Mobile Suit Gundam XD

Now, I know what you are thinking. The newbie comes out of nowhere and then on the second day he is a forumer ((If that’s even a word)) he is already making a shitty fan fiction…Yes…Yes I am. I don’t want to make a stupid unoriginal fan fiction because those ones are boring to the core. If I was going to make a bad fan fiction that was MEANT to be bad, I would have to be the ultimate troll to pull that one off.

So anyway, I had this idea for Gundam when I saw that OVA on Gundam’s 30th anniversary. Instead of being visualized Gundams, why not make them programs online? And then it hit me. What if those programs were mobile suits? Or better yet, data suits? I know! It’s already silly! But I wanted to make a fan fiction with four main characters that are always online. In other words, they are nerds who have almost no life other than talking to each other online and having fun on the internet.

Let’s take point A to point B. If the main protagonists are computer nerds, I need to take in the following…A fandom and only a fandom. I made the protagonists people that you would meet in a fandom. The main character is a cosplayer. The Lancer is a roleplayer. The Chick is a hard core shipper. And the smart guy is a theorist of many fandoms.

Not only did I find this concept interesting, I took in the time to figure out their personalities plus how they act online and how they act in real life. Perhaps the Lancer talks like a bad ass while online. He thinks he is the shit but in real life he is a low self esteem kid with no back bone. I figure he would have a shitty life. If he is a role player, he would roleplay as a guy who has a fantastic life! But this is reality…Then I thought of this…Why not make all of the characters be really happy online while in real life their lives suck the tit of Venom’s mother.

I don’t want to make it a depressing fan fiction, I want it to be a fun one! How four kids who are really close like to go online and have fun talking about their fandoms and fan fictions. Yeah, it sounds very nerdy, but it needed a plot device.

I take the idea of internet Gundams with the fandom and got a XD face when I discussed this with my friends online…And then I figured out the same. So the plot device, how can their possibly be a conflict online? I had two options.

Option A is that in this Gundam Universe takes place in modern day Japan. Kids are playing an MMORPG known as Mobile Suit Gundam Online ((Yeah, very touching name. I can think of something better)) The four main characters are not only close in real life but also on the internet, including this game. They go around completing quests, mining, upgrading and shit like that. And in the best parts of all are the war royals. Over 200 players participate and face off with a split even team of 100 each. It’s a team WAR so once you get shot down you are done for good in that round. So that’s what the MMORPG would be played out. It was my main idea for what MSG XD would be like but…I discovered the plot would be like Kirbopher’s TOME because there were going to be hackers in the plot too. I had no choice but to scrap the idea.

Option B is that this Gundam Universe takes place in a more distant Earth but not in the era of Mobile Suits. That technology isn’t created yet, but the technology in this world is much more complex than modern day Earth’s. Online is basically a whole new different experience. This time instead of a browser, people have programs known as Splicers to brows the internet for them while users controlled them. The four main characters pilot their own personal splicers, KNOWN AS GUNDAM PROGRAMS to browse the internet. I was thinking what the Internet would look like in this version, and I decided that it would look similar to NT Warrior. But instead of AI’s, people have to control their programs though their computers. Now that I have the world set, what is the conflict? The conflict are the hackers. Instead of wrecking havoc on a game on the internet, they have a much bigger goal in mind. There are three of them. One is the Con Artist, the Virus maker…And the best one yet, the annoying fan fiction writer. They go around the internet to hack people for a certain gain. It’s usually information and in order to get to it they need to get through the fire wall. No one knows how the hackers do it, but they are geniuses with their Splicers. And yes, they are Gundams.

Our Protagonist is a GIRL. I am so tired of this really, WE NEED a female Gundam Protagonist. I know it wouldn’t make that much of a difference but Loran doesn’t count…Sadly… Anyway, our protagonist is the Cosplayer of the group. She is part of a few fandoms, but that is not important right now because that will all be explained later. Now, the main character and the three supporting characters ((Might as well call them main characters too.)) are not as good at making programs as the hackers, but they are determined to challenge them if the Government can’t even lay a scratch on them. It goes to show why kids do so much more than adults in Gundam Series :/.

What is effecting the kids while executing their plans to thwart the hackers are their out side lives. Maybe they will be pulled from the computer, having the FEELS. It could really screw them all over if one of them isn’t cooperating. Once a Gundam is destroyed, it’s deleted…forever…Do you know how many TERABYTES these programs contain? Copying them would mean they have to put the space somewhere, the kids are using high tech memory…Well, that’s all that I can give you all so far before I can type down the first chapter.

So it will take some time, but PLEASE do give me suggestions if something is obviously wrong. Hey, I ain’t perfect but I can come close if I really tried and with a little help.

TL;DR: Mobile Suit Gundam XD

Wait…Gundams in Virtual Reality? Now THATS what i call originality…id say go for it.

Woah, really? You actually think it’s a neat idea? Well thanks for your support! Well technically the virtual reality idea was already used for Gunpla Builders, but this time I want to take it into a bigger direction.

I have the characters’ personalities and back stories plus the antagonists’ goals. I will type this down shortly.

Sunrise Presents(Sarcasm)
Mobile Suit Gundam XD

Insert opening song here
((Not sure, but we Need Takanori for this one again.))

File #1 side #1: But…I didn’t tell them about my brown eyes.
-The year is NS Era 0029. In other words, 29 years since 2012. For all that I know you are some lame ass dude who can’t even figure out that this is some distant future when technology can creat giant robots…WRONG. You gotta be kidding me? In the year 2015 there were suppose to be boots that can adjust to any size! Back to the future my ass. This is the year where you can say poop on the internet and it would give you zillions of views. As ridiculous this sounds, I am not making this up. Let me introduce the internet of NS Era 0029. Let’s follow this little girl here who is probably not the protagonist of this story at all.-
???: “No! No!”
A girl gently rests her head on the key board of her computer.
???: “That’s a terrible story idea! I can’t just make this one humorous!”
She moves up her head up really fast and raises her arms.
???: “Combines…YOU KILL WIFE???”
The girl double face palms.
???: “Now I got cruddy fan fiction in my head! Bad Sakura! Bad!”
Sakura?: “Now I got cruddy fan fiction in my head! Bad Kira! Bad!”
Kira?: “Now I got cruddy fan fiction in my head! Bad Mimiri! Bad!”
Bingo! :smiley:
Mimiri: “I might as well scrap the idea. As if the teacher would even think about reading this prompt. I need to get serious!”
A young lad that is about the same age as the protagonist opens up the door and smirks at the protagonist.
???: “And you need to stop talking to yourself, Mimi.”
Mimiri turns her head to the sound of an annoying twin brother. She roles her eyes.
Mimiri: “As if! I hear you talking to yourself all of the time and you don’t see me making cruddy comments about it, do I?”
???: “True, true, I don’t care and true. Now what do we have here? Another College Prep writing assignment?”
The Protagonist’s twin brother approaches her then looks over her shoulder.
???: “I can’t tell if you are being serious or just being plain silly…Oh wait, just plain silly. It’s still a pretty good introduction! But it needs to have that unique flow to it. You know! The Flow!”
The Prota-
???: “Can I please have my name already?”
Mimiri tilts her head as two question marks replace her eyes.
Mimiri: “?_?”
???: “Alright I get it! I’ll introduce myself then. I swear to god if I see another ??? in front of my text I will hop out of the screen and fix you up myself.”
Mimiri: “…Uuuuuhhhhh ?n?”
Satoshi: “How are you doing folks? The name is Satoshi! I am the Protagonist’s twin brother!”
Mimiri’s head makes a complete clock wise turn then the question marks fall from her eyes.
Mimiri: “…Yeah…Right…Cool story bro…NOW GET OUT OF MY ROOM! I GOTTA THINK IN PRIVATE!”
Mimiri hops out of her chair and starts pushing Satoshi out of her room. Despite being twins, she doesn’t want to share a room with her younger twin brother. For someone who is born a few minutes after her, he sure can be a TOUGH SON OF A B TO PUSH OUT!!! While Satoshi is slowly being pushed out, he is smiling.
Satoshi: “Hey! The text didn’t describe me yet! I have short black spiky hair! A generic anime character pretty much. Take a look at my pretty face! Every girl would love to be my girl fr-”
Mimiri slams the door and locks it. Her back is pressed to door as she sighs from relief.
Mimiri: “Ahh…So peaceful now.”
Satoshi: “I look nothing like my twin sister! But it makes sense because she is my fraternal twin. Do you know how SHORT she is? I am about a foot taller than her for crying out loud! And she is only 15! She will probably be about five feet for the rest of h-”
Mimiri’s face is all red…Is that steam over her head? A fist penetrates through Mimiri’s door and Satoshi is sent flying!
Mimiri: “CAN IT DUMMY!!!”
Satoshi is lying on a couch. There is a big bump on his head. It’s a wonder how that bump will eventually fade away until the scene is over. Two spirals are covering his eyes.
Satoshi: “Uuhuhuhhhu…But…I didn’t tell them about my brown eyes…”
Mimiri brushes her hands together while sitting back down by her computer. She stares blankly at the only paragraph that she typed down.
Mimiri: “…I shouldn’t but…Oh well! It’s due in a few days anyway!”
Mimiri saves the file then closes the doc. She then opens another icon. Ha! Take a look at her back ground. She must really like that handsome looking generic character wearing a suit. He bares a striking resemblance to a screaming defense attorney that everyone knows and loves…And if you don’t know and love the lawyer…Oh dear god…There is already a contradiction…Oh well! Mimiri is humming to herself as the browser boots up. She reaches for a head set. It comes with a microphone and a green visor. She has a big goofy smile on her face as the browser boots up…Woah, that was alined perfectly with the above text.
Mimiri: “I wonder what the guys are up to? They might be on already!”
Once the browser loads up, a small text box appears and says, “Loading up Splicer…Splicer data found. Flow Gundam registered for entry. Have a nice day.”
The visor on Mimiri’s eye extend all the way to the other. Her eyes are now focus on the content of the visor. She is now seeing though the eyes of her Splicer.

-File Ends Here. Please Insert File #1 side #2-

Author’s note: You can’t take this fan fiction seriously. You really can’t. It’s going to be one silly but still grand adventure! Please don’t hesitate and tell me any Errors you find in the writing plus some questions that you wish me to answer. But, I can’t give away spoilers. Thank you for reading! I will be making the next part in an hour or so.

