Most powerful super robot!

We know about Gundams, but Super Robot make Gundams look like chumps! So what’s the most powerful Super Robot?

My vote goes to Ideon. Because Ideon just destroys everything.

G Gundam is technically Super Robot, so my vote goes to Devil Gundam.

As much as i like G Gundam, my vote goes to the Big O. it just epitimizes what a Super Robot is lol. plus its the single most badass since Mazinger Z lol

I don’t know. There are many great super robots out there. But, I got to trow my vote for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan. I mean a mech the size of a galaxy?! Sorry, Ideon’s got nothing on that.

Well Ideon blew up the universe once…

Well sh!#. Still, Gurren Lagan is pretty powerful.

Thread topics like these make for tricky, highly subjective answers, mainly because most Super Robot anime make use of extreme super science, sorcery, or even an odd mix of the two, and rearely do we have more than two or three of them in-universe to make a reasonable comparison.

But off the top of my head, there’s lots of Supers that’d rank up there with Ideon on the power scale - Getter Emperor for one, Mazinkaiser, Gunbuster, Rahxephon, Aquarion, Daitarn-3, and I’m not counting the overpowered Banpresto Originals, right now.

For a reasonable comparison between robot stats, I’d always turn to the Super Robot Wars series of games, as they give a pretty nice comparison between mecha for the most part - usually within the bounds of the player or enemy side.

Although to be honest, it’s hard to compete with Gurren Lagann - a mech that throws galaxies like shurikens :stuck_out_tongue:

I say Unicron - planet eater, giant, armed-to-the-teeth, capable of creating his own army from energy beams…Granted, that Matrix-weakness is on the level of open shaft on the Death Star, but…


You cannot deny that galaxy throwing badass.

When it comes to SRW, Gunbuster and Ideon are certainly two of the most powerful units you can use.

So wish I could play Alpha 3…


This is a very debatable topic.

But if you look really down into it, Gurren Lagann is the strongest and EVA Unit 01 is a close second.

most powerful super robot of universe is dangaioh

Shin Getter Robo or Black Getter robo would be my pick. If they counted as supper robots.

I second you dedicating his vote to Shin getter Robo.

I would have to say TTGL. However, i want to also add this input… The Big Venus. She can reset the world. lol

Zinv from Duel (tenchi series)
Light Hawk Wings
black hole creation
manipulation of gravimetric forces including gravitational projectiles
super speed
nano-repair system
and it combined two universes just because it can and lived thru the explosion that created the new one

GaoGaiGar and his epic GOLDION CRUSHER!!