Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury


Sunrise has teased a brand new TV anime in the works “The Witch from Mercury”. Aside from the logo and title which was revealed via a new website, not much else is known about the project - not even if it is UC based or a new AU Gundam series…but whatever it is, it’s coming 2022.

Thoughts? If it is a new AU then I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing something a bit different like low level magic in Gundam. :thinking:

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was some sort of SD Gundam show.

The style of the title and the title itself don’t seem like they fit a SD show. I think the witch part might refer to someone with psychic powers, telekinesis, etc. something along those lines maybe.

Sunrise also revealed that it is currently working on a film titled Cucuruz Doan’s Island, also releasing in 2022. It will be a film adaptation of an episode from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series of the same name.

I would not be surprised if they’re adapting the Doan’s Island manga rather than just making a theatrical version of the infamous lost episode from the original TV anime. :thinking:

Would not be surprise if they just got lazy and use scenes from original TV anime and called it “New Translation”… :neutral_face:

There will also be a spin off from the Iron Blooded Orphans, but there do not seemed to have an official name yet.

Wondering if they will be doing a Macross type for Witch from Mercury, with songs and stuffs… Because Bandai’s Chief Gundam Officer, did not know that was a position, stated that they are working to “create a work that even young generations will support”, not sure what that means,

The font for Witch from Mercury though, seemed weirdly familiar… :thinking:

Speaking of the title, it definitely evokes memories of Scirocco’s epithet of “The Man from Jupiter” so I wonder if it will be another UC anime. :thinking:

I’m hoping it expands the uc universe. Theres not much mention of mercury, venus, or mars, theres just jupiter.

Hey you never know.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the “Cucuruz Doan’s Island” only in the original Japanese version of Mobile Suit Gundam? Wasn’t it cut from the US release?

There’s a manga version of it? What’s it about? Is the story about his time a a soldier and it lead up to him deciding to quit Zeon and live on the Island?


Oh so its based more on Gundam Origins. I’ll have to look for it.

Mars was mentioned in the Gundam F90 manga, where Zeon remnants fled to and became Mars Zeon Independence Army. So it would be just Mercury and Venus.

Well considering we’ve had enemies form the moon(Moon Race), Mars(Vagan), Jupiter(Jupiter Empire), and Venus(G-IT corpse), I guess Mercury is the next logical step for Gundam.

Seems like kind of a hostile place to choose if you ask me. One can make the case for Mars, the moons of Jupiter, and arguably for Venus, but Mercury? Given that planet’s orbit and proximity to the sun, I can’t see it being a viable place. Then again, with terraforming anything is possible I suppose.

Some new details from “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury”. The show will have its first ever “female hero” in a main Gundam television anime series, as well as her mobile suit, the Gundam Aerial.

High Grade 1/144-scale models for the three newly revealed mobile suits are already in production.




That Gundam is giving me a 00/Reconguista in G/Iron Blood vibe to it. The first kit gives me the Gundam 00 feel while the other two give the Iron Blood maybe Reconguista vibe. But it is very interesting and I’m even more looking forward to the anime.

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I forgot to mention but the anime will be airing in October of this year.

Hopefully one of the western Streaming services will be able to pick it up.

Yeah that was really the only info they gave was the release date when they announced it.

By the by, the (clipped) animated teaser for anyone who doesn’t care to sit through the entire stream.

I was hoping that if Sunrise were to animate a first ever female hero pilot, they would adapt Ecole du Ciel… but I’ll settle for this. Any details (like background, world building, factions, or character traits) about this new series been released yet?