File #1 side #2
-After that small commercial break and you are seriously back for more? The red x is on the top right screen of your monitor. Click that for freedom! If you are still reading this, may the Lord have mercy on your soul. We last left our protagonist STILL on her computer. Maybe she is typing some random commands on her keyboard, but somewhere on the hot wires is a giant robot that is about 11-12 meters tall! Now what could this place be? Welcome to the Gri- I mean the internet…A place where you can get away with so many things. This Zeitgeist ruined so many lives, I am surprised that no one warns other people about the dark side of the internet. Picture it, a large land scape with black sky scrapers and very colorful floor panels. A wide mass of other Splicers are currently online. Some are GNs, Zakus…More Zakus…That ain’t no Zaku, NO ZAKU! Some people have Splicers to browse the internet and share ideas with one another. Some people use them for businesses and who wouldn’t want to move a giant robot in the internet as a job?
It’s now set. Despite the above mentioning that the giant robot is already there, we need to add a scene where is manifests itself into the cyber world. Unfortunately due to a budget cut, all we can do is watch this giant robot appear with a cheap camera trick.-
Mimiri: “That took a lot longer than usual. Let’s check if one of them are on…”
Mimiri presses a button on the side of her scoute- I mean head set and the visor retracts. She brings up a menu that show cases her friend list. Seems that one of them are on right now! The radar even says that he is close by.
A chalk board pops into reality. It shows a computer monitor and a scoute- I mean HEAD SET!!! An arrow points to the Monitor and it says “3P” while the other arrow that points to the head se- I mean scouter says “1P”…Wait…We are so getting sued by Toryama…
-Do not pay attention to the head set! As you can see, the computer monitor shows the Splicer in THIRD PERSON PROSPECTIVE. On the other hand, the user can see through the Splicer’s eyes with the head set. This provides with a first person prospective. Depending on which perspective a user is…well…using, he or she can have different playing styles. It’s best to be in first person when examining objects. Another note is that this mode is best suited for fire arms. The third person prospective is best suited for close combat. Simple right? Keep this in mind. This isn’t rocket science!-
The Flow Gundam is standing there, not even moving an inch. How can I describe it? Like all other Gundams, this one has a V fin, DUH. A red one to be exact. Another V fin is located at the back of the head but this one is blue instead of red. A thruster there? A Thruster there as well? There are quite a bit of thrusters on this Splicer. Feet, back legs, shoulders, ELBOWS! As well as the back. This Splicer is designed for high mobility and unpredictable movements. It’s armed with SOMETHING SPECIAL in the red gauntlets it has. Another SPECIAL surprise lurks somewhere in the legs of the Splicer. Like I said, with random ass movements it can’t have so much weight other wise it’s number one strength would be it’s weakness. Even with those thrusters, they are not strong enough to move heavy armored suits at high speeds. Two beam pistols are strapped to the sides of the Splicer’s thighs. Like most Lead Gundams, this one sports a white armor with some different colors usually red, blue and yellow. However, there is no yellow. Even the eyes are blue. The shoulder pads are blue as well…You know what, maybe one day this author will just DRAW the damn thing because describing this Mobile Suit is harder than it sounds.
Mimiri: “Might as well fly over to him than just stand here and wait for him. What is Raansu up to?”
That damn Raansu Nirai, who knows what he is up to. Sometimes we will be online for the sake of pure boredom and ju-…You know…It’s not boredom…Something else…
The Flow lands behind another Splicer. This one is also a Gundam. This one has a single yellow V fin, just like the grandfather of all Gundams. The Templar Gundam is not a Gundam to take lightly when in close combat. Armed with two medium size beam ship swords that act as wings, it can either take them out and use them as swords or keep them in the back for some ramming action. Not as fast as the Flow, the Templar Gundam makes up for it’s lack of any sort of maneuvering with a mediocre defense. On the arms of the Templar, there is a medium shield. They are perfect for blocking beam attacks but they are not useful against heavy beam weaponry and artillery shells. This Splicer also lacks fire arms but can cross its two beam ship swords together and combine them to make a beam cross boomerang. If this yellow Gundam can’t scare anyone, then you would wet yourself when you see it’s GIANT FREAKING BEAM SHIP CROSS SWORD. My god…REALLY need to make pictures! These descriptions are so bad! The sword Is right between the blade wings. It almost touches the ground! Did you also know that the sword is DOUBLE BEAMED? (A beam on each side. It’s a double edged sword)
As the two Splicers stand there, a chat room opens up. Mimiri extends her visor.
Mimiri: “There you are, Raansu! usually you would come flying to be first. Something up?”
Raansu: “The ceiling you dumbass! That’s what’s up. You come in here and stole my thunder without my damn permission!”
Mimiri: “Not my fault! I just wanted to say hi.”
Raansu: “Well sorry ain’t gonna cut it baby kins! Now what the hell are we suppose to do today anyway? I got nothing to do other than rot my brain cells on pointless internet shit.”
Mimiri: “Does that mouth ever have an off switch? Just stick by me and maybe we can find something that is up. Who knows, maybe something interesting will happen.”
Raansu: “Don’t jinx it girl! I ain’t going to see no crappy fan fiction like last time. I mean…How the hell is is suppose to bend like that…It was everywhere! I am never going to eat Kalamari again.”
Mimiri: “Hey! It wasn’t that bad!”
Satoshi yanks the head set off Mimiri’s head and places it on his own head.
Satoshi: “Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey. Wasuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!!!”
Raansu: “The ceeeeeeeeeeeeeiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!”
Satoshi: “But you already said that! Come on Ran, you gotta come up with some new material!”
Raansu: “…Sometimes it’s best to keep things the same. Just bring the phones back to Mimi. We are kinda in the middle of something and I don’t remember inviting you.”
Satoshi: “Sure! I can read this text anyway even if I am gone. Don’t talk about anything naughty! I will k-”
Mimiri elbows Satoshi in the groin…
Satoshi: “Oooooooooooooooooo!!! Man down!!!”
He falls to the ground while holding his precious family jewels. There is a giant X on his face as he flails around.
Mimiri snatches the head set back then places them back on her head.
Mimiri: “What a jerk. Can’t I get any privacy? What is the point of having separate rooms?”
Raansu: “This is why I am glad to be the only child…Well, sort of. But that ain’t the problem here! Let’s go meet some chumps and cut cut chop chop!!!”
Mimiri: “We can only enter battle and duel when the dueling flag is held up high. Otherwise we could get banned from here you know that?”
Raansu: “I know I know! You aren’t my baby sitter okay? Raansu Nirai! Launching!!!”
The Templar’s thrusters ignite and it launches into Cyber space. Mimri roles her eyes.
Mimiri: “…It’s like he role plays even when around his friends.”
The Flow takes off, already on the Templar’s tail.

-File ends here. Please insert File #1 side #3-

AN: This one took more time up that I expected. I really wanted to give the first two designs something to distinguish themselves with. In this case, Flow is a light weighted Gundam with a SPECIAL something up its sleeves and legs. Templar is a close combat mobile suit. I thought of an idea that it can use its wings as beam swords…And hell yeah! It sounds like a neat idea. I want to make it yellow because other than the Hyaku Shiki, this one could be a pretty good Yellow Gundam. Sorry if this one might be a little bit boring, but I had to explain a couple of things. I might take a break so I can draw the Gundams out for you all. The problem is that I never drew a Gundam Before. It will come off as a sloppy piece of crap. I can however draw characters. So for now, good night folks.

File #1 side #3
-We last left out heroes SURFING ON THE WEB! Or in this case, flying IN the web. I honestly can’t tell you how ridiculous this is. Watching two programs soar through cyber space aimlessly just for spite. WHAT the hell is the plot of this stupid fan fiction? It’s probably going to hit rock bottom eventually so why even bother? The answer is that you have no choice but to read this because you honestly can’t seem to figure out that you are reading crap. In order to figure this out is that you must read it! I know it sucks! But you have to deal with it until this episode is over.-
Mimiri: “You know, it makes you wonder why someone thought of the idea that the internet would be more convenient to browse if they made computer programs that would do the browsing for you. My Dad said there used to be internet browsers that you can just…Well…Click! You can type things down and searches for web sits can last up to .4 seconds!”
Raansu: “As much as I like this version better, back then it used to be WAY faster than now a days. Someone thought it was an awesome sauce idea then they decided to ditch the original system. But that is the strangest thing.”
Mimiri: “Eh? What do you mean?”
Raansu: “When Splicers were created, it was an instant hit despite how expensive programs are! I mean these programs cost as much as a mediocre car! Haro Corp saw, came, then conquered. Then internet browsers…You know, kick the bucket! As if they didn’t even existed any more.”
Mimiri: “But this was sixteen to seventeen years ago! Maybe we are just not thinking outside of the box?”
Raansu: “Ha! Like it even matters. They way I see it, Splicers are the perfect example of a zeitgeist…Internet browsers were free but…I just ain’t buying it.”
Mimiri: “Watch it there Raansu! You are starting to sound like Al!”
Raansu: “Best to stay away from that tech crazed kid. Ain’t going to watch my own back from the thought of paranoia…Well maybe a little.”
The Flow and Templar are in the center of Cyber Dracryu. This is probably the most busiest part of the Internet in Dracryu. It would make sense! How the Cyber World is shaped is in the same fashion Dracryu is designed in reality. Sky Scrapers that have the paint job of a date disk or hard drive. Who ever designed this world didn’t have a wide expand on imagination. Oh well! At least it won’t be hard to navigate to those who inhabit the city.
Mimiri: “The city seems to be more busy than usually today!”
Raansu: “Another Monday afternoon. To those who work their asses off just to bring the bacon in, growing up is going to suck. I won’t be hanging around here forever!”
Mimiri: “You are basically saying that growing up sucks.”
Raansu: “Growing up doesn’t suck! Growing up is bitch tits!”
Mimiri: “??"
Raansu: “…Sigh…It means that growing up is pretty tight!”
Mimiri: “Oh! I thought you mean it as…never mind! Let’s just forget about this conversation and just move on with beating up some chumps?”
On Raansu’s side of reality, he retracts his blue visor.
Raansu: “Let’s get this show on the road!”
Raansu types something down on his keyboard. Take a look at this guy. He wears glasses, has white hair and a pony tail…Eh…What is with male anime characters looking less manly by the years? Despite having white hair, his eyes are yellow…Anime laws. Every eye color is possible regardless of how stupid it looks. Let’s get a closer look shall we?
The camera closes in on Raansu and somehow BONKS him in the face???
Raansu: “Gya! What the hell?”
Raansu rubs his cheek.
Raansu: “I could have sworn that something just hit my cheek…Ah forget about it!”
Mimiri: "…?
Mimiri’s head falls on the desk.
Raansu uses a mouse pointer and clicks a small box on the screen of his monitor. The Templar then takes out a red flag and slams it into the ground.
Raansu: “Alright! Let’s see some action here! Red flag says mediocre so we might get a decent hit in run.”
Mimiri snaps her head back on and adjusts it a little.
Mimiri: “Well duh! You don’t need to explain the basics for me. We are both equally as skilled with you having a few more wins than me.”
Raansu: “Oh I am sorry, I didn’t know you having less wins than me when we duke it out with each other mean you were on par with yours truly. Ha! No way! I can whoop your ass any day!”
Mimiri roles her eyes.
Mimiri: “You don’t have to act so condescending about it! I guess we are going to have a tag match then?”
Satoshi: “Every pilot episode must begin with some sort of battle! You guys might as well have a match for the hell of it!”
Mimiri: “Excuse me for a second!”
Mimiri stands up from her chair then darts after Satoshi.
Mimiri: “Dumb ass! I said get-”
Mimiri wraps her arms around Satoshi then swings around her…One…Two…Three…SUPLEX!!!
Mimiri: “out!”
Mimiri hops back onto her feet and “HMPHS” She takes a seat and returns to pilot the Flow.
Mimiri: “On second thought, yeah, let’s go at it with each other!”
The Flow faces the Templar.
Raansu: “You really think you can take me on again? Just because we are both getting better it doesn’t mean are climbing speeds are the same. Compare to me 1, you rate to a 4 and a half.”
The Templar reaches for his back and takes hold of his Double Beamed Cross Ship Sword…DBCSS…
Mimiri: “Alright alright! I get it! I am weaker than a bunny armed with a carrot and you are more dangerous than a short fuze warhead.”
The Flow reaches out for the flag and takes hold of it. The Templar does as well.
Raansu: “Make that two.”
The flag pole brightens. A small red circle enlarges from the radius of the flag pole. It overlaps both Splicers and other Splicers that are taken in by the enlarging radius are forced back. Looks like a Duel has been accepted! Any sort of legal fighting must be done with ALL participates touching the flag pole until 10 seconds are up before the battle is initiated. The radius of the Dueling Ring is usually 100 meters long.
Raansu: “Just because you can have a few wins against me doesn’t mean you can win this one.”
Mimiri: “We’ll see about that mister hot shot!”
Both Splicers let go of the flag pole and back dash away from each other.
Mimiri: “Don’t know about you but I think I am going to win this one!”
The Flow reaches for a single beam pistol with its left hand then points it at the Templar. While that is happening, Mimiri is putting on a glove with her left hand. Her green visor has a target in the center as she lifts up her hand that is in a holding a pistol like position. The Flow is already unloading a few beam rounds at the Templar. While that is going on, the Templar already has is DBCSS. Like Raansu is going to mess around at a time like this? He might as well end it now! Raansu lacks his visor, seeing that he is looking at the computer monitor in third person mode. The Templar’s accelerators are kicking in, side dashing away from the volley.
Raansu: “Come on! You can do better than that! I can do this with out my giant freaken sword!”
Mimiri: “After you!”
The Templar homes in on the Flow then swings its DBCSS horizontally at the Flow. Mimiri timed it just right, such predictable movement is the only weakness of the Templar’s signature weapon. The Flow quickly takes off with relative ease and is no where to be seen after the Templar’s unsuccessful attack. While the Templar holds its sword to its side…
Raansu: “The hell? Radar says that…!!!”
The Templar lets go of its DBCSS then the Flow loses its balance! It was on the sword the entire time! And JUST when Mimiri was about to take the shot to the main monitor.
Raansu: “Watch your step!”
The Templar reaches for its back and whips out two medium size beam ship swords. Dual wielding time!
Raansu: “Hope you’re ready!”
Before the Templar can take a X slice at the tiny Splicer’s cockpit-
Mimiri: “I fell for this old trick already!”
Surprise! The Flow is able to block the attack! But with what??? The sparks fly as beams collide.
Mimiri: “If I am going to lose to you, then it will be at your own game.”
Each gauntlet has two small beam sabers…Beam claws! Look at all of that pink!
Raansu: “Submitting eh?”
Mimiri: “Maybe.”
The Flow backs off from the Templar then hops before each one of its accelerators ignite. With quick speeds it’s already in the air while trying to blind side the Templar with its beam claws still activated.
Mimiri: “But maybe I can be the ass kicker for once?”
The Templar tosses its beam ship swords behind its back and then they both connect with it. Both swords jut out…Oh…Now it looks like a “t”…AH! Templar! I get it now…Why isn’t this called Mobile Suit Gundam T then? Oh yeah, Raansu is not the protagonist!

