Most Powerful Gundam

This Thread discusses which Gundam (s) from the Gundam Universe is/are the most powerful. (NOTE: the Gundams of the Future Century (G gundam) and Turn A & Turn X Don’t Count due to the Fact that G Gundam is termed “Super Robot” while Turn A &Turn X of the CC Universe are technically Real Robot they are Borderline Super Robot.) You are free to opinionate based on background, pilot data, combat data, Service record, and any VIABLE Data that makes your case. However your case must be also based on a Scoring Scale 1-10 (for each category), and based on the following data categories (NOTE: Detailed Arguments are required for each category):

  1. Offense Abilities
  2. Defense Abilities
  3. Special Abilities (any you can think of for the Gundam of your choice)
  4. Technological Advantages (better equipment, OS, etcetera.)
  5. Mobility
  6. Versatility
  7. Performance Evaluation
  8. Fear Factor
  9. Morale Booster
  10. Supplemental Advantages (pilot abilities, support units, etc.)

With the Exception of the Future Century (Mobile Fighter G Gundam) and Correct Century (Turn A Gundam) Gundams, you may represent any Gundam from the Gundam Universe to declare them the most powerful Gundam of them all. Good Luck and I can’t wait to see the exhilarating (thought courteous) arguments on this thread.

As much as I HATE to say it, if you’re going for “most powerful-over-the-top-badass-kill-‘em’-all” gundam, you really don’t have to look any further than ANY Gundam in SEED. That series is loaded with Gundams that are basically God-modded out the ass.

00 Quanta, clearly.

Second would probably be something like Stargazer that can shred Gundams just by getting close to them.

(Facepalm) aparantly ive got some explaining to give. lol. ill give you an example of the way im presenting this analysis. ill use a personal favorite Gundam as an example of what im looking for. (REMEMBER: the following Analisis is strictly from the writers opinion)

RX-93-V2-Hi Nu Gundam

Offense: 10. the Beam rifle, Hyper Bazooka, MHB, Large Beam Sabers, Machine Guns, and the Fin Funnles prove the Hi Nu to be a formidable suit in the face of an onslaught.

Defense: 2. sadly the only thing going for the suit is that of the Fin Funnel Barrier, a Shield, and its hight mobility.

Special Abilities: 10. the pchycoframe, pchycommu system, and anything related to them give it an advantage over most standard suits. also ulike its predessessor the NU, the Fin Funnels can be recharged rather than discarded.

Technological Advantages: 6. the Movable Frame (brought forth by the predessecorial Gundam MK II), pchycoframe, pchycommu system, Linear Seat, 360 Panoramic Cockpit, the Arm Rake Control scheme, and improved Minovsky Reactor, more efficient thrusters, “Dual Long Booster” System, and improved Propellant Tanks provided the Hi Nu a superiority in tech compared to other suits of its time.

Mobility: 5. Thanks to the multiple thrusters, Verniers, and jets incorporated into the movable frame, coupled with again the pchycoframe, the ablitiy for this suit to out manuver some Suits (with the exception of the nightinggale of course) of its time. but many other gundams after the Hi Nu would have far superior mobility.

Versatility: 3. with all of the weapons, and though it is piloted by a Newtype, its still not enough to consider it Versatile for a combat.

Performance Evaluation: 8.out performed most other suits in its time, even out performed the nightinggale (much like the Nu out performed the Sazabi in CCA).

Fear Factor: 10. Struck fear into the hearts of the enemy due to the Fact that Gundams have been feard by Zeon since the OYW.

Morale Booster: 10. been a morale Booster to all Federal Forces (with the exception of Stardust and The Gryps conflict) since the OYW.

Supplemental Advantages: 4. though with a powerful Newtype like Amruo Ray at the controls, sadly with the other exception with ,again, the Psychoframe system it doesnt have any other Supplemental Advantages (unless you consider the entire Federation Londo Bell Taskforce as an advantage).

Total Score: 64/100

Notes: it was considerd at the time of its creation, deployment, and destruction, to be one of the most powerful Gundams of its time. others in th later UC time line and others from other universes, but i consider it from my opinion to be one of the most powerful Gundams of all time.

the following analysis is exactly what i wanted to see initially fellas. lol now its you guys turn. show me what you got (beastly laugh)

Gundams only huh?


