Most Hated Characters

Forgive me if this thread has been created and this is also in no way a hate thread. That being said, I know we’ve all come across that specific character in each series that you are just waiting for them to buy the farm. So for you, who’s the pilot you’re just waiting for them to bite it?

One name comes to mind as I’m watching Zeta (again)…KATZ!

Oh gawd, now that you mention Zeta… Jerid Messa…
Dude needed to learn to die…

Emma too… nags too much… Kats is too much of a spoiled brat…

Who else? I think almost all ‘bad guys’ from the UC, except Ramba Ral. They all had stupid tendencies to them. (Except Ramba Ral.)

Congrats to your 100th post

I don’t think Jerid is that bad. He just has to be in there for Kamille to punch around, lol.

All the bad U.C guys ? Does that mean all the opposing characters ?

I don’t see any possibility for me to despise GATO, Bernie, Haman, Char etc.

Thanks man.

Oh, how could I forget them… okay, let me make a correction.

I meant guys that don’t have any artistic flare to their ways.

What do you think about M’Quve?

He’s definitely one of the weirdest guys I’ve ever seen.

Remember the vase for Kycilia? While I can respect the man, the way he tries to get personal favour is irritating…

irritating is the right word.

He always irritates me, whereas I’m not the one to be confused by characters.

Never really like Jared, guy reminds me of one of the guys from Topgun, and not one of the main ones either.

Relena from wing and tieria erde from 00.

I liked Jerid to stick around that long. I was entertained how he kept on losing like a named grunt.

I hated Ali-Al Saachez, but the purpose of characters like him is to bring emotions to us, watchers. He’s a cool antagonist.

I hate Shin Asuka with his misplaced anger. C’mon, Neo promised him that Stellar won’t fight again, but he was not able to keep his promise. Athrun also warned him about the possiblity that he’d fight against Stellar again. He blamed everything to Kira instead.

Here’s a few others… Kira, Quess, Shinn, Relena just to name a few

Kio Asuno.

oh wow…Lemme see. Hathaway Noah. Katz Kobayashi. Quess Paraya. Colonel Smirnov’s son. Nena Trinity. Marina Ismeal (i hate the “total pacifism” character)

Let’s see, Flay from SEED got on my nerves for being a spoiled brat. Shin from SEED Destiny was nothing more than an attention hogging idiot who needed anger management. But mostly, the one character that I hate the most. Lalah Sune. If that blasted ghost would have stopped haunting Char and Amuro I think they would have burried the hatchet in Zeta Gundam and Char’s Counterattack would have never taken place. She says she is protecting them both when what she’s really doing is making them hate each other.

i never saw it that way, but i agree 100%. I was just watching the episode “Day of Dakar”. Char and Amuro were so buddy buddy it was hard to imagine that they were fighting each other to the death during the One Year War.

Kio and Lalah

I don’t know Kio but I am aware of Lalah …

There aren’t numerous people disliking Lalah.

But finally, I’ve found one more to hate her.

Hey Deathscythe, have i ever told you that i think the way you phrase things is awesome? I always get a laugh at how you say things. Of course i’m not laughing at your expense, but i’m always amused by how you say things.


My teacher’s instructed me to quit talking as I prefer to do many times already, saying I talk like a judge wanting to impress a doctor, by choosing fanciful words.


God I hate Jerid Messa