More ThunderBolt series please!

Decal softener is designed to make waterslide decals more playable. If you poke a hole in the the air bubble and us decal softener you might be able to get the decal to lay down flat.


This is the best that I can do to reproduce the scene of the final battle. Although there is nothing to complain relating to articulation, the plastic sheets can turn white upon over-stretching. This is something to keep in mind for those who consider to get any of these TB kits.

Speaking of the different types of Zaku, I always have a hard time distinguishing among them. They all apparently look the same to me. Only the custom suits have distinct colour schemes, which is the only way that I can identify who the rightful owners are… The same goes for Dom. What is the difference between Dom and Rick Dom other than the fact that Rick Dom is used in space?

Before I forget, this is the mark setter I use. What I did is to apply a few drops of the mark setter followed by placing a decal on top when it is still wet. Then, I used cotton swabs to push the bubbles away in one direction. Grateful if anyone here can share any gimmicks. The paint I used is #75 metallic red. GX202 is more pink in my opinion, which suits my PG Strike better.

As for the Bandai is known to do these things, I cannot agree more. I have a thread indicating most, if not all parts that must be glued in a MG Unicorn to prevent unintentional de-transformation.

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Although it has been years since last seen Gundam Thunderbolt season 1, but that should be a pretty good reproduction of the scene.

As for the Zakus, there were many many different ones, Zakus were probably the one with the most MSV variants and GMs following them. That statement was not based on any facts, just personal thought.

Now for the Dom and Rick Dom, use the wiki as a guideline. Basically, Rick Dom have equipment modified for space use, kind of like Sandrock and Heavyarms in the Gundam Wing TV series did, though Rick Dom predates them. One of the main difference between Dom and Rick Dom was probably the beam bazooka, Dom do not wield that weapon for whatever reason.

Thank you for the answer of the paint. Have you considered using one of those Sazabi or Sinanju color before?

Did bunch of replies in your Unicorn thread too. :smiley:

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The difference between the mg dom/rick dom is the dom has 2 different bazooka, a machine, and 2 panzerfaust’s as weapons. The rick dom has tge standard dom bazooka, the beam bazooka (similar the the one the psycho zaku has, and it has additional thrusters. If you want a mg dom I suggest you wait on picking one up. Bandai tease a mg dom 1.5 that has new hand and upgraded shoulder joints similar to the dowagde.


The one reason the Dom didn’t use the Beam Bazooka was mostly because “the Beam Bazooka takes time to charge and is difficult to produce, negatively affecting adoption of this weapon.” I’m sure that use on earth would have revealed more issues with the weapon.

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One of them would mostly definitely be weight. Im sure the weight of the beam bazooka would affect the doms hover capacity.

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Here are some final thoughts about these last session kits.

Money-wise, whether the premium is worth to pay is entirely subjective. After a brief search, I have learnt that they are more expensive than the regular releases. As @F91 has summarized, it is possible to choose between assembling the regular and last session bodies. With the damaged parts, you can assemble the head of Gundam TB that is blown by the rocket launcher. Only one damaged shield is included. As mentioned in my earlier post, there is a huge piece of water decal to deal with, which is to be applied to the lower portion of the shield.

As for the Pyscho Zaku, battle damages on the upper left of the backpack can be recapitulated. There is a very eye-catching crack together with a broken thruster. The most iconic damage, without question, is going to be the left shoulder fragment. Don’t forget to apply the damage effect decal before mounting the arm of choice (complete arm or shoulder fragment). Not saying that you cannot apply the decal after mounting the arm parts but is just more challenging in my opinion.

With the replacement of the complete arm by the shoulder fragment, this should not look too different from the last battle scene featured in the box arts.

Finally, here are the optional and spare parts. Unlike Gundam TB with only 2 beam sabres, there are obviously a lot more weapons included in the Psycho Zaku kit. The problem is that you have no way to display them altogether as what you would expect from the regular release. Furthermore, the given hand parts can barely hold the Zaku machine gun because there is no place for the connector part from the machine gun to connect to. The action base and colony fragment parts are identical in both last session kits.

I will take a week break before moving on to my final PB kit, F91 Twin VSPR / Back Cannon version, from a purchase earlier this year together with Phoenix Narrative and Last Session Version of Gundam TB and Psycho Zaku. After spending some fortune on shipping these PB kits, I don’t think I will expand my collection anymore until next year…

As for the Dom 1.5, this is something that I must get this year. Will it be a Dom or Rick Dom? Personally, I am not fond of the Zeon suits but since I started with a Pyscho Zaku, I may as well to start collecting the mono-eye army :joy:


I know for a they are making 1.5 dom (ground use). I believe it comes out later this year, but iI haven’t seen any updates. As for a Rick Dom im sure they will probably make one (mostly a p bandai they way things are going). It would be nice of the 1.5 dom had parts to make the standard dom or rick dom, but I doubt that would happen.

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There is talk that there will be a Rick Dom along with the Dom.


Rick Dom


Thanks, it looks like a standard release as well. It makes me wonder if the will release a newer version of the Char and Dozen Rick Dom’s.