Raansu: “Get real!”
The Templar picks up its DBCSS then launches into the air. Time to face Mimiri’s game in the air! The Flow retracts its beam claws than reaches for its beam pistols. Mimiri points out her index finger and her pinkie finger. Moving her thumb causes the pistols to unleash DBZ hell on the Templar. Raansu steers the Templar away from any beams, but getting closer to the Flow makes dodging beams as easy as looking left and right at the same time. The Templar takes a beam to the knee, but those beams from the beam pistols aren’t that powerful. In order to cause deal major damage, the Flow must…Beam…Spam…God damn it. Besides, beam spamming with beam pistols could over heat the gun! Have you EVER played any Sci Fi game that gives plasma/energy weapons THIS draw back? Well, this is one of them. This world is a world where BEAM SPAMMING is nearly impossible!
The Flow holsters its pistols then its beam claws extend from its gauntlets. It charges towards the the hindered Templar.
Mimiri: “I got you now!”
Raansu: “Big mistake!”
The Templar is able to react quick enough to block the incoming attack with its DBCSS…NOT. Mimiri smirks. He ALWAYS falls for this trick! Before the beams collide, the Flow air front flips over the Templar. The vizorless Mimiri pulls back her gloved left hand then punches in front of her (And not the screen) in hook like fashion. The Flow side hooks with its beam claws from behind the blind sided Templar!
At the last second, Raansu smirks. The Templar’s sword wings activate and block the incoming slash.
Mimiri: “!!! 0_o That’s new!!!”
While Mimiri is distracted by how Raansu figured out how to block this cheap ass attack, The Templar spins around then round house kicked the Flow.
Mimiri: “!!!”
The Flow launches but it uses the accelerators under its feet to break the acceleration.
Meanwhile! As those two duke it out…

-End of File. Please insert File #1 side #4-

I am not good at describing fights. I will get better as this goes on. I can see the players using gloves to coordinate their Splicer’s attacks. I question myself how they move the Splicer while they are dual wielding. My guess is that…Hm…Maybe they have a small pad underneath their desks that act as a D pad? But D pads wouldn’t be suitable for this. I will think of something! By the way, if I do decide that this fan fic will give the main characters a second Gundam, I DOUBT that Mimiri’s second Gundam will be called the XD. Because for a few reasons…Why is it called the XD? I am not going to design it off the X and Double X, I am better than that. For now, I will make the last side of File #1 either tomorrow or later tonight. Please! offer any suggestions and some tips if you want! I am enjoying every single bit of this!

Honestly im pretty impressed…keep it up friend…a little word of advice…may i suggest you space between the dialogue and action sequences…but hey thats just me and i am guilty of not doing it myself :stuck_out_tongue: but still, superb story…

File #1 Side #4
-As those two Splicers are going at each other, another Splicer is entering a dark alley way between a tower and Haro Corp. How can I tell? Take a look at the sign! This is a no brainer, pal. This Splicer is also a Gundam model…It has a white frame like most Gundams, but some of it’s armor parts are purple. The right arm has a gray arm cannon, the left, a grappling hook. It’s shoulder pads seem more circular than boxy/square like than other shoulder pads that most Gundams would have. Wait until you see this Splicer’s mobile armor form. That’s right, this one can transform! Its backwards purple V fin covers up the green visor over the Splicer’s main camera. You can barely see it’s blue eyes underneath it.-
The controller of this Splicer isn’t even in his room…No, somewhere that not even any authority regulator would dare to look…In his basement. The controller is indeed a guy, but his face is cover because he is wearing a purple combat helmet…Why? He isn’t even in space! He isn’t even using the keyboard to control his splicer, but something else…It’s like a cock pit…
As the Purple Splicer travels deeper into vast darkness of the Haro Corp alleyway, it stops in the middle of the alleyway then faces the Haro Corp building. It places it’s right hand onto building.
???: “…Target designated…The flaw is located on this side of structure…”
The Splicer side steps while continuing the feel out the wall. The flaw? That flaw of the building?
???: “Scanning visor…activate…”
The Splicer’s green visor turns red and so does the user’s. After a few minutes, the Splicer gives the info the user needs.
???: “Structure contains Code 413 data armor…Only heavy fire can penetrate these walls. A concussive blast might be able to leave an opening…”
The Visor of both the Splicer and the user turns back to green then the Splicer lifts up its arm cannon at the wall. The Splicer also backs up while placing its free hand on its arm cannon. A bright yellow sphere appears on the tip of the arm cannon. And as seconds fly by, it grows…Oh god, it can charge!!!
???: “…Firing in three…two…one…”
Before that charge shot unleashes havoc on Haro Corp, our protagonist and lancer are still duking it out.
Raansu: “What happened to that vigor you had? I thought you said you were going to win this one!”
The Templar tosses its DBCSS onto its back and its wing blades pop out from its back as well. It catches them then crosses them together.
The Flow accelerates towards the Templar with its beam claws.
Mimri: “And I still have it!”
Both Mimiri and Raansu have a confident smile. This is WAY better than homework or doing some stupid paper. Satoshi is watching over Mimiri’s shoulder as this goes on. He doesn’t have a Splicer of his own, but he does like watching Mimiri kick ass.
Satoshi: “Watch out Mimiri! He’s got a boomerang!”
Mimiri: “You don’t have to remind me! Why are you still here???”
The Templar tosses its cross beam boomerang at the Flow, with relative ease, the Flow side flies to its side.
Mimiri: “Wait for it…”
She knows the CBB is coming back! The Flow turns around then KICKS it right back with its beam shins! ((Like the Infinite Justice’s)) Each Leg is armed with one. The beams connect with the feet and knees of the Flow. These are designed to deal with BBs or in case there is an incoming beam sword swipe at the Flow’s legs. They do come in handy! Including in these situations.
Mimiri: “You KNOW that won’t work on the Flow!”
The Templar accelerates towards the Flow with its DBCSS. What Mimiri doesn’t know, she should have just kicked the CBB instead of dodging it THEN kicking it, because that CBB is COMING right back at her AGAIN!!! Mimiri isn’t even paying attention to her radar because all she can see is the Templar coming straight towards the Flow with death written all over its DBCSS!
Raansu: “…Got ya…”
Mimiri: “?_?”
The CBB beat the Templar to the Flow. It slices right through the Flow’s right leg!
Mimiri: "!?!?!?!? 0n0 "
Raansu: “Your dead meat baby kins!!!”
Before the Templar can slice the Flow’s head off, the Purple Splicer unloads its charge shot at the wall. The explosion is loud! Pretty damn loud! It sounds off the alarms of Haro Corp!
Raansu: “What the hell???”
The Templar’s DBCSS is INCHES away from the Flow’s head! Mimiri’s eyes are wide open, including Satoshi’s.
Mimiri: “…Another battle perhaps?”
Raansu: “That came from Haro Corp! You can’t have duels if you are 150 meters or less away from the building…That’s not duel…”
Satoshi: “Yay! Plot device!!!”
Satoshi has a “^u^” Face when he said that.
Mimiri: “…Raansu! Let’s call it a draw! I wanna check that out!”
Raansu: “Hell no! I was SO going to slice the Flow’s damn head off! I got distracted okay?”
Mimiri sighs. Of course he would want this victory.
Mimiri: “Alright fine! I submit defeat!”
The Flow reaches out for the Templar while its beam claws deactivate.
Raansu: “And that means I get your panties!”
The Templar catches its CBB and tosses it over its back with its DBCSS. All three blades attach the Templar’s back then the it reaches out and firmly grasps the Flow’s hand.
Mimiri blushes hard. Oh ho, steam is over her head again.
Mimiri: “You are a pervert you know that?!? I NEVER agreed to that!”
Raansu: “Actually, the Flow shook the Templar’s hand AFTER I said that. You agreed baby kins!”
Raansu has devil horns on his head. What a jerk!
Mimiri: “…You…Are such a JERK!!!”
The Red duel ring disperses. Anyone can trend though the ring now, but it’s not like other Splicers would waste there time checking out the end of a fight! Most Splicers are heading for Haro Corp.
The Templar and slightly damaged Flow follow the crowd. ((While flying because the Flow can’t walk because it’s missing a leg))

Satoshi stares into Mimiri’s monitor as Mimiri blushes because…God damn it, that Raansu.
Satoshi: “…Cliff hanger.” Kitty face :3

The ending song plays as the two Splicers fly towards Haro Corp.


((Real Name is True Navigation. It comes from the Japanese X Files theme songs. I wanted to have songs that come from previous Gundam Opening singers Such as TM Revolution/ViViD and some others too! Keep it Gundam I say!))

-End of File. Please insert File #2 Side #1-

And there is the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam XD. The next two protagonists will be shown later! Perhaps in the next episode! Thank you for reading! And talk back at ya later!

File#2 Side #1
-Previously on Mobile Suit Gundam XD:
Mimiri: “I am the protagonist.”
Satoshi: “I am hilarious and you will laugh at everything I say.”
Raansu: “Panties!”
Mimiri: “Pervert!!!”
Mimiri’s enlarged fist BREAKS OUT OF RAANSU’S MONITOR and SLAMS INTO RAANSU’S FACE. Raansu blasts out of his house and continues to fly. He eventually penetrates the moon!
Satoshi: “Mimiri, I am pregnant, and you’re the father!”
Mimiri’s head tilts 180 degrees and falls on the floor. It then starts ticking and the eyes balls begin showing numbers. It’s counting down!
Satoshi darts for the window and crashes out with an explosion right behind him!
Purple Pilot Man who OBVIOUSLY isn’t the main antagonist of this fan fiction: “…Insert emotionless antagonist here…”
The Purple Splicer fires a BANG flag from its arm cannon.
Purple Pilot Man who OBVIOUSLY isn’t the main antagonist of this fan fiction: “…”
The Flag then explodes, KABOOM! EVERYTHING IN FLAMES! Including Haro Corp.
Raansu: “What? What the hell was that?”
Mimiri: “Instead of assuming that was some other heated battle, lets go and investigate it! Nothing can go wrong!”
Mimiri’s body is headless!
Raansu looks like he just came out of a mine field alive. His White hair is messy and his glasses have a few cracks on them.
Raansu: “I declare this will not come back to bite us on the ass!”
The Flow and Templar skip along the yellow brick road.-

We last left our heroes…STILL IN THEIR ROOMS. Why am I not surprised? Already the second episode and they still haven’t done ANYTHING. I already hate this fan fiction. What was Sunrise thinking??? This would sell? Wait…How is it a fan fiction if Sunrise endorsed it? …Ignore that comment! I need to make a distraction…I got it! Let’s introduce the other main characters before things go haywire! Ah? Get it? Because it’s like cyber stuff…You know…ahaha…Okay I will shut up now.

