Mobile Suit Gundam: The Galactic Chronicles episode one

Mobile Suit Gundam the Galatic Chronicles
Episode 1 (Ghost of War)
By: Jordan T. Garner & Chris J. Grant

Setting- The Milky Way Galaxy
Time- Galatic Millennia 0021
Plot-Much time has passed since man began moving into space. Within that time humanity lived and learned. Through centuries of war and peace continued to fight against each other in an eternal dance with no end. However, after the last great space war man finally has learned from its mistakes. The Earth’s sphere and the spacenoids of the galaxy agreed to live under one rule. The rule of the United Solar Federation, under their rule the galaxy entered a time of peace, with no war humanity continued to move into space and beyond. However, those who live beyond the solar system think that the grip of the greed obsessed has gone too far deep into the principals of how people should live and that there should be change for the better, whether it comes peacefully or by force.
• Galixus Tritonite
• Noir Chevalier
• Commander Zephira
• Captain Serna
• Commander Goliath
• President Joel
• General Walter
• Dr. Odysseus
• Representative Thelo
• Representative Rex
• Master of Ceremonies
• Mystery Man

Episode 1 scene 1
Setting- The U.S.F (United Solar Federation) Galatic Assembly Hall in the lunar city New Van Braugh 13:25 (1:25 pm) it’s the begging of the Solar System Colony Summit. This is the meeting of all colonies within the solar system and the earth’s sphere to form the first unilateral government that works with the Earth. The representatives of each cluster of colonies and member nations of the Earth shake hands and take their seats as the master of ceremonies addresses the delegates.
(Enter Master of Ceremonies)
Master Of Ceremonies- Greetings one and all may the negotiations that take place today bring about a peace that shall live for generations to come. That war shall be nothing but a distant ugly memory in man’s past. (Applause follows)
Then representative Thelo of the Colonies outside of solar system speaks to the delegates
Representative Thelo- Now that there has been a chance to say what we would like to happen let us get to the matter at hand assembling a new future for mankind.
The representatives deliberate until the Master of Ceremonies says it is time for a small recess
Master of Ceremonies- I hereby state that shall be adjourned and shall recommence tomorrow at the same time. The meeting is adjourned.
(A gavel is struck)
The representatives leave and go out to see what this lunar city has to offer. As they depart another representative, representative Rex ask Thelo if would like to join them for a drink. Thelo respectfully declined and on his way.
Episode 1 Scene 2
Setting- Inside the Lunar city New Van Braugh at a hotel, the time is 24:00. While everything is at peace in the city with its people are asleep one man was awake for reasons yet to be found. While in space there is a strange ship that in hyperspace. Its destination is unknown.
(Enter Mystery Man and Representative Thelo)
Representative Thelo- (ringing sound) hmmm, it must be a call from the organization. (Turns on communicator) Yes what is it?
Mystery Man- How goes the negotiations?
Representative Thelo- It is expected that the representatives of the colonies shall go with the whole government being under the control of the Earth. I suspect the reason being that after the last space war the colonies virtually handed over what was left of their weapons while the Earth still held strong for some reason. There is something bigger at work.
Mystery Man- I see…. then will have to accelerate our plans. Try to do what you can and we will remain on standby in sector 5 as planned.
Representative Thelo- I understand, report back in at 24:00.
Mystery Man- Understood, over and out
(Communicator ceases)
Representative Thelo- (sighs) I really do pray it doesn’t have to come to this.

Episode 1 scene 3
Setting- It is day two of the Solar System Colony Summit it is 14:25, The Negotiations are nearing its end and it shows that the colonies are in favor of total earth solar government. Meaning that all the colonies will follow all the policies set before them from the earth and nothing else. If the economies of the earth fall the colonies deliver their aid to the earth and if it were the colonies in economic failure it would not affect the earth largely since the earth is in control of everything. How will those of different opinion counter this situation?
(Enter Master of Ceremonies and Representative Thelo & Rex)

Master of Ceremonies- Before we finalize the agreement are there any questions?
Representative Thelo- Yes, do colonies have to give so much to the earth like it’s an almsman. I thought that humanity moved into space to help the earth. Not continue to stain it with our pollution and the surging population.
Representative Rex- This is true, however after centuries of war earth still holds strong but barely. Earth has many resources that we still need that can’t be found in space, water for example. All life needs water that we know of its important that keep the earth alive.
(Other members colonies and nations talked and agreed with Representative Rex)
Representative Thelo-Everyone aren’t you forgetting how this will affect us, those who live in space. It will cripple the growth of the colonies outside of the galaxy. The construction on those colonies is only 58 percent complete.
Representative Rex-I’m sure you’ll manage after all in the past you are the ones who keep losing in the past wars.
Representative Thelo- Are you making fun of us damn it! In case you haven’t figured this out we go to war with you because the entire earth government dose is just dose everything half-assed and just says “This is all we can do for you for the moment, we will send more supplies whenever we can”. Furthermore it takes them eternity to get here with supplies while the people of the colonies starved and died due to lack of medicine. To hell with this idea for the preservation of the earth leave the earth and head to man’s new home space.
Representative Rex- However those attitudes brought monsters like Zeon, Neo Zeon, and The Crossbone Vanguard into the world and that plunged mankind into this terrible massacre called war.
(The other delegates continue to talk and argue)

Master of Ceremonies-Order! We will have order (gavel being struck repeatedly and silence resonates through the hall) I would like to close the meeting and we will pick up on the final day of the summit at 9:00 (gavel struck) meeting adjourned.
(All representatives leave their chairs and exit the assembly hall while he leaves the room in disgust)
Episode 1 scene 4
Setting – 19:00 A New Van Braugh café in a booth way in the back of the restaurant. Thelo is at wits end. He is completing on what to do, how I he going to stop this treaty from destroying the colonies. His deep thought was broken and old face enters the café.
(Enter Representatives Thelo & Rex)
Representative Thelo- My, my, what a surprise to see you here Rex old chum.
Representative Rex- Well if it isn’t Thelo ego.
Representative Thelo- thought (ignorant imbecile)
(Rex sits in booth and talks to waiter)
Representative Rex- Hey waiters bring us two coffees.
(Waiter nods in response)
Representative Rex-So what have you been doing with yourself since the meeting?
Representative Thelo-Nothing but thinking about how this policy will change life in the colonies. How my people will take to giving back to a land they never really seen except maybe the elders and through a telescope and archive data. With all that the younger generation learned about the earth and its wars with the colonies they thick that getting involved with the earth and forming under one rule would start another war. See people can truly ever agree on a single ideal until I found out today. While earth still has a full military heaven knows why while the colonies virtually have no military because there has been no need for them since all of them agreed on diverting resources to colony advancement and transportation. So one wonders why?
Representative Rex-I see, however as you continue to expand yourself into the vast void of space we, those who choose to live on earth are still in a “ghetto” of an economy so to speak. We continue to have to expand our military because those who live here on earth are still bickering on how they are going to survive since they don’t the money it takes to move out into space and there is a constant terrorist organization popping up overthrow the world government. Saying that “The government has fools of you all, what we you to know as home lands are nothing but meaningless spaces that we inhabit. There is no nationality or ethnic background, just human being. We must regain our identity as a way to show that there is diversity amongst our race. We must not give up our culture; it’s what makes us different.” Those people are nothing but conservative lunatics. They are making people disgusted at what people of the same race as they are doing for the preservation of their way of life. That kind of stuff just drives people closer towards that idea of a united world, and space all together.
Representative Thelo-I concur but, you shouldn’t have people submit all they strived to achieve just to head back to earth that is something the people of earth should do on their own just, like you did with the people who moved into space. The people of this world move out into space to broaden their horizons and prosper, not to have all their just go to a land just can’t live in peace ever since we formed a civilization.
Representative Rex- (Yawn) Oh my will you look at the time. I had better get going.
Representative Thelo- Very well I’ll see you tomorrow. (In thought as exiting the café it would seems as if I have no choice. I better get to my hotel and begin the preparations.)
Episode 1 scene 5
Setting-The clock just strikes 24:00 Thelo is at his hotel room and he is writing something on a piece of paper when he was interrupted by his communicator. Is it another call from the organization?
(Enter Representative Thelo& mystery man now known as Commander Zephira)
Representative Thelo- Yes what is it commander?
Commander Zephira- So shall we proceed with the plan?
Representative Thelo- I’m afraid so commander.
Commander Zephira- I understand. I just want to let you know what we are about to do will change history for the better.
Representative Thelo- Yes I know but still, all the innocent that can be dragged into this incident?
Commander Zephira- We will execute this mission with the utmost precision.
Representative Thelo- See that you do.
Commander Zephira- Understood. The Mission will commence at 12:00 as planned.
Representative Thelo- Very well you have my blessings that these actions that we are about to commit will build a better future for mankind.
Commander Zephira- Understood. May the path you now walk be on that of glorious one?
(Communication ceases)
Representative Thelo- Now let us offer a silent prayer that the people will understand what we wish to do and not to look at us a monsters.
(He finishes his letter and it’s addressed to a person named Alyria.)
Representative Thelo- Alyria, wherever you may be please protect me and wait for I will be with you soon.
(He opens a window and pulls out a lighter and burns the letter and lets it fly off into the wind as it turns into ashes.)

