Most Powerful NewType Ever

Ive talked 2 a lot of Gundam fans over the past 2 yrs at Anime Conventions about the most powerful newtype ever, IMO it has 2 be Kamile Bidan if u r strong enough 2 shut down an Ace pilot mobile suit thats say sumthing.

I’d say it depends on what you’re talking about.

Judau has the most Raw newtype power

Kamile has the most potential, and allot of skill to back it up, Haman and Scirocco are up there too.

Amuro was the most ballanced between skill and newtype ability.

This. By far. He was pretty much a hax character towards the end of Gundam ZZ. Even the best cyber newtypes had significantly less newtype power, and Haman (second to only Judau and probably Kamille) was insignificant compared to his barely developed power. His piloting skills were ridiculously weak in comparison though.

Kamille is probably the best overall. Judau may have tons of raw newtype power, but he doesnt really have much skill to put it to practical use against more mentally sound enemies. Kamille on the other hand was able to develop piloting skills that rivaled Char and Amuro, and a really strong natural newtype ability. Its really a shame his mind fell apart because he definitely would have been unstoppable.

Would you say that Char has superior operating skill but Amuro makes up for it with stronger newtype abilities? Otherwise I dont think anyone else in the series had as much operating skill as Amuro, who had average at best newtype ability (balanced much more towards piloting skill imo).

Anyone think Kamille could take down Judau with end of Gundam ZZ newtype levels?

Would you say that Char has superior operating skill but Amuro makes up for it with stronger newtype abilities? Otherwise I dont think anyone else in the series had as much operating skill as Amuro, who had average at best newtype ability (balanced much more towards piloting skill imo).

After leaving Earth, Amuro was able to crush Char in every single confrontation even before Lalah started powering him up. He was able to shoot bits after maybe 15 seconds’ worth of experience, and he was even able to match Char in fencing skill in spite of never having picked up a foil. So basically he’s the most skilled ever.

Kamille, on the other hand, consistently misses shots that even Katz is able to make.

I have not seen ZZ so I really can’t comment there. So as far as I have seen, Scirocco was the most powerful newtype by far. His piloting skills were great, but he relied too much on his personal designs to basically do the fighting for him. So his skill is lacking. But he was able to complete rip apart someone else’s psyche! Impressive.

I was talking to someone the other day who said it was banager links (that might be spelled wrong and i’m sorry) which is plain stupid. the only time he reallys does anything is when the NTD kicks in and that’s not really even him fighting. I would have to say Amuro takes the cake.

Amuro is probably the best, however this is only because Kamille’s mind turned to a vegetable. Kamille as a not vegetable is IMO the most powerful newtype.

Well of course I’m the best! :wink:

I think they where pretty Damn close in piloting skill come CCA, but Char was pretty weak newtype powerwise, even more so than Amuro who was pretty average even with his Newtype prowess.

But yeah Amuro bested him a little with skill even though I don’t like to admit it.

Until you bring Fa in to the mix!

Canon-wise, the most powerful Newtype pilot is often said to be Judau Ashta of Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, the pilot of the titular MS. Though he is inexperienced and young, Judau exhibits the highest amount of raw Newtype ability and energy of almost any UC protagonist.

Judau is the most powerful Newtype. “If Kamille wasn’t…” doesn’t matter, the fact is that Kamille IS a vegatable and when he does recover he chooses to NOT use his newtype powers and instead becomes a doctor. Even when Judau is in his 60s he still pilots a MS when needed. Kamille wussed out, you don’t just take power and throw it all away because YOU have an issue. If throwing yourself into battle at the cost of your soul is going to save millions then you throw youself out there. Read his skills and abilities. (His brainwaves are displayed to reach supernatural levels (even by the standards of Newtypes in general), which, combined with the Unicorn Gundam’s extensive psycho frame, are able to manafest themselves physically. They are shown to have enough power to move or destroy nearby solid objects and, eventually, enable the use of the Full Armor Unicorn’s shields as remote weapons, despite their apparent lack of any means of propulsion. Upon mastering both the NT-D and Banagher’s own powers, over time the psycho frame of the Unicorn Gundam changes from red to green, responding to the growing magnitude of his Newtype ability.)

That’s pretty insane. I hadn’t read about Banagher before. If he could get his raw skills to match that of Amuro, then he’d essentially be unbeatable.

But back on topic. I havn’t watched ZZ yet so I know zip about Judau. But in terms of skill, I’d give my vote to Amuro. He’s more experienced and is more aware of what’s going on around him. Potential goes to Kamille. If he’d grow up and quit being a stubborn brat. Then he could be an amazing pilot and New Type.

If he hadn’t gone after Scirocco at the end of Zeta and just let him retreat, he wouldn’t have gone up against a mobile suit that he couldn’t defeat legitimately and been forced to ram him, putting him in range of his mind-rape powers. At this point, Scirocco had lost his army and was back to being a Jupiter Fleet captain, he wasn’t a threat to anyone anymore.

If it’s Newtype power we’re talking about, then Banagher or Judau take the cake. Judau’s Newtype presence in particular is extremely powerful - when he once let his anger get the best of him, he let off a psychic aura that nearly made Haman herself pee her panties & sent her away crying. Really.

If we’re talking piloting prowess, then my vote goes to Amuro, every time. He’s fought through & survived more major conflicts than any other character in the UC (though in AGE, Flit could possibly surpass this record), created a miracle shortly before he went AWOL (or died, depending on your beliefs), and he doesn’t even need a Mobile Suit to kick ass: he fenced against Char pretty well, beat the crap out of him in CCA (inside and outside his Gundam), and he crippled Buran’s Asshimar, something both Camille AND Char couldn’t do even working together, forcing it to retreat and he did it without a Mobile Suit!

As an aside, in the Super Robot Wars series of games, Amuro is regarded as a living legend by all the other Gundam pilots, UC or otherwise. Any mech he pilots turns into a dodgy killing machine.

Yeah, he’s that badass.

Amuro Ray hands down

Go on… No really, go on.

I don’t mean to flatter Amuro above me, but he is the best NewType. Look at him in the Nu Gundam. If anyone is meant to better Amuro, it would be Char, because he always knows what he’s doing.

I don’t really care who’s the most powerful, because Amuro will always be the most awesome.

Maybe, but the one that can use his NewType abilities best to his advantage shall always be Char.