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Sorry to anyone that liked Dom and all its variants and whatever else follow the design, but actually never really cared much for it. For Zeon suits, it was never really the favorite. Dom and the likes were fun, something, and annoying, most of the item, in the games, but other than that and the MG kits, never shown too much interested in them. So unfortunately did not checkup on too much information on them.

Anyway, @Rxslinger did bring up one good point, the weight. According to wiki, Dom weights about 1.5 times more than Rick Dom without any armament, though they both can weight about the same with full armament. That do mean that if it carry the mega bazooka, assuming that it was heaviest weapon of all of its armament, then that would put it to capacity or near capacity which then it cannot carry much else. Even though Dom have high power propulsion, but to be a little realistic, they should have make Dom weight much less than Rick Dom due to gravity.

Sadly, being a MG collector, will definitely go for the 1.5 Dom, Rick Dom, and whatever, within reason, when possible. :expressionless:

@GAT-X105, granted, other P-Bandai sites have more offerings, but unless P-Bandai US do not have those offerings, otherwise, you should consider getting the kits from them. Shipping is not too bad if you purchase multiple kits or bigger kits such as MG or PG.

I would think that it would overheat more easily in gravity than in space, given the coldness of space being a natural coolant for the weapon.

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I had that thought as well, just like I believe the weight of it would severely throw off the Dom’s balance

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@Rxslinger, I am sure it is not a matter of if, but when, the Dom variants will be released. Probably Bandai will do so through PB. They have an outstanding record with the Zakus in PB :joy:.

@F91 Almost all my collections are MG too. In fact, I have tried browsing the PB USA site a few times at random time but I didn’t find anything that can bleed my wallet. The only few times that I visited the USA site, I saw a $$$ Unicorn head and chest transformable statue, expansion parts for the MG Wing series and F90 and numerous builder series HG kits…

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Your probably right, it’s only a matter of time before the switch to the dome or gouf. While I’m a fan of the zaku, I’d like to see some other grunt suits get the MG treatment.

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There might be some reasons that you did not really find anything you want.

First, and no offense, you were too late to the “party”. Some of the higher demanded kits, such as Tallgeese II, Tallgeese Flugel, and Gundam Stormbringer Fatal Ash were sold out very fast. Stormbringer Fatal Ash was a little slower because it was on sale before it was announced. But the Tallgeese Flugel pretty much sold out within minutes. Same with other items that were Gundam Base limited when those were on sale last year. There were items sold out within minutes, some claim within seconds.

Second, P-Bandai U.S. do not offer as much items as the other P-Bandai sites. First hand knowledge was from checking on some items at the other P-Bandai sites. The Asian sites have offerings such as PG 00 Seven Sword/G Inspection, PG Phenex, PG Phenex Expansion Set, MG Re-GZ Unicorn Version, MG Exia Repair II, MG M’Quve’s Gouf, and MG Prototype Gouf. Pretty sure they did not offer some HG and RG on US site as well. All in all, the U.S. P-Bandai site probably get about 2/3, not based on any concrete facts, of the offerings that they do on the Asian sites. And even though some of the older P-Bandai kits have been reissued, U.S. site do not really offer them as well. Not sure why, maybe due to licensing issue, logistics, or whatever.

Finally, for the U.S. P-Bandai site, they pretty much do not do additional runs. They did do that for the Heavyarms Igel, Shenlong Liaoya, Deathscythe Rousette, Sandrock Armadillo, Exia Repair III, F90, and few others. But for most of them, once they were deemed “out of stock”, then they were out. Bandai make little to no effort in reopening the pre-orders even though there have been people complaining and wanting them to do so.

You probably saw the offerings that you mentioned because they were not ones that people want or people do not want to buy them due to circumstances such as lack of kits. For example, the F90 and Glory of Losers Expansion sets required the P-Bandai F90, Tallgeese II, and Altron. So for some, maybe the lack of the main kit caused them not wanting to get the expansion sets and just have those sat there pretty much useless. For some others, maybe deemed the expansion sets to be too expensive. For the cost of a kit, some of the expansion sets were too expensive for just few items.

However, if there was something offered and available, U.S. P-Bandai site is pretty good because of low cost for shipping. Cost of shipping for 1 shipment is $10.00. You will have to pay sales tax, not so in some states, but tax plus shipping often time still cheaper than getting the same item(s) from overseas, regardless of what type of shipping you used to get them to you.

So you might want to check back regularly, they might have something that you want to get some day. Not really holding breath on the older kits though.

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Honestly I don’t have any interest to get the expansion parts for the Wing series although I have the kits. Nataku does look more stunning that it appears in the animation. My impression is that the expansion part for Nataku from PB resembles the rear canon of Shelong-II (or whatever it is called, the green one in TV version), which in my opinion, does not look nice on Nataku.

I think the Tallgeese you refer to is the one with the massive feather wings that are identical to Wing Zero Custom? Again, this is just not for me. I don’t even know it has been made as a PB item. It has been almost a month since I last checked the Hong Kong site.

