Mobile Weapon Classification System

Hello Gundam and hard science fiction fans, I am known as Freighttrain and I have made two blog posts on the Gundam wiki where I have categorised most of the mobile weapons from the After Colony and Anno Domini timelines in accordance with contemporary military classification using adjusted and/or improvised terminology, as no nation or other military force has such vehicles in their arsenal… yet.

A primary focal point of this classification system is on how contemporary militaries would classify a vehicle such as a mobile suit, I propose the term SHMV (Super-heavy Humanoid Military Vehicle) or ‘shumvee’ as when using a size/chassis/battlespace format, that is the most succinct, comprehensive and appropriately ambiguous designation that I have been able to derive from contemporary military classification thus far and I am particularly interested in comments regarding that.

I have listed all of the mobile weapons from Anno Domini and most of those featured in media from After Colony with the exception of some obscurities that either lack sufficient information and/or have designs or capabilities that are exotic beyond what I would call hard science fiction. Though it is possible I may add such examples later.

I am particularly interested in comments regarding the comprehensiveness, accuracy or terminology of my classification system as well as the battlespace viability and distinctive equipment of any vehicles and please also feel free to also leave a comment on the actual blog post page if you have a profile on the Gundam wiki.


Interesting read. I couldn’t tell you if it’s accurate but it certainly sounds cool.

Hello and thank you for your comment, though what do you mean exactly when you say ‘accurate’?

How can we know until the world starts producing mobile suits?

Know what exactly? There’s a lot of of different content that you could be referring to there.

The accuracy of your equipment designations. They sound cool, it was a fun read.

Accurate how exactly, have you seen how most contemporary military equipment and vehicles are known by acronyms/initialisms and do you not find those that I have created to be accurate pertaining to the type and primary capabilities of the vehicle and concision regarding this, in comparison to the trend of modern military acronym/initialism designations for vehicles?

Okay, so, I see there may have been some offense taken to my original comment, which I did not mean to be offensive, nor did I mean to imply that I am some kind of expert in military naming conventions. The joke, which definitely didn’t land and wasn’t even all that funny to me to begin with, was that you obviously put a lot of work into that article, the article was cool, and the designations you came up with sound legit, but that we don’t have gigantic, space faring, humanoid mobile suits in reality, and if we did, who knows what they’d call them? It would be funny if that article was entirely accurate in the event that mobile suits are ever created, and prescient on your part to boot. That’s all I meant. First comment on these forums, perhaps my familiar tone was a misstep, all things considered.

Haha no I only kept insisting that you elaborate on what it is was you meant exactly in case there was potential for an interesting discussion, as part of the reason I created those mobile weapons classification systems was to draw comments regarding improvements or alternatives, as I mention in the last paragraph of my post here.