Our third main character…Or maybe fourth is you count Satoshi, is ((Take a guess. Where the hell do you think this one is?)) at his house. ((For crying out loud!)) This odd ball seems to be different than the other characters, included the upcoming fifth one! Our Smart Guy of the five man band is currently typing Huge red arrow points at the Smart Guy’s computer on a computer. Yes, very different indeed…He scans the text on his computer with his blue eyes. And what’s this? He has blonde hair. Kinda uncommon for someone who is Japane- Wait…No…He is NOT Japanese! He isn’t even a natural born native in Dracryu! Not only is his hair blonde, but it isn’t ten feet tall! It’s actually short! Not spiky! Wavy! Or other cliched Anime hairs I can think of.

Our token American character stops typing and looks at a drawing on his lap. It’s a picture of a Splicer that a friend drew for him. This kid’s name? Alphonse Q. Flynn. He is a sixteen year old immigrant from America. Not sure what his heritage is, but he knows for certain that it isn’t Japanese. His mother is a bunch of bloods, a mut you could say. His old man might of had some sort of heritage but…No…He died from off camera disease. It’s a terrible disease in most fan fictions. People that are only mentioned are somehow pushing up daisies for no logical explanation…

Al: “Move the X and the Y and reprogramming this Splicer should be a breeze.”
Al takes a sip of diet coke then chucks it into a PILE BIGGER THAN HIS BED beside his expensive laptop. This pile…Why?
Al: “I new there was a flaw. I should have fixed this problem since the beginning!”
Al looks back at his laptop and continues to type down a certain code to fix the problem.
Al: “The V fin was .1 centimeters off from the blue prints. I have to be more precise with my coding.”

Scattered around his room are some more empty diet coke bottles and cans. How does this kid keep his thin body? It will forever be a mystery. His bed is neat and tidy, his shelves are dustless, even his drawers are dustless! So this kid can keep his room nice and clean…except the damn soda problem? Look at his wall! Look at all of those spelling tournament and mathletes awards! This kid is a boy genius! He even keeps his straight A’s report cards hung on his walls! Talk about a perfectionist here!

Al: “Bring the G diffusers to power minimal of 27.389 percent. The thrusters should be at 89.973 of top power input. Main monitor is displaying a perfect 20 20 vision with other options to go even further beyond that. Color codes are set and agreeable through my eyes and many others. Weapons online. Craft mode online. Buster rifles are go in both mobile armor and mobile suit modes. Missles, check. 6 in each canister. Laser tints are at go. Zero Systems are not functioning properly. Bring the beam sabers on the back wings a slight one degree North of West Line.”

…Let’s…Just leave this guy alone for now…

Our last main character…This is it guys! The moment you all been waiting for! A brown haired ((headband too))girl is…You know where she is. The Girl is sitting in front of her computer in a decent looking room…Full of PLUSHIES of VARIOUS SUNRISE characters! Lelouch and Suzaku are on her bed. Spike and Fay are sitting on her shelf full of even MORE SPIKE AND FAY PLUSHIES!!! Some Giant Mech figures are scattered on a shelf beneath the shelf of Spike<3Fay Plushies! Nightmares, Big O, Gao Gai Gar, you name it! A Guy plush is resting on her lap and she draws on her tablet. What’s that…Shipping! Oh my god shipping! Gotta love those shippers. They make some whacky pairings such as Lelouch and Suza- AND JUST LIKE THAT I AM DONE DESCRIBING HER!

???: “…So…Many feels…So adorbs!”
She has a kitty face as she draws the Gay Yaoi Boys being in love while holding hands.
Lelouch: “Oh thank god! This girl is crazy! You have no idea how bad of a kisser Suzaku is!”
Suzaku: “Hey! I am not that bad! But seriously! You have to stop this girl!”
The Girl erases Lelouch and Suzaku’s mouths.
???: “No talking to the prisoners.”
Lelouch: "Mmmmjsjbefweiubgwerubg!!! (Translation: At least we don’t have to kiss each other anymore.)

The Girl uploads the picture on her blog. ALREADY HAS 100 REBLOGS! And a new record too! 100 reblogs in 0.0 seconds is pretty damn impressive!

???: “Yes! I knew they would love this one! <3 <3 <3”

The girl turns off her tab then places it near the side of her monitor.

???: “Wonder what the guys are up to? I gotta show them my picture!”

NO! They DON’T want to see a mouthless Lelouch and Suzaku holding hands! But she doesn’t care, she is too damn excited to realize the truth! She opens up her Splicer.exe

???: “This is ???, time to get a move on Gundam Nightmare!”

-End of File. Please insert File #2 side #2-

AN: I decided to sketch out/doodle Mimiri and Raansu. If you look close, on the other side of this note book are some other doodles. Riku, Zero…and a lot of bunnies. Anyway! On the bottom, I made three faces of Mimiri’s possible character design…I didn’t like the first one. She looked too mean and the second one is a little too cute. I wanted to give her a hair style that says, “I am cute but don’t piss me off!” It was tough, but I thought…Misty…Is like that…Double short side pony tails! And it worked! I see that as being Mimiri.

Raansu was finished on the first face! Really! I drew it and BAM! THAT is Raansu! That smug prick grin and bizarre hair is screaming, “I’m a bad ass!” at me. So why not? Mimiri is wearing an XD shirt. Not sure, but it needed to be there. Raansu wears a jacket and in the center of his shirt are double diamonds. Remember, NIrai. As for Mimiri’s last name, I decided Ichirida.

-File #2 side #2-
A black and red Splicer POPS into Cyber Space, or should I say the internet? Like it matters. You should all have an idea of what the internet it. If you are reading this and have absolutely NO idea what the internet it…Oh dear god. The world is ending isn’t it? Welcome to hell, viewers.

This Splicer is, YOU KNOW IT, a Gundam Model. Instead of white armor, this one has a black frame. It also has a dark red jet back. It sticks out like a sore thumb! The jet back gives this Splicer some impressive acceleration with some decent maneuverability. On the back back are two beam sabers in case of “SLICE AND DICE MODE” is needed. In other words, it’s cuttin time! The palms of the Nightmare are loaded with rapid fire vulcans. Because you can’t beam spam, you can at least bullet spam. But remember! There is no such thing as the infinite ammo code! Ammo must be used wisely! The Nightmare’s helmet sports a black V fin, but much longer than the other Gundam Models. The Helmet seems to be more slim too, and the only part that isn’t black or red. The round jewel on its forehead is blue. The feet have wheels underneath so walking while bullet spamming isn’t so rough! Gotta have a steady aim so bullets are not wasted! The shoulder pads are wide, even elbows! Those pointy kneecaps speak for themselves. This is a Gundam that you don’t want to touch with mayonnaise. I don’t even know what that means.

???: “Alright! Now that’s done, time to find anyone…well anyone! Hey! Mimiri and Raansu are on right now! Seems like they are going at it again.”
The girl puts her head set on with a red visor. And who knows what color Al’s is. Maybe it’s yellow or something. The Nightmare’s red jet pack ignites and pushes the Splicer forward. It seems like the Splicer is moving by it’s wheels at the bottom of its feet. Look at that! That Splicer is making tracks!
???: “Better make it snappy! I wanna check this one out before it’s over!”

Meanwhile, Alphonse finishes prepping his Splicer. He ejects the dish from the side of his laptop then places the disk in a CD case.
Al: “This should do. Not perfect but close to perfect.”
Alphonse opens a small drawer underneath his desk then places the disk in it. After he pushes it back in, he opens up his slightly improved Splicer.
Al: “…He is here…”
Alphonse pushes himself away from his desk and stands up. He approaches his door and opens it. A middle aged blonde woman with blue eyes who bears a striking resemblance to Alphonse was about to knock on his door. Well! Seems that her son has developed a sixth sense!
Al’s Mother ((AKA Katherine)): “I was just about to check on you. Now it looks like you are checking on me!”
Al: “Yes mother…I thought you were Shinichi…”
Al said that as if…Yeah…This guy is the winy emo character.
Katherine: “Were you expecting to a hug?”
Al: “…”
Alphonse sighs and gives his mother a hug.
Al: “…Mom…just leave me alone…I gotta study…”
Katherine wraps her arms around her son and gently strokes his hair.
Katherine: “Of course, Alphonse. Meat loaf tonight?”
Al: “…Mhm…”
Al’s mother nods with a smile. She cuts off the hug and walks down the hallway. Alphonse rests his head on the side of the door rims.
Al: “…I will just…rest here and cry a little…”

The fucking emo kid with a girl voice doesn’t cry but walks back to his chair and takes a seat in it. He puts on his head set with an orange visor…Ha! I lied!
The file already finished running! The Angel Gundam pops into existence.

Well! Here it is! The final Gundam for our four main characters! This one has a white frame with some green on other parts! It’s wings seem to be arching from the Splicer’s back in a hook like fashion. When it transforms into its Zero Rei Cero Zier Null Rider mode…Uh…Just Null then. Its NULL Rider mode! Its Purple V fin is somewhat normal, but there is purple horn jutting out of hit’s head. On each arm there is combat shield. Both are purple and have a sharp spike at the tip of them. However…if you look under the shields, there is a beam riffle in each! These shields are three weapons in one! A shield, close combat weapon, and long range! But having all of that junk in one weapon make it an ineffective combat weapon. The shields can combine to create the SHOOP DA WHOOP BEAM. At the cost of a few seconds of charging, this ultima weapon and unload a DEATH LASER that can annihilate some heavy armed mechs. Though it’s not useful in combat since the charge time lasts about 15.984 seconds. Like a predecessor Gundam before the Angel, The shields act as a nose for its Null Rider mode…Once again…NEED TO DRAW THIS!!! But I CAN’T draw Gundams! FFFFFFFFFFFFFF

Al: “Everything seems to be set…All of the others are on. Well that’s nice to know…”
Alphonse is already the worst character in this fan fiction. What is it with people liking Emo characters? They are whiny and complain too much. They need to man the F up!
Al: “Angel Gundam…Let’s fly away together…”
Alphonse actually smiles. The Angel transforms into its Null Rider mode and flies off.

-End of file. Please insert File #2 side #3-

AN: I think this one was pretty bad. I mean, explaining the Gundams takes too long and kinda ruins the fun! Well! I have two more Gundams to explain that the other antagonists have, so no worries! I won’t be updating for about a week now because I have a vacation coming up. I thank you all for being patient! Paladin out!

AN: I am back folks! After winning 70$ from a cruise and relaxing up a bit before I head over to college, I am ready for some more fan fiction! Because of my future college years, updates will be slower…well…sad face. No need to worry though! I am a guy who is online at least once a day if there are no “shenanigans” going on. For now on, I will be working for what I have.

-File…Uh…What was the file again? Still on File #2? And side 3? Oh! That’s the one!-

It’s New Years! And what could make this day any better than a New Year’s resolution? How bout stop burying the dead bodies in your basement and confess for once? Nah, too crazy to admit you are crazy. Some eighteen year old geek walks into his messy room. Clothes, countless of chairs, wires and sandals lie on the floor. This no life twat REALLY needs to clean up! As he approaches his black laptop in the corner of his room, he trips on god knows what and face plants on a pile of dirty clothes.

Author: "…Sigh "

The boy stands up and brushes himself off after removing whitey tidies from his face. He drops them before taking a seat near his laptop. He turns his laptop on then stares into the monitor.

Author: “…Is…Like…It a monitor or a computer? …It’s a laptop…”

He looks pretty damn dazed. But what would you expect after coming back from Florida and having a VIOLENT/HOMICIDAL/BRUTAL/DEADLY/BLOODY hockey game? He leans forward and reaches down his back. He pulls out a rusty nail that has traces of blood on the tip. He brings the nail in front of his face.

Author: “…How did that get th-”

With out warning, a spiky haired anime character’s head pops out of the boy’s laptop screen! SATOSHI!?!?!?

Satoshi: “You’re back!!!” :smiley:
Author: “!!!”

The boy flails his arms and falls from his chair. He crawls away from the abomination he created!!!