Some of the items you mention are actually items years ago. I don’t think they are resold even in the Japan site. In fact, the instant out-of-stock phenomenon doesn’t only apply to the US site. I was not fast enough to click the “add to cart” button during the Exia Repair campaign. I am glad it was listed in a pop-up reselling event :slightly_smiling_face:

It is nice to know the US site offers affordable shipping but the major problem is… I never find something that I like… Thank you for the information. Before I forget, you may as well to get the PG Phoenix Narrative if you cannot live without the phoenix tails. A male friend of mine told me the expansion parts costed him like 9000 yen for the conversion to Narrative.

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Phew, it has been years since last “watched”, more like fast forwarded, a bad habit for watching anything, the Gundam Wing TV series and the old 1/100 kits were buried somewhere… :sweat: But both later TV version and the Endless Waltz version were all called Altron, just by different designer. TV one was by Okawara and Endless Waltz one was by Katoki. The older Endless Waltz kit boxes referred it to Nataku but the MG box referred it to Altron. It seemed that for the Endless Waltz version, it can be either one. Some interesting read if you wish to take time to do so, . The expansion set for the Altron or Nataku was trying to recreate the look of it in the Glory of Losers manga, which apparently looked like Endless Waltz Altron with TV version’s wings and beam cannons on its back.

That was what the previously mentioned about why you were still saw those expansion sets, because they were not for everyone, for whatever reasons, the looks, the unneeded accessories, and the prices. Whatever the reason that made people not getting them were why they were still left over. The price of expansion set is pretty high. For the Glory of Losers one, it was the price of a cheaper MG, not that you can find one at that price anymore, or an HG or RG, and for the Phenex one, price of a higher priced MG, HG, or once upon a time, PG. Your friend got PG Phenex Expansion Set for cheap for 9000 yen, because it was retailed at about 8800 yen and with 10% tax, it would have been 9680 yen, not to mention there might be shipping cost for it. Based on the Youtube videos, yep, they were just 2 tail parts, nothing more. Those were made for people that want to convert the PG Phenex they already have to the NT version or in a sense, completion.

As for the kits mentioned, those were just some examples of what the U.S. site was lacking compared to the Asian, not including Japan, sites. Because, as examples, the other sites were offering PG 00 Seven Sword/G Inspection, MG Re-GZ Unicorn Version, few months ago and PG Phenex, the original one, when they were reissued. But U.S. site do not have those at all, not once. So for whatever reasons, U.S. site do not have as much offerings as the other sites, probably due to logistics, but probably only ones that work for Bandai in the sales department knows. Though for certain, there were reissue of Prototype Gouf, M’Quve’s Gouf, and some other Zakus and a Rick Dom sometime last year or earlier this year in Japan, might not have made it to the other P-Bandai sites though.

Now, even though Tallgeese Flugel, the Tallgeese with wings similar to Wing Zero Custom’s, somewhere mentioned they were not the same, might not be for you. It was fairly highly sought after by some others. You can see the twitter replies and Facebook comments about that being sold out quickly along with some server issues on P-Bandai U.S. accounts. And as far as known, Japan already schedule 4th run for it, according to the Japanese P-Bandai site last checked about couple weeks ago. But if you are a completionist, you might want to look into getting it when possible since it was part of the EW, or Glory of Losers, mobile suit, the same line that the MG Wing kits were released under.

Gah, want MG Exia Repair II…

All of my PB Zeon kits are Zabi’s family custom suits. It is not like I am a fan of Zeon but the decorations on these suits are really stunning. The most impressive ones is Garma’s zaku with vulcans on the head. If I remember correctly, all of these suits have their iconic heat hawks. Unfortunately all of them are in my apartment on the other side of this planet. I would love to share how they look like.

Thank you for the comprehensive walkthrough of Nataku. Again, I am the kind who is more attached to the original TV series. Hence, the ‘‘Loser’’ variants are not for me…

As for the PG expansion phoenix tails, I don’t see any reasons that justify the outrageous cost…You can buy a whole MG Nu Gundam or Sazabi with that money. A comment about Exia Repair II. Since it is based on Exia, it does inherit the horrible balance problem given the minimal contact between the feet and ground surface.

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The Zabi kits were pretty good, the Rick Dom and the Zaku II with big heat hawk look especially good. Those were reissued sometime last year or the year before. But sadly, those never made to the U.S. Bandai site. :disappointed:

Well, for Bandai, anything with gold plated will cost about 4 times as much as the regular one. You can see it from the RG Phenex that they still have on the U.S. site. PG Phenex expansion was kind of expensive. Though right now, the cost of it can only get you probably a MG Nu Gundam Ver Ka, but probably not MG Sazabi Ver Ka anymore as the cost of that kit went up, used to be that you can get it around $80 ~ $90 some, but now it cost over $100 and more… :grimacing:

Not going to worry too much about the balance of MG Exia Repair II if possible to get one, it will be lucky if it ever sees the light of the day… :rofl: