Mobile Suit Gundam: Operation Troy

Does anyone have it?

I dont have it either…and was wondering about the game play of it

You mean that one game that Namco Bandai was supposed to release in AMERICA FIRST for the 360 under the title Mobile Suit Gundam: The One Year War, but NEVER did? Fuck Namco Bandai and their dynasty warriors games. I don’t have it because xbox 360’s are region locked for no reason.

Looked it up and ya, it’s only for Japan.

Game play of it:

Yea it kinda sucks to have a x-box and and be a gundam fan

It kinda sucks knowing that I bought an x-box 360 in order to be able to play this game and Bandai decides to fuck me over. At least Lost Planet and Dead Rising came out.

It sucks being an American Gundam fan period.

It does. It seems as though not enough people are aware of the sheer awesomeness that Gundam is.

Gundam is a bueatiful thing, i just wish that outsiders would look more closely, For me its not all about the mobile suits but the story behind the mobile suits and the people

This is NOT gundam but we got stuck with it :confused:

Gundamswag- I’m in the same boat as you. I specifically bought my 360 for this game then found out it was canned. However, I was able to find a demo release for the game and was able to play it. It’s a lot of fun but a PITA to get to play right. If you want an “in cockpit” Gundam game, get a Dreamcast and get Gundam Side Story: Rise from the Ashes.

It dose…I’m just glad the PS3 games don’t have region protection. Feel bad for the 360 players, no clue why op troy didn’t come here…or why it was 360 exclusive, from what I heard 360 isn’t to big in Japan. (Not being a fanboy that’s just what I heard, I love both systems…wish I owned both too because they’re are exclusives I want)

I know WackyModder84 posted a video with the demo that could be used on the US Xbox’s I’ll see if I can’t get him to post on here again…

Yeah my first Gundam game purchase, only just discovered that a PS3 can play any region, and I can get Gundam games I have never heard of.