Author: “You’re not suppose to be real!!!”
Satoshi: “You created me to break the fourth wall. You do know none of this is even real, right?”
Author: “…What?”
Satoshi: “None of this is really happening. Just a simple thing people call filler.”
Author: “Wait, filler-er-er-er-er-er-er-”

The “ER” echos while the dream bubble melts away. The Nightmare and Angel are soaring through cyber space as the girl with no name continues to say…

???: “Er-er-er-er-er-er”
Al: “…My ears hurt…”
???: “And that’s what would happen if you were on LSD. See? This is why crack is whack!”
Al: “Yeah…Don’t smoke…Yeah…”
???: “Alright Ally-kun! What’s wrong this time?”
Al: “Two things…But I will only say one of them…How did we get here?”
???: “Nani?”
Al: “Did Ocean forget to dub you?”
???: “Ocean dubs what?”
Al: “Oh yeah, Japan…Well Ocean is-”

The screen goes static. I don’t know why this happened, but we are experiencing technical difficulties. I might have to delay this par- wait, what the?!?! Satoshi busts through the static wall and knocks on the screen?

Satoshi: “Hey! Viewers! Now it’s time for a section I like to call!!!”

Satoshi is wearing a pretty dashing polo shirt and tan pants. A chalk board moves towards the center of the screen then Satoshi flips it to reveal-

Satoshi: “Mobile Suit Gundam parallels!”

Satoshi’s eyes are wider than his head! Look at all of those sparkles! He looks so happy!!! 8D

Satoshi: “In this segment, I will talk about a homage to other past MSG series that you may or may not heard before. Who knows! You could be a 9 year old reading this for the sake of GUNDAMUUUU! But, you may be some 19 year old who loves Gundam with a burning passion. I will respect that folks! Before I talk about the Char Clone, New Types and Z thing organization, we need to discuss what Sunrise is in the Neo Space Era. Sunrise is a company that makes various animes such as Gear wars, Cowboy Beep bop, Gao Gai Gar…GUNDAM!!! Well no crap, you all should know this. But…Sunrise is just a memory in this fan fiction. What remains is HARO CORP.”

Satoshi points to the Sunrise logo then points to Haro Corp logo. Well duh, the logo is Haro!

Satoshi: “As you can see…Sunrise has a little secret…BUT! Due to plot restraints, I can’t tell you how the Anime Company became Anime AND Tech Company. That would be spoiling!”

Satoshi spins the chalk board.

Satoshi: “Tune in next time where I explain to you all what a Char Clone is! I am Satoshi Ichirida, signing out! Good day class!”

Al: “…What…did I just do?”
Al takes off his head set and places his free hand on his forehead.
???: “I think what we are experiencing is called ‘shenanigans’.”
Al: “SIGH!!! Alright…Where are those two?”
???: “It says that they are still fighting! Come on Ally-kun! We gotta hurry and see them!!! ALLY KUUUUUUUN!!!”
Alphonse’s ears start bleeding. And the head set isn’t even on him! How loud is this girl?!?!? Alphonse places the head set back on his head.
Yohime!!!: “Alright Al-kun!” X3
Yohime’s name is finally revealed! I wonder why? Probably the author can’t seem to make good Japanese names. God knows what Yohime means. Fox ears pop out of Yohime’s head and she giggles. Hey, she got away with it! D’aw. Look at her! So precious! Nothing is wrong with this girl! Nothing…Okay, she might be a little crazy.

Yohime: "…GAAAAAAAAAASP!!!: :open_mouth:
Her fox ears ROCKET off her head!
Yohime: “Al-kun! They stopped fighting! And…draw? Called off as a win for Raansu-kun?”
Alphonse tenses up.
Al: “…I…feel…”
Alphonse shakes his head.
Al: “Must not fly away…must not fly away…”
Yohime: “Stop sounding like a kid with no back bone, Al-kun! We missed it all because we were too slow.”
Yohime holds her head up and a HUGE stream of tears POWER WASH from her eyes! Yohime is making a >n< face as she floods her room with tears.
Yohime: “It’s not fair! I wanted to see those two robots hold hands with each other! They must have seen their love for each other and called off their fighting! And I missed the feels!!!”
Alphonse’s head slooooowly shifts left…his neck follows.
Al: “???”
To the point where his head and neck stretch to the other side of the room. When his head touches a wall, a small lighting bolt zaps past by his head.
Al: “!!! THERE IN DANGER!!!”
Alphonse’s head slings back on his shoulders then he types down a code.
Al: “Entering the Nightmare’s database. Codes indicate that the Pack is ready for a reference. Reference Shift!”

Alphonse hits enter and his monitor shows both the Angel and the Nightmare. The Nightmare’s jet pack detaches from the Splicer then flies over to the Angel. It attacches to the back…no, not ON the Angel, like behind it!

Yohime: “I forgot you can do that!?!?”
Al: “…I…have this feeling…”

The Night Angel brakes, now behind the Nightmare. Alphonse slips on a glove then another one on.

Alphonse: “…Father…”
Yohime: “???”
Alphonse makes a gesture of grabbing handles and thrusts them forward. The Night Angel’s…uh…Butt Jet Pack ignites, pushing the Nightmare at a much faster pace.

-…Uh…End…of file??? But…what the hell was that at the end? Was there even a point to that?-

AN: Someone get this kid out of my computer monitor.

AN: At college! This is going to be fun and may or may not restrict my time into making this fan fiction.

-File #2 side 4-

Prooooooooooooootagonist! Where is our protagonist? And the lancer, oh! He is with the protagonist? Well now that we have your attention…AHEM! Have YOUR attention…AHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEM! Hello? Are you reading this? Oh? Your are??? My bad! Forgot you can read! We last left our protagnost and lancer HEADING FOR HARO CORP!

A giant red arrow points at the cyber space scraper.

Multiple Splicers surround the building to investigate the area, but the Force ((Aka, HARO corp officers. They are in charge of the authority of Dracryu’s cyber space.)) made sure to isolate the building before the possible problem got out of hand…Oh wait, it WILL get out of hand! Are those Zakus? Yes they are! Good ol Zakus! They never let anyone down! Or so anyone would think…Like the traditional Zaku, they are armed with Automatic Rifles, those useless axes and a trusty beam rifle in case the possible threat needs to be put down…fast. Because of memory issues, these programs are mass produced to be used by every Haro Officer. Gotta be some reason why they all can’t have high powered Splicers. Hey!!! No Ordinary Zaku there! It’s a Gouf!

Gouf’s user: “It was just a huge explosion…Can’t be from a battle. No, this has to be the work of a full on scale attack…But…”

The Gouf’s user is woman, about in her early twenties. She has red eyes, black short hair that curls up…like…bananas…God damn it Anime Logic…She is wearing red uniform…that has a striking resemblance to the Red Comet’s. Satoshi rips a hole in space and peaks out of it.

Satoshi: “No! Not the Char Clone!”

He retracts back into it but comes out once more.

Satoshi: “That’s for later!”

THEN he comes back in hole!

???: “Bravo! Are you securing the area near the explosion?”

The woman seems to be stationed in a small officer, no narrow but loooooooooooooooooooong office! She sits in front side of the table with other users using computers as well. They are all wearing a green Haro Uniform…My god, are they cosplaying!!!

Bravo leader: “Affirmative, but still no cigar on what caused the explosion!”
???: “First things first. Charlie will have to search and destroy this possible threat around building. If this was threat…they could be on the run…”
Charlie Leader: “Alpha leader, will Bravo search out the building?”
???: “No, we are going to leave them to be deleted…YES!”

Meanwhile in cyber space, our protagonist and lancer’s Splicers enter the crowd of curious Splicers.

Raansu: “Scuse me, coming through! Heads up! Your shoe laces are untied. Hand shake?”

The Templar grabs an unfortunate GM’s arm then tosses it to cyber sky.

Raansu: “Thanks for the hand shake chump!”
Mimiri: “Do you have any idea that you could get banned for doing that?!?!”
Raansu: “Who cares! As long as no weapons are involves and nothing is broken, I should be sailing like a smoothie.”
Mimiri: “Don’t you mean smooth sailing?”
Raansu: “I know what I said.”

The Flow and Templar are as close to the beam barriers as possible. These barriers don’t cut but they can sure bounce Splicers back like they were fragile eggs! There are six stands that a beam crosses through. A good example of this would be like G Gundam’s ring. For some odd reason…stretches??? Physics???

Raansu: “Well tough luck, we got a front row seat but we still can’t see jack crap.”
Mimiri: “It’s not that bad. I can see some smoke coming off from the side of the building! There!”

The Flow points at building. Her hand just barely squeezes in between two beams.

Mimiri: “Sorry if the Flow is leaning on you! You know, you kinda sliced it’s leg off.”

Mimiri’s head steams up. Yeah, she is a little ticked from a few minutes ago, but she is even more angry that she…is going to…well…I think you should all remember what happened at the end of File #1.

Raansu: "No biggie! Right now those Zakus seem to be approaching that side of the building. Now take a look at this? They are going into there with out me? They don’t even have Gundams!
Mimiri: “That’s because if they were all Gundams, where would Haro Corp store all of that data? Do you have any idea how many bytes a single Gundam needs? My parents practically spent my college funds on this hard drive.”
Raansu: “Your problem that you are going to be in deep dept.”

While all of the commotion is going on, our antagonist…well…ONE of our antagonist is inside the building…in a ball? It’s Mobile Armor mode is a ball? The armored ball hides between stored files((Packets of light that store data. They come in variety of sizes.))

???: “…In search of the target…Haro’s interior scannings are needed to progress. Current status is yellow. Enemies are aware of my presence…”

The hallways are being investigated by Zakus. About eight in total.

Charlie: Well this possible threat attacked us for a reason? I don’t know…
???: “No one attacks with out a cause. Bravo, what is your current position?”
Bravo: "My team is coming the building. Some regular employees are just minding their own business. You do know we are disturbing their work?
???: “I don’t give two craps about it. If someone gets deleted, remaking the data will take more time to eradicate the possible problem.”
Charlie: “My team isn’t picking up anything out side of the building. Even the radars aren’t picking up any hostilities inside the building.”
???: “…What…”

The antagonist…in his cock pit nods. His purple helmet glows as its green visor lights up.

???: “…Driller and Flyer…Roller is taking action…”

The purple ball rolls out of its hiding spot then proceeds into the hall way. Its behind the the group of Zakus! This Narrow hallway…Oh…

???: “…Hunter Gundam…Boost ball…”

The rolling ball speeds up while glowing orange.

Bravo Officer: “You know what sucks about being a minor character?”
Bravo Officer 2: “What?”
Bravo Officer: “You are more likely to die than other characters.”
Bravo Officer 3: “Yeah but you are forgetting that we can’t die. It’s just our Splic-”

The Hunter ROCKETS THROUGH the first three Zaku’s legs. INCINERATING THEM TO THE POINT OF KABOOOOOOOM!!! The last five pick up on this then hop over the speeding ball.

Bravo: “There’s are target. And it’s a rolling ball??!?!?”
???: “Then possible threat is in building? Charlie, take control of isolating the other Splicers!”

The Woman puts a light blue visor on her head. Her eyes look purple now.

???: “I will send Alpha squad in!”

Before the command was executed, the Hunter transforms into its MS mode. It’s arm cannon is glowing orange too. It turns out and points at the five remaining Zakus.

???: “Charge shot…”
Bravo: “All Zakus hit the deck!”

The Hunter fires a charge shot. In this case, a massive glowing orb launches from its arm cannon and is heading straight for the ducking Zakus…Wait for it!
On the other side of the hall, the three Zakus are trying to stand up. One of them only has on leg, but uses its thrusters to level itself out…Right in the middle of the hallway.

Bravo Officer 3: “Hey guys! I can stand! Maybe I am not a minor character! :D”

The charge shot slams right into the unfortunate Zaku. It blows up with the other two Zakus.

Bravo Officer 1 and 2: “You spoke too soon!”

The three of their monitors are black with white text saying, “Deleted”

Bravo: “Already lost three in one shot!??!”

The Hunter is still pointing at the crowd of Zakus while smoke emits out of its arm cannon. The ending theme starts to play as the shot cuts to the user of the Hunter.

???: “…I didn’t miss…”

The user smirks…We still can’t see his face but his mouth however.

-End of File #2. Insert File #3 side 1-

Author’s Note: Notes to myself: Disco Guns make good lunch meat.

