I’m only six episodes into this series and all I have to say is wow! It is pulling me in pretty rapidly. I’m also watching Code Geass as well but this one is taking my attention.

Is that the one involving a Nazi plot to create a super mastermind to lead them to world domination?

I read a manga of the same title and it was amazing stuff.

I’m not too sure about the nazi plot. Only six episodes in but if it is you can be sure I will let you know about it!

Is this the one about the doctor?

I think it is the one he’s talking about.

If it is, I loved the hell out of the Anime, not the type of stuff I usually whatch in an anime, but it had one of the best stories out there. Never got to finish it though because of Sci-Fi stoping Ani-monday which is where I was viewing it.

THATS THE ONE! I absolutely love this anime! Just phenomenal! I would recommend it to people that hate anime just to show them how awesome most of it is!

You haven’t read the manga version before, right? Just wondering because if you did, maybe you can compare which one is better, haha.

The manga was a sleeper hit for me. I read it out of impulse after seeing Johan Liebert in a list of most evil anime bad guys and it was worth every minute of reading time.

I have not read the Manga… But I will just say that the anime is truly something to behold. It is dark, heartfelt, suspenseful, and intelligent. I honestly did not expect to be pulled in to this series like I have been. I can’t say enough great things about it.

This manga is literally the best manga of all time. I am a huge fan of this author; he also does 20th/21st Century Boys, as well as a shorter series called Pluto. Pluto in particularly, in my opinion, is a must read.

I haven’t seen te anime so I can’t speak towards it, but you absolutely cannot miss this. It is the only series I’ve ever read where the final chapter is actually MINDBLOWING. 10/10 easily.

Hells yeah! I love MONSTER! Watched every episode back in the day when SciFi (spelled that way) showed anime every monday night. Animonday.