Most Powerful Grunt Suit

This Thread is to Discuss and/or argue which Grunt Suit is the most powerful in the Gundam Universe. Since there isnt alot of Super Robot Grunts im aware of (and if your refering to the Dark Army of G Gundam, im talkin about that so dont even think about it…and if Turn A has em theyre off limits as well!) im not too worried about that. Just like the Thread “Most Powerful Gundam” they will be scored on #/100, each category based on a scale of 1-10. NOTE: im askin all to do this on a professional level and score based on hard facts (as in if you have to do research on your client (grunt suit) by checking on profiles or watching archive footage (ie goin to MAHQ or watching Gundam shows) to draw conclusions you are free to do so) and yes i know i didnt do this in this threads predecesor, but this is a more refined thread so bear with it lol. all of categories that are needed to properly score your units are below. good luck and cant wait to see the stats.

  1. Offense Abilities
  2. Defense Abilities
  3. Special Abilities (any you can think of for the Gundam of your choice)
  4. Technological Advantages (better equipment, OS, etcetera.)
  5. Mobility
  6. Versatility
  7. Performance Evaluation
  8. Fear Factor
  9. Morale Booster
  10. Supplemental Advantages (pilot abilities, support units, etc.)

Ok, time for this again. And none of Turn A’s grunts are over powered that I know of, I’d let them in.

MS-14Jg Gelgoog Jager

Offense 9: It’s comparable to the RX-78-2 in most areas, except maybe durability due to the lack of Gundarium Alloy. Of course it comes with a well rounded arsenal, and can use it quite well, the Beam Rifle which has a ridiculous range compared to the normal Gelgoog’s rifle, the Dual sided beam saber, two Vulcans, and the Beam Spot guns, which are two forearm mounted beam guns. (Like Joe said it was actually nicknamed the Gelgoog Sniper)

Defense 1: Not much going for it, it has insane speed, but it has no shield that I know of.

Special Abilities 4: It has a longer range compared to most suits, it’s fast as hell and it’s extremely formidable in close up combat, now while that isn’t special, it still bests most MP suits.

Technical Advantages 7: It was the pinnacle of Zeon MP MS, rivaling the ESEF’s Gundam line of mobile suits, it has the Beam Machine Gun long range rifle which has a range near if not beyond most Sniper type suits, and it’s very mobile for it’s time, if it had the moveable frame of the Later U.C suits it’d be useable as late as U.C 0100.

Mobility 6: It has allot of boosters compared to the normal Gelgoog which was already a very mobile suit, and it’s even a step up from the Gelgoog High Mobility, it also houses external propellant tanks for long range trips.

Versatility 8: It can use a wide range of Zeonic weaponry due to the fact that it was developed under their “United Maintenance Plan” so it can use just about anything from what it has to shields, Dom bazooka’s, the Zaku’s machine Guns, the Grenade Launcher thing you see some Zeon suits have, not to mention all ready it has all ranges covered. It can be adapted to most mission, except things like Artillery support that Cannon suits can only offer.

Performance Evaluation 8: I honestly am not lying when I say besides the Zeong this had to be the best performer Zeon made during the OYW, not to mention the Gelgoog sees service decades after the OYW is a testament to how well the suit dose, much like WWII Germany’s Jet fighters if it came out sooner, it would have changed the outcome of the war.

Fear Factor 7: It’s red by default…and it’s a Gelgoog, even if a Rookie is piloting, odds are the other person might freeze in fear thinking it could be Char, at first at least. Also the fact that it could snipe from extreme range and blow someone up before they can get a lock on you, then move and set up shop again rather quickly goes for some mental warfare.

Moral Booster 4: It’s Red so there’s that :P:, and it’s a very high performance suit, but it came late in the war, so it isn’t allways a big boost to troops.

Super mental Advantages 2: It has the oh wow a Gelgoog factor like I mentioned but nothing much.

56/100 Over all score, wish I could give it more, but Bias and BS aside, I can’t of course that’s because it’s an MP suit and won’t give much to the last two options, even if it’s a high performance low volume MP suit.

Very good on this. and yes ladies and gentlemen ill allow CC Grunt Suits if theyre not superpowered lol.

Yeah, I even factored in the Sheild or lack there of this time :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, thats cool.

Can you properly define what you’d see as grunt? Would the suit have to be mass produced or not?

ya know, Zakus, Leos, strike Daggers, Gnx, Cannon Fodder, Common foot soldier suits…

ZGMF-1001 Blaze ZAKU Phantom,

Does the Overflag count as a grunt?

yep it doess

I’ve never heard of any term like that. Reading the postings that’ve been posted so far, I imply that “susanowoo” represents a grunt-suit, doesn’t it?

I think that would be a Specialty suit…

So what’s a grunt-suit then xD? I have still not understood it yet.

Face palm…a grunt is like a bottom of the food chain of military (Example: Private) Normal And standard issue… a Grunt suit is a suit thats not special in any way…the best example of a difference of a Special Suit and Grunt Suit: Tallgeese (Special suit), Leo (Grunt Suit)

If it’s mass produced, 9 times out of 10 it’s a grunt suit. The Overflag could swing either way but I think it should still be a grunt suit since they just took normal flags gave then a stronger rifle and some better parts and bam Overflag.

THANK YOU EXIA! dang i have a nasty habit of over explaining things…its a weakness lol…but yeah what exia said: if its mass produced, its a grunt suit…

GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam technically became a grunt when they started mass producing it and building like 10 of them at the end of Destiny.

That. I think really what I posted (The Jager) is in that can go ethier way, allot of Varients could seeing as they’re low volume MP suits, normally only issued to aces.

i LOVE the Leo’s i’m trying to make a 1/144 of one ~lol~

Okay then well Gelgoog J isn’t a grunt then by that definition especially since only few were produced and those would have been assigned to ace pilots. Maybe Serpent Custom. I’ve only watched a few of the gundam series though (Wing, Seed, Seed Destiny and parts of 0079 and Z and ZZ + some of the OVAs).