-File #3 side 1: Hackers-

Previously on Mobile Suit Gundam XD
Al: I have serious issues.
Yohime: Yaoi! :smiley:
Katherine: I am the best minor character ever!
Guy who is probably our antagonist: 010011101100011!!!
Yohime: “Feeeeels!!!” Floods her room with tears.
Al: “FATHER!!!”
Alphonse is on top of his roof.
Al: “FATHER!!!”
The Hunter Gundam is firing charge blasts…Another one…another one.
The Flow and Templar slowly approach CAUTION TAPE then get ZAPPED by it!
Alpha Squad leader: I am sexy and your little boys will develop crushes on me. Oh yeah, I am not wearing a bra right now.
Her chest has a NSFW black bar covering her breasts.
The Hunter(In the same firing position) is still firing charge blasts.
Al: GUNDAM!!!"
Alphonse slams his fist on the keyboard AND SHATTERS IT.
Alphonse’s monitor shows the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH.
The Hunter is STILL in the same firing position but with added DISCO effects!
Lelouch: “It’s morphing time! Bankai! Starting mission now!”
Lelouch puts his Zero mask on, then a Power Ranger visor forms on the helmet. He also grows a gorgeous and long pony tail. He also gets a black cloak. Lelouch then posses like a power ranger. while holding a green beam saber in his left hand and a black long sword in his right.
Lelouch: “Bosch…SUPER MODE!!!”
Suzaku: “Get back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.”
Lelouch: :frowning:
The screen turns black then Satoshi approaches the center of the screen. He bows down to the audience.
Satoshi: “We of Sunrise endorse all of those references. Please, praise the Bosch.”
Satoshi reaches for the camera and brings it closer to his face.
Satoshi: “Now the real fun begins. You ready for this?”

The Templar and Flow are still near the laser gates. Raansu is tapping his foot while his arms are crossed. It’s obvious he is getting impatient. Mimiri has a note book out in front of her as she writes down a rough draft of her essay. This makes sense! Essays should start off as rough drafts! Why didn’t she do this before?
Mimiri: “So there we were! Locked in combat! Two close friends trying to show one’s dominance over each other. So the Flow is more mobile than the Templar but the Templar is more heavily equipped to kick Splicer butt! Then out of no where, the Templar slices the Flow’s leg but didn’t finish off the Flow! Why? Because the user is a douche bag and only wants panties.”
Mimiri’s paper sparks into flames. No more rough draft.
Raansu: “Did I hear flames coming from your line? And I need those panties for a reason and I am not a douche!”
Mimiri’s head starts steaming up again. That Raansu! THAT RAANSU!!! >:(
Mimiri: Do you have any idea how hard it is to concentrate when you babble like a moron? I need to make this essay now!"
Raansu: “You have a few days to work on it baby kins! Just get some inspiration later! Something big is going on in Haro Corp and I am just dying to know what is causing all of the ruckus.”

???: “Alright men. Bravo is already in trouble. Move into the building the corner the possible threat! We are going to enter the north side of the building to cut it off from behind! Bravo is already holding it off before it can cau-”
Alpha soldier: “Commander…why do you call the target a possible threat when it’s OBVIOUSLY a threat?”
???: “I don’t have to listen to a minor character.”

The Squad of Zaku’s head towards Haro Corp. The Gouf stares at the Flow and Templar through the laser bars.

???: “…Gundams?”

The lady shakes her head. It’s nothing important. She sends her Gouf to follow the Zakus.

Meanwhile, the Night Angel is still pushing the Nightmare forward. They are both making haste to Haro Corp! And they are almost there!

Al: “…Come on…I programmed you to go 0.89 percent faster…Angel…Go faster!”
Yohime: “Al-kun! Screaming at it won’t solve anything! By the way, aren’t you arms getting tired from making the thrusters motion?”
Alphonse shakes his head.
Al: “Like I care…”

Meanwhile, somewhere in another basement is another person using the same cockpit design like our antagonist…Oh my…It’s a girl. So tiny! She is wearing a pink combat space suit! Her pink space helmet has a clear visor! Oh there it is! She is humming to herself like a little child! Well…she is one! Holy crap! She is like eight! :open_mouth:

Little Girl: “Digging digging digging through the ground! Digging digging! Just digging!”
Her white visor glows. A picture is sent to her! It’s the purple antagonist! GASP!
Little Girl: “Hiiiiiiii mister purple!”
Mister Purple: “I am currently locked in combat with the enemy…They are all weak…”

The Hunter is dodging Zaku axes like they were nothing! Just a quick turn to its side and WOOSH!!! MISS! The hell is this Splicer made out of? It SLAMS its arm cannon into a Zaku’s face then the Zaku’s head explodes! It shifts into its ball mobile armor mode then slides between a Zaku. It leaves a small bomb under its legs before turning back into mobile suit mode. It explodes! Destroying the Zaku’s legs! It turns around then SLAMS its arm cannon into the Zakus chest. KABOOOOOM!!!

Bravo soldier: “Captain! There are only three of us left!”
Bravo Leader: “Permission to use beam rifles! It’s our only chance!”
The three remaining Zakus put their machine guns away in favor for their beam rifles.

Mister Purple: “…So…”

The Hunter lowers its arm cannon. What the hell is it doing?!?!?

Bravo Leader: “Fire!”

The Zakus BURST BEAM SPAM! But only one at a time! One fires then the next one fires. The Cycle continues after a few cycles of open fire. Smoke surrounds the Hunter…

Bravo Soldier: “…Did…it work?”

The Smoke subsides…the Hunter still stands! Still no dice!!! That armor it has is MIGHTY strong! The bytes stored in the hull must be in massive numbers to be that strong! The Hunter holds up its arm cannon and the the tip of its barrel widens.

Mister Purple: “…Big mistake…”

The Hunter launches a missile from its arm cannon! The explosion annihilates that three Zakus! The whole Bravo squad is gone…Well, their Splicers that is. The Leader of Bravo just stares at his blank screen.

Bravo Leader: “…But…how…can some random guy have so much fire power and armor?”
Alpha Leader: “We need to surround the Possible Threat! Three of you with me. The rest take another route.”

Four Zakus split from the squad and head down a different hallway. The Gouf and three remaining Zakus take another route as well.


Raansu: “I am hearing a lot of beam spamming in there.”
Mimiri: “And then Raansu finally says, ‘I am hearing a lot of beam spamming in there’”
Raansu: “Stop writing everything I say!”
Mimiri: “Then Dracula is like, ‘Stop writing everything I say!’”
Raansu: “Wait what?”

Al: “…Yohime…”
Yohime: “Yep! Al-kun?”
Al: “…I am scared…”
Yohime: “…Uh…Don’t be scared then!”
Al: “It doesn’t work like that!”
Yohime: “Why do you sound like a girl?”
Al: “Blame my voice actor!”

-End of File. Please Insert File #3 side 2-

Author’s Note: Drink bleach; Live forever.

-File #3 side 2-

Satoshi enters Mimiri’s room again with a tub of popcorn that is about the size of an actual bath tub! He is tugging the massive tub of popcorn into the room and Satoshi is showing know signs of struggling with it’s weight.
Satoshi: “I brought popcorn, Mimi! And I brought a lot of it just like you asked!”
Mimiri’s head turns to the giant tub of popcorn being dragged on the floor by Satoshi. Her eyes widen to the point where they are bigger than her head!
Mimiri: “W-what?!?! No! Not that much!”
Satoshi: “You weren’t that specific! Anyway, how are things hanging in Cyber space?”
Satoshi continues to pull the massive tub of popcorn closer to Mimiri. Mimiri’s eyes revert to normal size then she sighs. No matter how many times Mimiri sends Satoshi to the other side of the moon, he is NEVER going to take a hint.

On Raansu’s end, he is looking at a play boy magazine. He is practically drooling over this piece of sweet woman buttocks!
Mimiri: “Raansu, what’s taking so long? All I keep hearing is more and more commotion! Not sure what else to write anymore! I can’t just write an entire page about the sounds of people saying, ‘It’s a Gundam!!!’ Raansu? Are you listening to me? Raansu?”
Raansu: “Oh yeah…I love them in bunny ears and fluff tails…”
Mimiri: “…You…”
Mimiri’s eyes burst into flames!
Mimiri: “I WILL SHOW YOU!!!”
Mimiri rips her head set off then SLAMS her fist through the head set’s ear phones. Mimiri’s ON FIRE FIST SLAMS into SATOSHI’S FACE and launches him into a wall! Mimiri retracts her arm from the head set and “HMPHS!!!” Before turning her attention to Satoshi.
Mimiri: “What happened to you?”
Satoshi’s eyes are spiraling and his tongue has the Kanji that means “PAIN”
Satoshi: “Uhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuhuhuhhhhh!!!..You missed…”

Meanwhile! The Zakus andlLone Gouf surround the Hunter Gundam. Four on one side, three and a Gouf on the other.
Alpha Squad leader: “That is enough! This Splicer already destroyed the whole Bravo Team! If we lose anymore Zakus, it will leave us with a clear disadvantage with another oncoming strike. Redownloading Zakus still take some time.”
The Blue Gouf approaches the Hunter Gundam then takes out yellow energy sword.
Alpha Squad Leader: “…This one is mine…”
The Lady controlling the Gouf seems confident. She is determined to deal with this Splicer herself.
An Alpha Squad soldier notices what the Splicer looks like! About damn time too! That upside down V crest really throws off the image!
Unfortunate Alpha Soldier: “It’s a Gundam!!!”
The Hunter turns around and fires a small energy blast from its arm cannon at the Zaku’s helmet. It blows up then the Zaku falls back.
Mister Purple: “…I hate that line…”
The Lady sighs.
Alpha Squad Leader: “Now I remember that line…and yeah. That Splicer is indeed a Gundam. How can someone posses the Terrabytes to design one?”
The Purple Antagonist’s visor lights up again, and so does the Hunter when it faces the Gouf again.
Mister Purple: “…Scanning…Error. Model hasn’t been found in the date base…It’s a new model…I hate re colors…You just want to make more money, don’t you?”

The Hunter lifts up its arm cannon. A green beam erects from the barrel. Neato!!!
Alpha Squad Leader: “So you are going to play it in a game of beam blades? Fine with me. Your funeral though. Once we gain your access code, we will ban you from the cyber space forever!”
The Gouf dashes forward at the Hunter with its beam blade abover its head. The Hunter prepares for the slash and easily blocks the over head slash. Sparks fly as the beams clash. The Gouf spins around with horizontal slice but the Hunter easily blocks it as well.
Alpha Squad Leader. “I wasn’t even trying.”
The lady smirks before the Gouf ducks and swipe kicks the Hunter off its feet! Mister Purple tenses up a little after that attack! He let his guard down!
Mister Purple: “This one has skill…”
The Gouf doesn’t even attack again, it allows the Hunter to stand back up.
Alpha Squad Leader: “Please. If you can’t jump over a sweep kick then you obviously aren’t giving it your all. Come on, attack me from any where!”
Now she is getting cocky. The Hunter stands up and points it’s free hand at the Gouf.

Meanwhile! The Night Angel and Nightmare are SO DAMN CLOSE to Haro Corp! The ground starts shaking as they both continue down the path of plot. A lightening bolt passes by Alphonse’s head.

Al: “!!! There is something under us!!!”
Yohime: “Way to point out the obvious, Al-kun. :/”

The little girl is humming to herself as her Splicer moves towards the target. How ever, you don’t know HOW her Splicer moves or what it looks like. The cute girl starts singing.

Little Girl: “Digging though the tunnel, racing towards the Hunter-”

The Hunter fires a light blue beam at the Gouf, it nabs its arm! The one holding the beam blade too!
Alpha Squad Leader: “What the?”
Mister Purple: “…Subject is cocky with her successes…I will rip your arm off…”
The Lady smirks again. The Gouf holds out its free arm and fires tentacl- I mean an iron whip at the Hunter! It names it’s arm cannon!!!
Mister Purple: “!!!”

Little Girl: “That’s the way the hole is hole is dug up-”

Alpha Squad Leader: “This is no ordinary Zaku, my friend.”
The Gouf sends an electrical charge into the Hunter’s arm cannon. It’s beam grapple hook releases the Goufs arm!