Episode 1 scene 6
Setting- It is 10:45 on the bridge of ship in hyperspace and a captain of the ship just sits down in his chair and stares out in to the void of space.
(Enter Captain Serna & Commander Zephira)
Commander Zephira- Captain what is our status?
Captain Serna- We’re proceeding as scheduled. We should arrive at our destination within the hour
(Commander talks in the intercom)
Commander Zephira- Attention all personnel, we will be arriving at our target objective within an hour. Begin the preparations for primary battle stations and have the mobile suits be ready to launch at a moment’s notice.
Captain Serna- Hopefully this mission won’t go off with a hitch.
Commander Zephira- I hope so too.
(Ship continues on its path)
Episode 1 scene 7
Setting- It is 11:00 at the New Van Braugh Assembly hall and it is the final day of negotiations in the United Solar Colony Summit and it seems that virtually everyone is at agreement with the policy of having every colony under earth rule and they will be part of their economy as a whole.
(Enter Master of Ceremonies and delegates)
Master of Ceremonies- So if everyone in agreement with this policy pleases pres press the yes button on the console and we shall tally up the votes.
(Delegates converse and press buttons)
Master of Ceremonies- Well it would seem as if a landslide with our opinions, according to the monitor 80 percent to 20 percent for the policy. That means that the new policy shall be put into affect later on today when it is made public. Congratulations everyone after three grueling days of negotiations the seeds of government has bared fruit. There shall be a short 45 minute recess before we will meet and close the summit and addressing the public.
(Gavle struck)
Master Of Ceremonies- Meeting adjourned.
(Delegates leave the room)

Episode 1 scene 8

Setting-It is 9:00 The ship known as the Ogmeon is approaching the Moon’s orbit while the crew of pilots and squad commanders as well as mission commandos are in the briefing room

(Enter Lietenant Serna, Warrant Officer McNeil, and Ensign Tritonite)
Serna-Alright, listen up, I will commence this briefing with a general overview of the progression of this mission and a plan of how the Ogmeon will be participating
Serna-We will first enter the Moon’s orbit, then the Ogmeon will release the space fighter squadron, while it descends as low as possible, inside the core of the squadron will be commando capsules, then the Firebolt squad will launch while small teams of support mobile suits will launch soon after, after that the commando capsules will land inside the docking bay of New Von Braun, while the Dimzneons will attack the bay from the rear, after that the commandos will capture the enemy’s Gundam mobile suits, all the while the Ogmeon will be providing missile support with the occasional hit and run fire support. Warrant Officer McNeil will now speak his part.
McNeil-At 11:50 the Ogmeon will release the space fighter squadron, then at 12:00 the Firebolt squad will launch along with the support MS, the MS will consist of Gifsneons, Dimzneons, and Zimsneons. The enemy will be sure to put up quite a bit of resistance, so be prepared. The capsules should land by 12:10, and the Gundams should be completely captured by 12:20. Ensign Tritonite will now speak his part.
Tritonite-The enemy MS will probably consist of Fugneons and Javelances along with at least two support ships and one main ship of which will probably be docked and will act as a gun platform. Our squad will spearhead the frontal attack along with the Zimsneon support teams while the Dimzneons will attack from the rear. Any questions?
Kovos-how can we assure that the Dimzneons will succeed?
Tritonite-don’t worry, the Ogmeon will be giving additional missile cover if necessary to ensure the rear assault’s success
Serna-soldiers, good luck!
Setting- It is11:45 Outside of the Moons orbit and a ship exits out of hyperspace and is heading towards the moon.
(Enter Commander Zephira & Captain Serna and Helmsman )
Helmsman- Captain we have reached our destination.
Captain Serna- Excellent, what shall we do commander?
Commander Zephira- Have mobile suit teams sortie and begin to commence mission at once.
Captain Serna- Rodger.
(Activating intercom)
Captain Serna- Attention all personnel prepare to launch Firebolt squad and have the Zimsneon support teams launch next
Scene 10
Setting-11:45, inside the capsule
Noir-Alright men, just follow my lead and you will be sure to achieve the objectives
Falkon-Yeah, whatever you say
Noir-That kind of attitude will mean the end for your autonomy. Just keep the faith in the Ogmeon and the MS squads. They have everything worked out. Remember, I helped to devise this plan as well.
Falkon-Then why the hell would you put yourself in harm’s way?!
Noir-Because I must have the glory of being one of the men to succeed in capturing a Gundam. THAT is what this mission is all about!
Falkon-Okay, then. Well, just wish us luck then so that we may share your glory.
Noir-Good luck!
Mathias-We shall succeed and crumble the evil USF
Falkon-Damn right!
Noir-Alright men, get ready, launch!!!
Scene 11
Setting-12:00, inside the hangar
Cornelius-Alright Jason, we’re the linchpin here, we must land at the scheduled time.
Jason-Definitely. But then what do we do?
Cornelius-if all or most goes according to plan, then we’ll only have to act as an anti-personnel platform
Jason-sounds good by me!
Scene 12
Setting-12:05 (the battle commences)

(alarm sounds)
Commander Goliath rushes to the war room of the base
Goliath-Everyone, listen up! This was bound to happen sooner or later! This is the attack of Brodie! Prepare yourselves! Field the Armanchios!

LTCR Zorma is commanding the Kilmanch, a warship

Zorma-this ship must defend the base! But if there’s even one breakthrough, then we’ll at least partially field the ship! Launch the Fugneons! Tell them to charge if necessary!

Lt. Ziek is commanding the Armanchios on the right flank.

Ziek-The enemy will probably try to break throught here. Their objective must be the caputure of our Gundams. We must counter their attemts!
Rex-We must stand strong against those damn spacemen! We’ll keep to our assigned posts!
Thelo-show some respect at least!
Rex-Shut up! They’re just dirty rebels! We have to dominate them in battle!
Thelo-We’re politicians! Not soldiers!
Rex-Jee…you would…Alright then, security! Escort him to the brig!
Battle is in progress. Firebolt squadron is holding strong; a Javelance slashes through one, but Tritonite repels and destroys it.
Tritonite-come on! Use your training! We can’t progress like this!
Chilgo-Yes, sir! We’ll implement our best tactics!

Two Zimsneons take down a Fugneon and shoot down a missile barrage; the Ogmeon counters with a linear barrage, while the Firebolt Squadron charge through a squad of Javelances.

Odyko-What the hell?! WE’RE supposed to charge! So, lets do it!
Zorma-Odyko! We have spotted two Dimzneons! I think they’re going in for a rear assault!
Odyko-Roger! We’ll intercept them!
A fugneon is destroyed in exchange for a Gifsneon.
Jason-Uh, sir!
Cornelius-Don’t Worry! Lets keep on moving! Double time!
Galactos spots whats happening, so he orders 2 Gifsneons to provide support; a Gifsneon is destroyed; but the Dimzneons land just in time.

Noir-Crap! They’re VERY prepared!
Falkon-Die! You thugs!
A grunt commando is killed.

Mathias-Sir, we need to charge.
Noir-I’m not so sure…?!
2 more grunts are killed; a bullet narrowly misses Falkon
The pilots board the Gundams while the Dimzneons support.
Rex-Lets see! The battle seems chaotic!
He peers in on the head writing of a MS; it says “Gundam”.
Rex-The game is over, but the war is on!

Episode ends