More ThunderBolt series please!

Before working on this PB Gundam Thunderbolt (TB), I did not like this work too much. Thanks to the water decals, the damage effects are so real. Here is what Gundam TB looks like in its basic, standing pose. The inflicted damages can be reproduced effortlessly even by a novice like me. I have also ordered the Full Psycho Zaku together with Gundam TB. Don’t think I have time to unbox it until June…

Applying the decals to the shield is very challenging to me. The orange part you see is actually a huge piece of water decal. In addition, the surfaces for applying the explosion effect decals are uneven. I had to make multiple cuts such that the decals could extend better. It took me almost an hour to complete the shield alone. Nevertheless, the result is very satisfactory despite there are a few torn tiny pieces by accident. Thinking of topping-off the torn parts with black. Any thoughts?

At first I thought the paper sheets covering the joints would impede joint movement but to my surprise, not even a bit.

I will work on the colony fragment pieces hopefully later this weekend. Hardly can wait to put Gundam TB on the included action base together with the colony effect parts and recapitulate the frontpage of the construction manual.

I hope Bandai will consider at least releasing the Ground Type Gundam in season 2. For some reasons, those Gundams do look stunning in the absence of the signature “v-fin” on the head.


That is pretty well done.

Did acquired a normal version of the Gundam Thunderbolt, but built. Not sure if the person had previously did anything to the joint cover material or maybe it was the way the material would normally be after some type, but the material was very brittle when acquired. While the material do not disintegrated when touched, but it did became unusable.

Would be cool if they release Ground Gundam Type S. But they need to release Blue Destiny ones or Pale Rider first! :smiley:

personally a slave wraith hg sd and mg would be cool

Your In luck. There already is a HG Slave Wrath.

yeah but not a p-bandai one

Well, Slave Wrath was not part of Thunderbolt series, it was actually from Missing Link series. Still cool if they release a MG version.

I don’t see that happening unless they do a ground gundam 2.0 or even a 1.5

Actually, at this time, rather they do some other kits than focus on making 1.5 or 2.0 for some of the kits. There are plenty of suits that deserve MG treatment. But if Full Mechanics is going to be the “new” MG, then Full Mechanics treatment…heh…

Wonder if they will ever do Atlas Gundam in 1/100 scale, that was an odd ball Gundam. But if they will do the GM Thunderbolt though, it actually looked pretty good, slightly better than Gundam Thunderbolt.

Bandai released images of a proto type mg atlas gundam ver ka, however there is no release date yet.

Thank you! This TB really distinguishes itself from the few Grandpa Gundams that I have (2.0, 3.0 and Ver Ka)! At first I was a little surprised a Gundam is not piloted by a NT teen but at the same time fascinated by the FA equipment. I have never seen an ordinary version of Gundam TB in full armor in hobby shops. Perhaps it is also a PB kit? However, I cannot find it listed in the PB catalog.

Atlas Gundam is not my type, its design deviates a lot from the classic UC vibe in my opinion. In fact, there is a HG version but released as a PB item a few years ago. Actually I do not see any problems using the existing Ground Type Gundam as the frame for its TB variant. Although it is dated by today’s standard, the joints are very solid and the articulation is still very satisfactory. Weapon-wise, aren’t there existing parts for beam javelin from Grandpa Gundam? As for BD1, anything from the Missing Link is fine for me! A MG BD1 sounds like very reasonable because it is basically a Ground Type GM in blue, with slight modifications LOL. I have no idea why it is never a part of plan. So as BD2 and BD3… there is a kit called Ground Type Gundam… Bandai, hello?

Anyway, the kit is finally completed. Unfortunately, I need to meet a project deadline by mid June and working on weekends is expected to make this happen… I cannot wait to put Gundam TB and Psycho Zaku together!