Mister Purple: “Not good! It’s not a blue Zaku???”
Alpha Squad Leader: “No Zaku!!!”

Before the Gouf can blow up the Hunter’s arm cannon…

Little Girl: “POP!!!”

A Giant Splicer! A Gundam too! It’s so bulky! And it pops right under the Gouf’s metal whip! It slices it in half too! Cutting off the Two Splicer’s locked in combat!

Little Girl: “Goes the Splicer! :D”

-End of File. Please insert File #3 Side 3-

Author’s Note: No, bleach does not make you live forever. I am getting my stomach pumped as I type this.

-File #3 Side 3-

The ground shakes again and causes Splicers around and inside Haro Corp to almost lose their footing. Because of the Flow’s lack of a second leg, it slants away from the Templar and plummets to the ground.
Mimiri: “An Earth Quake! Well more like a short lived shake if you ask me.”
Mimiri is still writing her story and pays no attention to the monitor. Not even the Flow’s fall got her attention. The Templar takes hold of the Flow’s hand and hoists it back on its one foot. It continues to hold the Flow’s hand to keep it steady.
Raansu: “Hey! Enough with the narrating already. Are you even paying attention right now? Hey! Hey! Satoshi!!!”
Satoshi’s head pops out of the giant tub of popcorn. He is munching on popcorn and his cheeks are freaken huge! Like bigger than his head!
Satoshi: “Chup!!!”
He swallows the huge load ((Ew)) before picking up one small popcorn and chucks it at Mimiri’s head. The force of the Popcorn(Despite being physically impossible) SLAMS Mimiri’s head onto the keyboard. BAM! Mimiri holds up her head and she has a “X(” face. Her forehead has a red mark on it that spells out “Ouch”.
Mimiri: “…I guess that considers us even, Satoshi.”
Mimiri’s X eyes start weeping streams of tears. She shakes her head and focuses on her monitor.

Inside the building, The Hunter and Second unamed Gundam surround the Gouf. That giant Splicer has the Trademark Gundam Helmet, but it seems bulkier when it comes to sides of it. The main haul is brown with added white like most Gundams have. It’s forearms and Lower legs are bigger then the upper limps respectively. It’s shoulders are spike balls and it’s hands also have spikes on the knuckles. It doesn’t seem to have weapons on it, but perhaps there is more to this Gundam then just looks.
The Gouf holds up its beam blade above its head. The Lady’s hands tense up a little as she processes her next move.

Alpha Squad Leader: “Damn it…Another one and I came so close to pacifying the first one. We have no choice now…It’s all or nothing!”
The Lady shouts out to Alpha and Charlie squads.
Alpha Squad Leader: “I know it’s risky, but I know when I am clearly out matched! If beam rifles can’t penetrate their armors then we have to use even heavier weaponry! I want Charlie’s squad to upload Grenades in the main system! With the whole Bravo squad deleted we have more room for better weapons! Alpha Squad, hold off the Brown one and I will finish what I started with the Purple one.”

The Gouf’s single eye brightens then points its yellow beam blade at the Hunter. It’s all or nothing.

Little Girl: “Oooooo! Look at all of the little babies! Look at the tiny babies! Look at how precious they are!”
Mister Purple: “This is a mission, Francoise. Not a petting zoo…This one still wants more…”

The Hunter holds out its arm cannon beam sword up to the Gouf’s beam blade. Both tips spark when they meet. A little more…More sparking…More sparking.

Francoise: “No no no! Mister Purple! But Missions are no fun! I wanna call this play time!”
Mister Purple: “You’re joking right…why were you recruited?”

The Giant Splicer’s green eyes light up. It’s surface reflects the four Zaku’s in front of its vision. It’s slow, but its first move is punching the surface below it and causing the ground under the Zakus’ feet to erect! They slam into the ceiling then let Cyber Gravity take them back down. They seem damaged, but the Giant Splicer reaches forward to grab one. It brings the lone Zaku to its chest and gives it a hug???

Francoise: “Hehehe! Yay! Such a cutie! You gotta love these little zakus! Gundam Golem hugs for everyone!”

The Golem hugs tighter until it crushes the poor Zaku. It couldn’t take the Golem’s massive snuggle rage! Francoise frowns as her monitor shows that the Zaku perished. The Golem drops the top torso of the Zaku and just stands there like a boss. Francoise giggles.

Francoise: “There are more! Maybe I can hug them all! You can’t break too right?”

Alpha Squad Leader: “Four of you! To the walls!!!”

Before the part two of the Battle begins, Four Zakus press them selves against the walls. The Gouf moves its beam blade under the Hunter’s ACBS ((Arm Cannon Beam Sword)) and knocks it up before charging into the Hunter. It pushes Hunter a few meters before charging at it again. The Hunter transforms into its Mobile Armor form and rolls away. It speeds up to the point where the Gouf can’t keep up with it.

Alpha Squad Leader: “You can roll but you can’t hide!”
The lady raises an eyebrow.
Alpha Squad Leader: “Well…that didn’t sound right. Charlie Squad! Are you downloading the Photon Grenades yet?”
Charlie Leader: “Yes ma’am! It’s at 25 percent! We need more time and troops!”
Alpha Squad Leader: “Send in half of Charlie to back up Squad Alpha. The other half must watch the other Splicers to make sure they are safe! Here is a better idea, get them all AWAY from the Beam Fences! We would be responsible if one of them gets deleted!”

Half of the Charlie Zakus enter the Building while the other half stays behind to alert the other Splicers.
Charlie Squad Soldier: “This is an emergency! I repeat! An Emergency! With a capital E! The Situation is critical and all Splicers must either sign off from the Cyber Space or get away from Haro Corp as far as possible! I repeat! Sign off or get the hell away from here! Don’t even turn back!”

The Crowd decided to leave, except our two heroes. Most Splicers signed out while others decided to get as far away as possible but still view the building. Raansu has his arms crossed while watching the pathetic losers cower away. He chuckles a little. Mimiri isn’t sure why she is staying with the Templar. Why doesn’t she log out or fly away like the others? She sighs.

Mimiri: “So…do we leave? He says we should.”
Raansu: “Nah, even if the Templar gets deleted, I ain’t suing because suing is for pussies who need money by blaming people.”
Mimiri: “But I think they might ban us if we don’t comply! Stupid! Do you not have any common sense?”
Raansu: “Can it! If the situation is critical, it could either mean that something is going horribly wrong in there or this is a stupid prank so Haro Corp can clean up the Server for maintenance check. Screw it! I am going in! Hey! You four in crappy zakus! Yeah, you!”
Mimiri lightly face palms. The Four Zakus are staring at the Splicers…Wait…GUNDAMS???

Charlie Squad Soldier Number 1: “It’s a Gundam!!!”
Charlie Squad Soldier Number 2: “No! It’s Gundams!!!”
Charlie Squad Soldier Number 3: “Don’t worry! They can’t get us as long as we are in the Beam Fence. Come on Gundams!”
One Zaku turns its back on the Gundams and leans forward. It smacks its butt a few times.
Charlie Squad Soldier Number 3: “Kiss my ass Gundams! There isn’t a sight of Gundamnium Allow around here for you to mine!”
The group of Zakus laugh out loud. Raansu glares at his monitor while his blue visor retracts.
Raansu: “I am going to shove this sword so far up your asses that it will come out of your helmet!”

The Templar LEAPS over the Beam Fence with no trouble at all…Wait…it was that easy? Well what did you expect? It’s a FENCE. Not a cage! Duh!!! The Four Zaku’s eyes shrink. Even one’s helmet falls off. Raansu is smirking while the Templar whips out its DBSS.

Raansu: “I am advancing the plot! And you four are blocking my way! That makes you antagonists!”
The Templar sloooooowly approaches the Zakus that are currently crapping bricks. Like there are bricks that are scattered around their feet. I am not kidding. The Four Zakus take off for the building while leaving a brick trail behind.
Raansu: Well! Time to kick ass and kick ass! And I have plenty of kick ass!"
Mimiri: “Raansu you idiot! Do you know you can get banned for this? They will come after you and obtain your Web ID and ban you forever! STUPID RAANSU!!!” XO
Raansu: “Put a lid on it for a moment and get your Flow’s ass over here! We have plots to find!”
Mimiri head desks before making the Flow fly over the Beam Fence.
Mimiri: “You do know that the Flow is missing a leg right? Right?”
Raansu: “I said put a lid on it.”

The Flow and Templar enter the building…Meanwhile!!!

The Night Angel and Nightmare are FINALLY at the entrance to Haro Corp! The Night Angel slows down before detaching its Butt Back so it combines with the Nightmare.
Yohime: “It took us an entire episode! But we are finally here!”
Al: “…It says that the Flow and Templar are inside the building? And…how? Did they bypass the fence?”
The Nightmare approaches the fence and gently places its hand on it. It zaps the Nightmare before it backs off.
Yohime: “Yowie!!! How did they figure it out? You can’t walking right into it! It’s suicide!”
Al: “Maybe they…just…What would Raansu do in a situation like this?”
Yohime: “Jump over it?”
Alphonse and Yohime are silent.
Both: “Ooooooooooooooh!!!”
The two Splicers leap over then fence before entering the building as well.

-End of file. Insert File #3 Side 4-

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-File #3 Side 4-
Mimiri: “No no no no! It’s left on this hallway! We turned right on hallway number 7 and went up two floors. It has to be this one!”
The Flow has its arm around the Templar as both of them trudge through different hallways in Haro corp. The employees don’t seem to mind them because they are too busy freaking out that they are being hacked by GUNDAMS! It’s odd that they don’t claim the Flow and Templar are siding with the other two Gundams. But then again, they must protect any information that can’t be seen by the outside.
Haro GM: “It’s a Gundam! A Gundam!!!”
Haro GM #2: “More Gundams! There are two of them now! And is that two more?!??!”
Haro GM #3: “More Gundams! There are more Gundams! AAAAAAAAAH!!! Death is approaching!”
Raansu: “For crying out loud! Shut up!!! All of you! I will GunDOWN your asses if you don’t shut your loud mouth pie holes of yours!”
Mimiri face palms again.
Mimiri: “Once again…We MIGHT get banned! Don’t antagonize them with cruddy puns!”

Meanwhile, the Gouf enters a corridor that leads it to what seems to be a hanger. Any back up Zakus such as Charlie squad are stored in here in case of an emergency. Well…Bravo is deader than dead itself. With them out of the way, more date can be stored! Half of Charlie squad are docked while being equipped with Photon Grenades. Now these puppies…Ehehehe. You will see their awesomeness soon enough. Fun fact, one Zaku is worth one Photon Grenade. They are that powerful! The lady views her monitor and scans the area with her red eyes.

Alpha Squad Leader: “Come out come out…You can’t hide in the closet forever…”
The lady makes an assumption that the purple one would intercept their plan, but it shouldn’t know the plan…But what is the purple one even after? And the Brown one? Are there more? Were the two ones out there part of the plan? Is every Gundam against them? It’s a bad day to spread a meme today…
Charlie Squad Leader: “Ma’am! We are at 50% with all four Photon Grenades.”
Alpha Squad Leader: “Bitchin. You four! And my squad! How are you handling the Brown one!”
Charlie Squad soldier #1: “Define handling!”

The Golem Gundam yanks two Zakus off the ground.
Francoise: “I like pancakes! I also like pancake Zakus that go boom!”
The Golem SLAMS the two Zakus together and both detonate on impact.
Francoise: “Yay! Big boom! Two big booms at once!”
Alpha Soldier #1: “Who the hell is this guy? Who ever is controlling it must be a tactical genius!”
The Golem holds out its arms and runs through the crowd of Zakus. Uh…what?
The Zakus didn’t explode like it was the Fourth of July, they just get knocked the crap down.
Alpha soldier #1: “Eh? I take that back? Is it messing with us now?”
Three Zakus whip out their useless axes and charge at the Golem. It turns around to face the charging Zakus.
Francoise: “Are we playing tag now? That’s my favorite game! Well uh…”
The Golem puts its arms around its back and lightly kicks the air.
Francoise: "That’s a tough! I like hide and go seek too! But which one do I like more? Hmmmmm?
One of the two Zakus slides through the Golems legs and tries slicing its feet off! While the other two go for the main body…Didn’t work! Figures.
Francoise: “OOOOH! I remember now! I like them both! Oh? I am it now!”
The Golem pushes one Zaku in front of it and fleas? I am not kidding…
Francoise: “Tag! You’re it!!! Come and get me!!!”
The Zaku that got tagged stands back up.
Alpha Soldier #2: “Wait…what? …Does it think this is some kind of game? Where the hell is your fat ass going?”
Alpha Soldier #1: “Dane, I think it’s just messing with us?”
Dane: “Shut up Alpha Soldier Number One! I ain’t taking this shit!”
Alpha Soldier #1: “…What did you just call me?”
Dane…Ahem…Well…Just picture a short haired brunette with yellow eyes glaring at his computer monitor. His Zaku darts after the Golem.

