Most Hated Characters

well i say keep doing it

well i say keep doing it. It’s much appreciated

Out of all the series I hate Amuro Ray so so so so sooooooooooooooooooooooo much. I just hate him, there’s no reason needed it’s just pure hatred.

lol them’s are fighting words Exia. Amuro is legend.

So what f*** him. Tomino should’ve did the story to where Amuro dies half way thru the OYW and White Base has to turn to Char to help fight Zeon and they give him a red gundam.

Wait wait wait wait wait … WAIT.

Has anyone mentioned Marymeia yet ?

The little Princess Mineva Lao Zabi wannabe?

You know why I personally didn’t mention her? She’s a young girl paralyzed and in a wheelchair. She got what was coming to her

haha i’m just giving you a hard time Exia. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I kinda dislike Kou Uraki, but alot of Gundam fans think he’s alright.

You and I are going to get a long very well. He’s another Cry baby that came before Kira Yamato.

I didn’t like the three Druggies from SEED. They were a good addition to the series (who doesn’t love actual crazy people who use drugs in a war setting?), but I’ve never enjoyed that kind of character so I wanted them to get wiped out by the good guys by the time of their second appearance.

Id say Kio , and Loran two of the most softest Gundam Pilots ever. It made me mad how they never wanted to kill anybody. HELLO you are in control of a GUNDAM a killing machine desighned for death. If you didnt wanna kill anybody you should have not gotten involved or piloted a Leo or something. Even Uso maned up at the end of the victory series

Could be worse, could be Daikun.

I hated Kou because he was a WIMP. He got beaten up by just about everyone except for Keith.

That wimpishness could have saved him a lot of emotional troubles too. Oh well, everything worked out for him in the end.

He still need a bright slap. I wonder what happened to him after the events of 0083 Stardust Memory.

I never hated Kou …I just thought he was average at best and depended too much on data and that ho nina purpleton

I still remember the episode where he went to the lunar city and got the shit kicked out of him by some random jerks.

That’s not exactly hero material.

How I hated her in the final confrontation with Kou and Gato…