More Epic

I just love playing games, so I made a new one. I will post a picture of a gundam (photoshop or not) and the next player has to prove to post a better image. Try to add a small comment with the photo. Try not to actually conversate.

It is called XN-00 QAN[T] Raiser Seven Sword II
I think it will be hard to beat this. If you can’t just say you can’t and place a different picture.

Remote File is too large.


I thought this was cool

da faq deathscythe

This is pure epic

lol Good one D


I got a shitload of epic pics up my sleeve so ill be running some through I’d cap that.

New rule: you cant use the photos from the gundam facebook page since that defeats the point of finding the photos. this is the page. This is my epic photo. MG 00 QAN[T]

Lol, swallow this :

Still checkmating you, lolz xDDDD

FX burst mode

Keep the pics coming. the ultimate epicness.

Implying this doesn’t violate any rules xD

Im not sure how that relates to gundam.

10 characters

mr. Bushido

First: Who the hell is this badass?!

Second: This is officially going on my favorites list if this is official.

Hail Zeon

Dunno be it definitely looks Cosmic Era in origon.