Mobile suit theory and development.

Lets talk about all the technical tid bits that make our mobile suits tick. Like the geneorators amd what would you use hydraulics for and what would you use penumatics for? Or would you replace the penumatics for electric motors in favor of speed. Me id stick with hydraulics for the heavy lifting and electric motors for all the small stuff. Mostly because penumatics would suck in space. And what kind of sensors would you use? Me id have ALL the sensor equipment i could get my hands on. And programing. What kind of AMBAC equipment would you use? Myself i stick with obviously the MSs arms and legs. But ive also found if you mount your external fuel tanks on motorized swivels and program the mobile suits AMBAC system to use them. Then your fuel tanks have more than one use. And what kind of non combat equipment would you have? Like day to day you need it for your mobile suit but not combat load out kind of things. I might have to think about this one a bit more but off the top of my head id say things like tools the mobile suit can use. And maybe a coffee maker in my cockpit. A shatter proof one. And spill proof. Dont want my coffee geting me killed. Also i forgot to mention 360 degree cockpits all around. I love em. (The coffee maker can go behind the chair. Lol) i tought of something else id install a pair of .50 BMG GAU 19s in the head section. And program the head turning it into a mobile suit mounted sea wiz. Oh yea les see you hit me now feddie. Well i still have to worry about beam weapons. But yea lets hear some details guys.

Thrusters like the Crossbones, mainly because like you mentioned extra AMBAC never hurts.

Do they double as fuel tanks?

I don’t beleive they do.

Huh thats a slight design flaw. Thats mass and material that could serve more than one purpose.

Well, I’m sure the whole thing is filled with moving parts, and parts for the thrusters. After all it’d need allot of power to move about and to propell it, as it was designed for Jupiter’s Gravity well.

As such there would be no room for it to serve as a fuel tank, makeing it not a flaw, so much an impossiblity. That said have extra fuel tanks ever proven that useful in the UC? Most of the time, they seem to be there for decoration, or long range engagements and are likely powering thrusters the Generator dosen’t power, basically they’re just there for a short burst, the Crossbone dosen’t need that seeing as it’s pretty damn fast anywhere outside of Jupiter, it’ll get a quick launch everytime.

Ok i see they are strictly propulsion and AMBAC. And the genorator only provides electricity. The external fuel tanks are needed when you add more vernier to a mobile suit to off set the fuel can add them to extend range or add them to a modifyed mobile suit that has added thrusters to increase the amount of time you can stay engaged in a battle. Like the Gelgoog im building had added thrusters to incrase maneuverability. So i have to add fuel tanks to offset the added capabilitys. Now i can out manuver the enemy and last as long in a fire fight as him even though i use more fuel.


Still I mean really how many times has a mobile suit ran out of fuel in the UC? I mean like maybe once or twice shown on screen.

Well only in space do you really need to worry about it. And in 0083 and Zeta gundam you see guys coming and going. Maybe thats what they are doing. In my Gelgoog i tried to do some horizontal pannel lines on the tops of the fuel tanks but soon realized that i suck at scribing pannel lines. What i intended the pannels for is two things. One. after a firefight you can open the pannel and refuel the external fuel tanks while they are still attached to the Gelgoog. And refuel the fuel tanks in the legs at the same time. That way it saves manenece time. And space in the hangar. You dont have to take the fuel tanks off then refuel them then reinstal them on the Gelgoog. And two. during comba. If you have to refuel say to presue the enemy or a mop up operation. And you need to return to the battle as quickly as possible you can drop the fuel tanks. Either in combat to save weight or in the hangar to just drop the empty tanks and have full tanks re attached to your Gelggog right then and there. So you can get back in the fight right now.

Imagine if Gundams were steam-powered…Steampunk Gundam?

No they don’t.

Also I’d imagine the F97 (Crossbone) is pretty efficent in how it uses fuel, since it was designed to work under the stress of Jupiter’s Gravity well, not to mention it’s a whole lot more advanced than earlier UC suits where you see External Propellant tanks allot more.

That is true they have had a lot of time to develope. And it also looks like the cross bome doesent have many thrusters. Just four on the ends of his backpack amd two little ones on the shoulders. So it doesent look very mobile or like it uses much fuel. But thats just what i can see from a few pics. So what other technilogical tod bits would you incorperate into your mobile suit? Or would you rather talk about how your mobile suit operates in the first place then establish what cam be improved uppon. The move onto how you would improve the found design flaws. Like my Gelgoog has only the maine camera and a back up camera. And no 360 degree moniter. I would install a 360 cockpit amd more cameras. (Which when i have the money ill do to my model. )

Not trying to diss your crossbone. It looks damn cool. Just not very mobile.

One thing that’s been bugging me lately (and this is the perfect place to discuss it) is where are the beam sabers stored for the Gelgoog Jaeger, Marine, and Marine Commander Type. The Gundam wiki lists them in their weapons loadout (one for the Jaeger, and two for both Marine Types), but the images provided don’t give a clear idea of where they would placed. They can’t be stored on the back like Mass Produced Gelgoog as the Jaeger, Marine, and Marine Commander Type have backpack, so where would they be placed in order to recharge?

The crossbone is extremely mobile…what are you on?

Thing has 37 Verniers on it, and has over 4 G’s Lateral Acceleration. That said I was just talking about using it’s main thrusters on something not the crossbone it’s self. Personally my favorite suit is the Zeta, so you can diss anything you want as long as it isn’t the Zeta or Zeonic lol.

Dude. The Crossbone is one of the quickest mobile suits in its time. It’s attacks in the manga are all meant to be fast and deadly.

Well acording to the model they can be stored eithr behing the sheild or like you said behind the back skirt. And i wonder if they even need to charge at all. I mean they are beam weapons and beam weapons supposedly work by colecting charged particles in the atmosphere. But in space there are so few of them that i dont think they could charge. So i wonder if its not a case of the beam weapons being able to charge on the mobile suit but maybe after your beam weapon runs out of juice you have to return it to she ship to either gram a charged one or recharge the one you have. I really dont know.

37? Damn i dont even see them. And if it has that many thrusters this guy could use some external tanks. Lol. And what is supposed to be the purpose of the big X backpack? I get that the X could be used as AMBAC but why put the trusters on the ends? If they weee horizontal i could see them helping. Because they would habe more leverage onlver the suits center of mass. But with them facing out they dont seem to do much other than look cool. Is there a real reason? Although im just looking at a few pics. Ive never read the mange im just going off what i can see. And ill rip on whatever i want. READDY??? FIGHT!!! Lol.

That big X are the Thrusters I was talking about, and they do have AMBAC as well as I said as well.