker: Gold, black, green.

Went with minimal decals again, (no idea what the Kanji? says)


It does look a very different kit in white.

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Calling this finished.

Mg Heavyarms Igel w/MSG chainsaw

I did a poor job with the top coat, so some parts have scratches, which is disappointing but otherwise overall happy with this kit.

Just waiting on Sandrock armadillo (that comes out in December) to mostly finish the squad.

I think Wing zero from GoL is just Wzc with the Drei Zwerg rifle? Hopefully we get non-special coated release of that.

Thanks for the love and checking out my work.


Awesome work! This guy look dangerous!

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They’re all so beautiful! :pleading_face:

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