moonbase01 wip thread

True 'dat. The minute I took the plunge and started painting my first HG kit with Gundam markers, it just became a downhill slope towards painting something on a kit.

AG kits make for good practice, but don’t be afraid of practicing on HG kits too.

I finished the initial build on the Clanche. Nice kit but not much other than vents to paint. Most of the front of the legs are smooth with no lines to fill. I may hit the vents with some gray matte nail polish my wife has and leave it be. Pacing myself as I did get a third kit Sunday but do not want to build it and be without something to do as school is approaching for my son and it will hit the pocket book mighty hard, already out 250 just in supplies…

My two girls are starting school this year as well. So I know where you’re coming from there. What kit are you thinking about getting next?

I have the Adele kit in dark blue with the numbers, I think it was called Diva. It will be next, I will look for one that is bulky with lotsa guns next :). I did actually paint tonight. Baby steps…I painted the vents gray on the Clanche and was very pleased with the out come. Still looks very novice but I am learning patience and know I will have to give it time. Not many mistakes and cleaned up nice but still. I will post pics tomorrow of progress and the little addition of line work on the Shaldoll kit.

My boy is 10 and it does not get cheaper as the years go, do they really need 250.00 worth of crap to go to school? He shows some interest in the kits but I do not push, I like for him to be his own person and develop into what he likes. He is building these solar robots we found at Hobbytown and likes to pose my Gundam and look at the weapons.

Patience is the biggest part of this hobby. The more you take your time the more you learn and the better your kits will look.

And I hear ya on the cost of schooling. It’s insane. My 4 year old helped me build her 1st kit. But it was kinda hard for it to keep her attention.