Meanwhile, our other two protagonists are struggling to find where the hell to go in Haro corp. The Two Splicers are viewing a map of the building.
Al: “Okay, so we are here on the second floor. And we are in hallway 3 I think? I think we should head back down?”
Yohime: “Why down? Buildings like this would have something big in the center! Let’s go on Floor 4! Hey it rhymes!”
Al: “The explosion would most likely be made on the first floor. Thus giving me the conclusion that where all of the conflict is down there. If we want to find the other guys, we should view the altitudes on our radars.”
Yohime: “We don’t have that though?”
Al: “I know…So with out further ado. All of the conflict is down stairs and we should head down there right now. It’s not like the conflict will come to us.”

The Golem hops right through the ceiling! Penetrating the floor on the second floor and appears right beside the Nightmare and Angel.
Yohime: “It’s a Gundam!!!”
The Angel faces the Nightmare and a cascade appears on its helmet.
Al: “…Really?”
Yohime: “Hey! I couldn’t resist!”
The Golem continues to run down the hallway. My god! It might make the floor crumble! A Zaku hops through the hole the Golem just made and darts after it.
Dane: “Run run as fast as you can! You can’t run from me, you are the lard ass man!!!”
Yohime & Al: “…”
Yohime: “…Found it!”
The Nightmare zooms off after the Zaku and Golem. Alphonse on the other hand decided to leave Yohime up to this. He knows where the REAL conflict is! The Angel hops down the hole the Golem made.

Meanwhile…The basement…The Gouf walks down a staircase to reach the basement. There are no hall ways but many small pillars that hold up the entire building. There are many packets of data the roam around in the basement. These data packets are old memories that Sunrise developed many years ago. These data packets could contain shelved ideas or files of past anime or software…but the Hunter doesn’t know that. The Hunter is in the center of the basement while picking up data packets and shoving its arm cannon into them. It absorbs the packets!
Albert: "Files don’t contain the target data…damn it…Does it not lye here?"n
His name is finally revealed. Albert eh?
Albert: “Mission log…More scanning needs to be named. The target data must either be around here or-”
Albert’s main camera picks up something on its radar! From behind??? The Hunter turns around to face the Gouf…
Alpha Squad Leader: “What the hell? What is he looking for? Records on his favorite anime?”
The lady shakes her head. It can’t be that…all of this needs to be for something bigger.
Charlie Squad Leader: “75% ma’am!!!”
The Hunter holds out its beam blade at the Hunter and the Hunter does the same for the Gouf.
Alpha Squad Leader: “Now this time, don’t run away like a little baby.” She smirks.
Albert: “…This one is annoying…”
The Two splicers charge towards one another and their beams clash.
The black screen fades and reveals the Hunter’s grappling beam wraps around the Gouf. The screen goes black again!
There is a gunshot. Satoshi walks across the screen with a twelve gauge pump action shotgun. He pumps it.
Satoshi: “Don’t be a dick and block our happiness on the internet. Anyone else who passes these stupid internet laws forgot the first rule of the internet.”
The screen zooms in on Satoshi. He smirks.
Satoshi: “Rules? What rules? Now get back to the fight!”
He turns around and points the shotgun and the black screen behind him. He fires a round and the screen shatters like glass. It reveals a damaged gouf with both arms gone. Oh no! The Gouf backs away from the Hunter.
Alpha Squad Leader: “Damn it…I was so close too…Alright fine…” The Lady smiles once more.
Albert: “Now…you perish…”
The Hunter rushes forward while it’s ACBS raises above its head. The lady is about to press a button (Self destruct) but something blocks the incoming slash. A beam shin! The Flow! It’s the Flow!
Mimiri: “I made it! Not sure what is going on, but judging by what’s happening right now…You…are…”
Mimiri glares at her monitor.
Albert can’t believe it…another Gundam? No way! At least not like the Golem and other the other one! Albert’s eyes widen.
Albert: “You…you are…”
Mimiri & Albert: “A GUNDAM!?!”

The frame freezes with both of them saying A GUNDAM!?! The ending theme music plays…

-End of file. Insert File #4 Side 1-

Author’s Note: Alright guys! Three episodes so far! Leave your comments below because I am always open for suggestions and tips. Also, any sort of errors that you find…eh…Sorry about that! Just having fun here! I won’t be updating for the next week because of stupid College things. I already have two exams this week and I have to write a bunch of papers! So please be patient! 500 views? FTW!!!

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Already the second opening?


-Previously on Mobile Suit Gundam XD: Mimiri is standing in front of a black back ground while her hand is covering her eyes. Just Communication begins playing as XD’s characters replace the Wing characters…Buuuuut. The screen zooms in on Mimiri as she removes her hand away from her face. The camera lens SLAMS into Mimiri’s face and it cracks a little. Well! No Gundam Wing opening with Gundam XD characters!
Charlie Soldier: “It’s a Gundam!”
The Zaku gets ripped in half by the Golem.
Alpha Soldier: “It’s a Gundam!”
The Hunter punches the Zaku’s helmet off.
Setsuna: “I AM GUNDAM!!!”
Setsuna RAMS into the 00 Raiser’s chest and DRILLS right through it. KABOOM!
A doctor holds up a new born baby…eh…Gundam?
Doctor: “It’s a Gundam, Miss Hanabi.”
The Doctor places the new born Gundam in the mother’s hands.
Miss Hanabi: “…Destiny” She has a kitty face after naming her Gundam.
The Golem is skipping through the hallways of Haro Corp.
Francoise: “Lalalalalalala!”
A Zaku is chasing it.
Dane: “Get your ass back here so I can chop it off and sell it on Ebay!!!”
Unfortunate Haro Corp Employee: “Finally!”
He holds up a huge data packet about the size of marble.
Unfortunate Haro Corp Employee: “I finally created so much data in such a small packet, we can mass produce more Zakus! Maybe even improve them all to Goufs too! This is a great discovery! I will be famous!!!”
The Golem tramples the poor employee…But…the GM still has its data packet in its hand.
Dane’s Zaku CRUSHES the hand. Including the packet.
Dane: “Out of my way, chip head!”
…Ouch. Insult to injury.
The Flow and Hunter cross beams.
Mimiri and Albert: “It’s a Gundam!”
The Golem RIPS the Flow’s head off and the Templar RIPS the Hunter’s arms off!

A book closes. Satoshi is sitting on a lovely exotic chair while wearing a dark red robe.
Satoshi: “And that is why you don’t say, It’s a Gundam!.”
A robotic Hand CRASHES through a wall behind Satoshi and nabs him! Satoshi’s eyes are wide open.

-File #4 side 1.-
The Flow and Hunter are locked in combat! The Hunter is burst firing at the Flow, but the damn Splicer moves like a humming bird! This engines on the side of its shoulders aren’t for show!
Albert: “Hit…hit…hit…”
None of the blasts are hitting the Flow! No dice! The Flow homes in on the Hunter with its beam pistols out and unpacking lasers.
Albert!: “!!!”
The Hunter hunter side hops away from the volley! The Flow soars above the Hunter then pivots to strike again with more beam blasts.
Mimiri: “Can’t beam spam so much! The pistols are over heating!”
The Hunter fires its beam grappling hook and it captures the Flow’s only leg.
Albert: “…Got ya…”
Mimiri: “Oh come on! I didn’t see that one coming! He doe-”
The Hunter swings the Flow towards a wall!
Mimiri: “sn’t HAAAAAVE!!! A WEAPON IN THAT ARM!?!?!”
The Flow slams into a wall. The Splicer’s main torso statics while being pinned to the wall behind it.
Albert: “…Hm…”
While the Flow tries standing up, it fails hard. It sucks to only have one leg. All that it can do is push itself off the ground while the main monitor is focused on the Hunter. The Hunter’s visor brightens.
Albert: “Scanning Splicer…”
A pop up well…pops out of Albert’s visor. His eyes widen.
Albert: “This is?!!? The many Terabytes stored in this splicer? Where did the user acquire the memory to construct this splicer?!?”
The Flow’s only foot ignited, including its back accelerator. Mimiri punches the air with both of her gloved hands then the Flow flies towards the Hunter with its beam claws extracted. The Hunter STILL has a good grip around the Flow with its beam grappling hook…but…
Satoshi: “Why are you screaming?”
The Hunter cuts off the beam however by turning into a ball. The Flow’s swings but misses after the Hunter transforms! The Hunter turns back into its mobile suit mode and turns around to face the flying away flow with its arm cannon pointing right at it. Oh ho! It’s charging!
Albert: “…I hope you like lasers…”
The Flow turns around to notice a GIANT BEAM SPHERE HEADING FOR ITS SORRY ASS! Mimiri’s eyes widen until she kick her wall.
The Flow SLAMS its Beam shin into the blast and kicks it away! Holy crap!!! It can do that? A data packet that reads “Gundam SEED Destiny Is AMAZING!” on it gets obliterated by the blast. Good by Destiny!
A fan boy is watching this on television jumps out of his seat. He cheers!!! Another fanboy jumps out and screams out. “Bye bye Jesus Yamato!!! Good riddance!” But…One fan boy drops to his knees while sobbing like a baby. “…K-kira? Kira…No…No…” He looks up and shouts out. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”
Albert is sitting in his cock pit with a blank look on his face. He is getting impatient…The mission is already jeopardize by this Splicer, but perhaps there is a way to save the main plan. Mimiri has a few tears streaming from her eyes as she looks at her foot. There is a massive bump on it.
Mimiri: “That really hurt!” TnT
Mimiri shakes her head and lands the Flow next to a wall. It leans on it so it can stand up.
Mimiri: “That was too close! Hey! Who ever you are! Turn on you chat! I gotta show you a piece of my mind!”
Mimiri sends a chat request to the Hunter. Albert tenses up a little…does he dare open it? He can’t let his voice be known to anyone other than his allies. He does however wanna hear this user’s voice. He presses a key and the chat box opens…but…He doesn’t speak. He wants to listen to the person’s voice.
The damaged Gouf watches from the background. The woman doesn’t know if she should be involved or not. That blue and red Gundam lacks a leg but can still hold it’s own against the purple Gundam.
Kiyomi: “I have a name now…YES!!! Anyway, I could of sworn there was a yellow one with the red and blue one back outside of the building? Charlie! Are those Grenades done?”
Charlie Squad leader: “They are done! All four of them!”

Meanwhile back at the Hanger! The Zaku’s hold up what appears to be a sphere with a ring wrapped around it. Odd, they don’t look like grenades.
Charlie soldier: “Alright! They are done!”
Kiyomi: “Alright! Each of those grenades should be able to damage one of them! But we need to make sure that the said possible threat is right in the center of the blast radius! We might have to corner it!”
Bravo Squad Leader: “Ma’am, I think both of them will corner us…”
Kiyomi smirks. She examines the two Splicers that are just standing there while she crosses her arms. Her monitor is showing her practically no action!
Kiyomi: “We got one of them cornered right now…” She continues to smirk.

Albert is getting no response? What is taking this user so long to respond? But…And ENLARGED fist SLAMS into Albert’s head. The massive force slams his head against the side of his cockpit. It’s a good thing he was wearing a helmet!
Albert holds his head, it still stings despite he was wearing a helmet! The boy stands up straight again and cuts off the voice chat.
Mimiri tanks her hand out of her head set then sets it back on her head.
Mimiri: “Serves you right, jerk.”
She glares at her monitor.

AN: Myep.