RX-0 Unicorn Gundam

Offense 10: Beam Magnum, Hyper Bazooka, Gatling Lasers, the NT-D system while only useable against Newtypes I’m going to factor it in. only an without NT-D

Defensive 4: The only things going for it are the NT-D which, while not being able to combat non-Newtypes will give it a sound advantage over any U.C using Psycommu tech, seeing as it could just take over their funnels. Only a 2 without NT-D, if not a 1.

Special Abilities 10: Again the NT-D system, but there’s also the Fact that, it has a Psycoframe, because of the NT-D needing it to function, which in theory will give the pilot advantages while just controlling the suit, but there’s also Laplace’s Box, which the Unicorn is the Key to opening.

Tech advantages 10: It’s developed from the Nu Gundam, and the Sinaju, which in it’s self is amazing, not to mention the NT-D system, the La+ system to open Laplace’s Box on top of things like a Moveable Frame, Panoramic cockpit and the other U.C standard fare after.

Mobility: 6 I’m only counting the Unicorn modes mobility for this score, while impressive it’s not a big step up from others and still is lacking compared to the Sazabi or the Nightingale. In Destroy mode it’d have been about a 7, maybe an 8 with the extra thrusters.

Versatility 6: Not required to be piloted by a Newtype, despite all of the Newtype tech in it, on top of haveing most of the standard MS fare, while not great for every mission it could tackle quite a few mission types, but then there’s the Full Armor system, which can add a whole hell of allot of fire power, and make it more useable for missions in need of more Fire Power, and of course extra armor.

Performance Factor 8: The thing’s a beast pure and simple, especially in Full Armor form, it out performs quite a few suits of it’s time.

Fear Factor 10: Much for the Same Reasons Kenyon listed, Gundams have been striking fear in opponent’s harts since the OYW.

Moral Booster 7: While not as much as a boost of the Hi-Nu due to the fact of a lesser known pilot it’s still a Gundam, and a very capable one at that too.

Super mental Advantages 7: The thing can basically pilot it’s self, and be stopped by the Pilot’s will alone, it can take control of remote weapons, and senses other Newtypes in the area to go all NT-D on people. (Then allowing it to assume direct control on funnels and such.)

Overall 78/100

Very impressive on your analysis and this is exactly what i wanted to see. ill probably release a Grunt suit and Special suit Edition of this format cause of this. ill probably get a big load of response for those.

my only complaint with your analysis is that in Defensive dep. you forgot to factor in the sheild, but thats just me nitpicking lol not a really big whoop.

LOL, the Sheild? It isn’t gonna do much I belive. What I foregot was the I-Field Generator it has lol.

Anyhow I think you should exclude the 00 Rasier (the normal 00 is ok) and the Quan[T] because they’re up there in hAx with the Turn’s, I mean the Quantizeing thing is really what pushes them over the Edge.

Good point, but unless i see them regenerate theyre limbs, theyre not technically Super Robots. Heck ill even allow Stargazer, even if it has Nanohealing tech on board.

as for Unicorns I Feild sheild, i still believe it could give a higher Defensive score. but hey, the analyiser has spoken im just nitpicking (call me a perfectionist…and a lousy one at that lol)

  1. SYSTEM ∀-99 ∀ Gundam and CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X Gundam
  2. GNT-0000 00 Qan(T)
  3. RX-0 Unicorn Gundam
  1. SYSTEM ∀-99 ∀ Gundam and CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X Gundam
  2. GNT-0000 00 ELS Qan[T]
  3. RX-0 Unicorn Gundam

Did you not here Kenyon. Long analysis and no turn a suits

most powerful gundam: turn a. look at what moonlight butterfly friggin did.

I don’t understand why Turn A and X are discounted. They are considered the end all of the UC universe line and are Gundam as described by Tomino himself. If you’re going to call them SR, you have to discount every other gundam that has been in a SR game.

If you’re going by hax then you need to also remove the Unicorn from the running as it becomes sentient in the end. Ex S, Blue Destiny, and a few other gundams also moved on their own/reacted without pilot influence.

That being said, going by the rules as they are

Gundam GP03 Dendrobium (Stamen/Orchis)

Offense 10 Warship class Mega Beam Cannon, 3-tube large missile pod, 108-tube micro-missile pod, rocket guided Beam rifle for Stamen as well as 2 folding bazookas. 2 giant claws, as
well as 2 battlship sized beam sabers.

Defense 7 I-field Generator as well as decoy chain mines. Extra Armor for defense.

