More Epic

Hope this I’ll surpass everything shown so far.

The pic i kept before is a picture of TSX-02R GARLAND-5 from SEED. Or thats what it says from the place i got it from. Deathscythe why? Cosplay of rain mikamura? Fine i guess that works. So here is my epic pic

Epic photo bombardment.

and deathscythe i believe that this is the checkmate.

How about some pictures pertaining to real life xD ?
This one looks pretty detailed, yet it seems to provide an inconvenient accomodation.

What is that? I don think that is epic unless i know what it is.

The Chair is cool, but don’t look to comfortable

Nothing like a Unicorn McDoubble

Charbroiled lol , that is Char- Mazing

I think we are goin towards the comedy side. But hey i love comedy. So here is my pic

I thought we weren’t permitted to post content shared by the official Gundam page xD …
Looks funny btw. I’ve seen that pic somewhere before already.

that was posted by the gundam page? whoops sry… okay then this hasnt been there, i know it. For those who do not recognize this awesome beast it is called GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud Type F. The parent of the GN-001 Gundam Dynames.

Currently shown by my cover photo on FB.

whoa that looks really cool. This is my fb cover photo.

Just to concentrate on me saying it was my cover photo - I’ve exchanged it already.
But yours looks really decent.
How is it displayed anyway ? It’s actually recommended to select/choose an image with another aspect ratio.

the top half (above his skirt armor) was displayed as my profile pic. I changed it though. Now it is this. I kept it so that the main portion of the gundam is in the middle.

Is there anyone manly enough to click on this link ?

No offensive or disgusting content, I affirm!

just kidding. this is my real entry