moonbase01 wip thread

Okay, very new to Gundam but have always customized my toys. I bought the Shaldoll kit as it looked like a cool starter kit. I enjoyed the heck out of the build. I will post pics but as of now it is pretty much an out of box build. I appreciate the threads on building as removing nubs from the tree was helpful and made it look really clean. I plan on lining this kit and maybe doing a gray wash, weather look as I have done a few transformers and they turned out cool. I will definitely be doing more builds. I can’t believe I waited this long to give it a try.

Glad to see more and more people giving Gunpla a try. Glad to hear that you found some of information threads useful. Any idea as to what your next build might be?

Any pics of your progress?

Pics have been taken and kit is first stage lined. Camera kept flashing and made white on the kit blurry. I will still upload later :). I hit bigger spots with black when lining and may wash thin lines with a gray or dark gray so it does not look all the same. I am not sure what I want to try next. My local Hobby town has some great kits and toy arena looks good to for in stock kits.

1st pic wife helped with blurry over exposure. black lines are paint, only stickers I used are head/eyes. I liked those, black stickers looked a little cheap.

a few more at this stage, any comments or suggestions are welcome, first kit and look forward to improving and always welcoming advice.

Yeah, a bit better pics would be nice. What are you using to take pics?

So far, though, it looks like a clean build. I’m not seeing any apparent nub marks or areas where too much plastic was shaved off.

What are you using to clean up your panel lines?

You’ll improve your skills with every kit that you do. Cause each kit will teach you something new, and you’ll apply what you learn to next project. But the panel lines look really good. Them being painted is all the better.

I am using an old Kodak, nothing special. My wife’s cell takes better pics sometimes, our camera is moody. Then again my son can take pics that are awesome with it so I may con him into being photographer for me.
I used q tip and alcohol for clean up. Surprised I only had to clean a few little spots as shaky as I am, I am working on controlling the shakes but just starting made me shake and sweat.

Ah, I see. That explains why some of the lines aren’t as clean compared to others. Do you find washes easier to do than using markers/pens/pencils for lining?

Actually it is pen that went wonky in some parts and then cleaned with alcohol and q tips. I work much cleaner in washes like on transformers. I tend to go overboard with the damage though and they end up looking like they stepped out of TF hell. I am pacing myself and setting a goal of light wash to fill in lines, I am not 100% happy with the thick black on the small tabs but it is nicer than some work I have done in the past. I think I will end up with multiples because I like a clean look, with lines and then beaten look. I have been checking some out of the box builds that look awesome but I can never leave stuff alone, it’s got to have some customizing.

During the day I work with custom and classic cars and at night its toys. I think I may have to make a rat rod gundam to test or get some of the rust out of my airbrush skills ( my wife taught me a long time ago) and do a full on paint job. I have noticed a few kits that are almost all white that would be perfect blank slate.

You’ve got the right idea with using grey for lighter parts and black for the darker parts.

Like you, I can’t be satisfied with just a plain OOB now. Something I build has to be painted or otherwise modified or else it just feels too plain, haha.

If you were going to paint, what type would you use?

I am a scavenger so I would have to see what my wife has available, she doesn’t buy cheap unless it is for base coat or huge areas. I usually use rattle can primer and paint with a lot of sanding/wet sanding. I like to layer odd colors and then start sanding through to show a little of all. Not sure how tough airbrush paint is compared to rattle can so I may have to test run a few spoons. A great idea I picked up from here. I have only tried airbrush a few times and then it was basics. I do have some one shot lying around. I might mix some colors up and see what I can do with that. I have a few pin stripe brushes I cut way down…that may be a solution to some of the small spots that are hard to get. So I will try a little of this and that until I find a brand/ type I work good with.

Toughness of the paint when using an AB depends on the type. Acrylic is the weakest while lacquer is strong enough to withstand sanding.

Good luck on your tests.

Did a little more work this week. I added black lines to the shield and a few more small details to figure. probably stop for now, I do have a tendency to over do it. Now to look for my next kit. I really like these AGE kits and a few more have caught my eye like Stargazer. Man I just started and already need to make a list.

Starting out you can easily get overwhelmed by the amount to kits that you want to get. Making a “Buy List” is always extremely helpful.

Yeah, I was the same way when I started last year. Got the AGE-1 Normal and while waiting for the kit to arrive, I was already itching to buy more, haha.

I heard the HG Stargazer is pretty nice kit, especially when compared to the other SEED HG kits (minus the recently-released ones, of course).

I have yet to watch any of the shows or movies yet and just go off what I like in models so far. It reminds me of back in the day when Transformers and GI Joe showed up on the shelf in my area and there was no show yet ( showing my age to say I was a kid in the way back when). We had to imagine or make up stuff and then when we watched the show we got to see how close our idea was to the show.

Went to Hobby Town and picked up a second kit. I got another HG age kit since I liked the first one so much, Clanche has been started and I am about 1/2 way done with basic assembling. After I get it assembled I will se if I want to paint or line anything. I am still scared of painting and thinking of picking up a few AG kits to practice with.

I was nervous about painting as well. But once you get started, you will probably want to paint just about every kit that you get. haha