Special Abilities: 4 Ability to separate Stamen from Orchis. I-fileld generator; able to block most beam effects

Technological Advantages: 7 Highest technology of the federation at the time. Actually stronger than the following suit in the line, the Gp04.

Mobility: 5 Although insanely fast, able to reach up to 5g’s it requires large space it is forced to make large turns due to its size.

Versatility: 8 It’s offense was it’s defense. It’s only flaw is that it was a space use only suit. If the Orchis was damaged, the more agile Stamen could separate and be used.

Performance Evaluation: 7 For it’s short lifespan, it took at waves of units and battleships. Considering it was still in the testing phase, who could tell how powerful it could have been had it been tested more thoroughly.

Fear Factor: 10 It was a mobile armor that was the size of a small battleship. Able to move at incredible speeds, it destroyed waves of enemies in minutes, taking out a commander with a point blank mega beam blast.

Morale Booster: 6 The fact that it was stolen and used when it was not supposed to be led many to distrust what faction it belonged to.

Supplemental Advantages: 5 Although Kou was a decent pilot, the suit would have probably been put to better use by a Newtype, or an ace pilot at the very least.

Total Score: 70

Sorry Bro didn’t. I should’ve but let me correct my mistake.

I’ll say GNT-0000/FS 00 Qan(T) Full Saber, it is the original version of the GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] existing as simulation data in Mobile Suit Gundam 00V: Battlefield Record.

It was stated in Veda’s simulation data it was capable or repelling the entire ELS invasion but it was only based incomplete data about the ELS and missing crucial information like Regeneration.


GN Gunblades
These are three dagger like weapons mounted on the GN Sword IV.[3] Similar to most weapons of the GN Sword series, they possess both a Gun Mode and a Blade Mode.[3] Two of these can combine together ala GN Sword II staff to form the “GN Gunblade Twin Edge”.[3] They also contain handles that are used when handling the GN Sword IV in it’s various modes. They can be combined in a number of different forms:

GN Gunblade Blade Mode: The first form of the GN Gunblades. One Gunblade acting as a sword akin to the GN Sword Sword Mode.

GN Gunblade Gun Mode: The second form of the GN Gunblades. One Gunblade acting as a handgun akin to the GN Sword Gun Mode.

GN Gunblade Twin Edge: The third form of the GN Gunblades. The two Gunblades in Blade Mode combined in a lancer-like appearance.

GN Sword IV Saber Mode: The basic form of the GN Sword IV. The buster sword can cut down close ranged enemies.

GN Sword IV Rifle Mode (High Output & Rapid Fire): The second form of the of the GN Sword IV. Held horizontally, the blade is folded back like the GN Sword I and III and used as a rifle.

GN Sword IV Rifle Mode (Wide Cutter): The third form of the GN Sword IV. Held horizontally, the blade is rotated like the Sword II Rifle Mode.

GN Sword IV Full Saber (Full Saber Mode): The fourth form of the GN Sword IV. It’s actually the Saber Mode with the three Gunblades attached, held vertically.

GN Sword IV Full Saber (GN Launcher Mode): The fifth form of the GN Sword IV. This mode is like the Rifle Mode but with the Gunblades attached. It functions as a high powered buster launcher.

GN Sword IV
A GN Sword with a similar appearance to the GN Buster Sword II. The 3 dagger-like objects mounted on it are known as GN Gunblades. In addition to the regular “Saber” and “Full Saber” Modes (without/with all gunblades mounted receptively), it also possess three other modes known as “GN Launcher” Mode, “High Output Rifle” Mode and “Wide Cutter Rifle” Mode.

ELS Qan[T] as well which is caple of all the 00 Qan [T] abilities along with Quantum teleportation with out opening a gate to do so.

Could it be a custom Suit ?? i have a few ideas

Nope Just Gundam’s from the Gundam Universes that doesn’t include Turn-A, Turn-X or G-Gundam Mobile Suits but you can create an thread where you can design your own Gundam’s. That’d be a cool thread I’d participate.

Same here on that…

i custom make All my Gundams even more so after watching Gunpla Builders Beginning G that Super Zaku is a BEAST

Yeah this is only for Gundams that exist in the show, though you could make a topic for who could make the best Mobile Suit I guess.

Turn A and Turn X both can use the Moonlight Butterfly which is pretty much able destroy an entire civilization with a breeze. Hell, it was the reason why many people left for the moon and those who remained on Earth were back in the dark age.