Mr. Color Lacquer Shelf Life

I’m looking into starting airbrushing and was leaning towards Mr. Color paints as opposed to Tamiya (I’ll probably pick up a few Tamiya as well but most Mr. Color). My main question is how long do they last? Because of shipping and how I like to do things I tend to buy in bulk but I don’t want to buy them and most of it go bad after a year if I don’t use a like Sky Blue or something. Also any other information, tips or opinions of Mr. Color would be nice!

I have some that are a couple of years old. I recently took a bottle of purple i’ve had for over 10 years and just mixed in lacquer thinner to replace the evaporated stuff. Took awhile but i eventually got it mixed up nicely again.

Ahh perfect! That’s what I heard was that if you mix in some thinner you can “reactivate” them. In your experience how long with a bottle last, like a few MG, several MG, etc. (just a rough estimate)

They’re generally about the same size as Tamiya bottles. It all depends on what you’re using it for. I don’t care about conserving paint really so i never really worry.

I get them from Hobbywave but I buy 20+ bottles at a time plus a bottle of the leveling thinner that is already mixed with a retarding agent which slow down the drying process while airbrushing. I also got a bottle of Mr Replenishing Agent for Mr. Color which is formulated to re-activate dried or condensed paint. As to how how many kits you can do. I guess it differs a lot depending on color but I did the 2 RG GP-01 and I have not used up a single bottle on any of the primary color (white, off white, grey and dark grey).

I think a gloss black might be the only paint that has a higher chance of getting used up quickly. That’s if you go crazy with super high gloss finishes.