Mobile Suit Gundam:Light of Transition.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Light of Transition


It’s been nearly two hundred years since humanity leapt to the stars, one hundred ninety one years since the dawn of the universal century.

There are now two major factions, repeating the same actions as before the Colony’s versus the earth Federation. It’s been five years since the Space federalist army had secured a majority of the colonies. The earth federation where becoming isolationists, there only major entities in space, was the Moon, and a few scattered colonies. Though they where still holding out, sending to occasional skirmishing force to attack, and in some cases destroy an entire side.

Chapter 1 Possibilities
July 24th U.C 0191 Location: Side one’s Londinen colony Secret MS Development center

A lone man walked down the corridor, a white metallic surface on each side. He had short black hair, and blue eyes, and a rather gaunt face, and looked as if he had been up for days. He approached the end of the hall way as a sliding door slid open revealing the silhouette of a women looking over schematics on various computer screens, they being the only source of light in the room.

“Lieutenant,” the man said softly, as he looked a crossed the room, she jumped with a start.

“Captain!, I didn’t hear you come in” she turned around revealing her, brushing her blonde hair out of her face as she got up and walked towards the man, her blue eyes reflecting what light was in the room. Her face was round and she was pail, as if she had been in this dark room for days.

“It’s ok Lieutenant, I was just coming by to see how the designs for the Omega where going,” he walked past he towards the screen, “Amazing huh, we’re harking back to tech that’s 100 years old for this machine.” 

She nodded in agreement, as she sighed and then said “Yeah, I guess the best solutions are often the simplest, or rather oldest,” she walked to the computer screens and brought up a new blue print “The X series Gundams have brought to light most of what we want on omega, but we’re having issues with Argria Gundam, as you know,”

The man looked up “Well Lieutenant Tenma we can scrap the omega’s partner unit, in exchange for a Full Weapons and Armor system. What about units 2 and 4 how are they holding up for testing?”

“Both are performing as expected, all four units have been successful in combat deployment, with some minor problems that are being addressed for the Second batch of Mobile Suits,” she hit a few buttons on the screen as a another schematic popped up, the heading read XX-78-3[2] Gundam X-3 “Xeana”.

The captain looked over the schematics “So this will be the Agraria’s successor unit?” He looked over the schematic of a sleek looking mobile suit with a schematic for a long range beam rifle next to it.

“Yes, just like Argria it’s main focus will be on long range support, It will also have a full weapons and armor system, that will allowed it to focus on a heavy support roll,” 

He looked over the schematics and then put his arm around the Lieutenant he then went on to say, “I think this unit will be more effective then Agraria, don’t you?”

Lieutenant Tenma turned to face the captain, as she drew closer they embraced each other, “Well captain Tenma you should know you where one of the lead designers.”

Tenma laughed at this “Yes I was Samantha, yes I was,” 

“Oh I see we’re husband and wife again for the time being, Shiro,” they came closer until they where kissing.

July 24th Location: Mobile suit deck of the Exalter Class war ship known as “Normandy”

“Hey Gan, you’ve ran the simulation 100 time all ready man what gives?” said a rather cool, yet playful, voice from out side the mobile suit cock pit. The voice belonged to a younger man, with long black hair and dark green eyes, who was rather short at about five foot four inches tall, and had a scar though his right eye, which was even paler than his all ready pale face.

Inside the cockpit of the suit the round panoramic screen showed a few blue-green mobile suits flicking by with the pilot shooting them down rather easily. Gan Shore, who was inside the cock bit had medium length brown hair and brown eyes, his face was somewhat round, and he was tall for his age at 6 feet tall.

“I’m practicing Dylan, that’s all why don’t you do the same eh” he said rather coldly as the screen flashed black, and the cockpit door opened, revealing Dylan’s silhouette in the midst of it.

Dylan snorted at this remark and retorted “Like we need to practice man, you and Vanguard Gundam sent the feddies packing, hell Agraria and I hardly had time to shoot down any.” 

Gan stepped out of the cockpit of the mobile suit, the machine stood about 17 meters high, and was white, blue, red and yellow in color, it looked similar to the RX-78-2, and the Nu Gundam, albeit with wing binders like the Hyaku shiki, and the chest had Vents similar to the AGE Gundam on it. This was, the XX-78-1[1] Vanguard Gundam. 

“Hey there Gan,” Said a tall muscular man standing on the shoulder of a black mobile suit, that looked eerily similar to the Gera Doga, with a head like the Sazabi’s though with a mouth piece like the Zaku II’s. The man had short blonde hair and blue eyes, and a rather round head, with a bit of a soul patch and small moustache, he was wearing a checkered shirt and blue jeans, driving golf balls off into the end of the hanger.

Gan waved at the man and went on to say, “How’s a going Markus?” as he jumped out of the Vanguard Gundams hand, gently falling to the ground of the hangar.

Markus looked down, “Yeah all right just baby sitting you young ones, what’s new heh?” 

Dylan looked at him and rolled his eyes, “Oh whatever old timer, what are you 67 this month?”

Markus laughed at this, “I’m 33 you ass.” he drove a golf ball towards Dylan jokingly, Dylan dodged it as Markus knew he would. 

Gan started off towards a door on the side of the hangar leavening them behind, he left and he couldn’t help but smile listening to them bicker, something that he dosen’t do often. He grabbed the guide handle at the hallway and started down the hall, white metallic walls zipping by as he headed off.

As he zipped down the corridor he thought about the previous mission, it went well as it always did, but there was a new suit out there, something not in the system.  Gan’s mind flashed back to the battle. A Red and black suit zipped around appearing similar to the old Delta Plus (in the sense of it’s overall stance and wing binders) from over a hundred years ago, it was a variable suit and shared overall looks with the feddie’s standard MP suit the AGM-001 Ashrana. Similar over all size a look to it, except this was more angular, and had a Gundams head, and it was variable, not to mention an odd color scheme. The pilot was defiantly and ace Gan though, he could keep up with him and Markus, even exceed them at times, but the pilot was forced to retreat before any real damage could be caused to Markus or Gan’s suit.

As Gan reached the end of the hall he looked both to the left and the right of this corridor. He grabbed a guide handle to his right and went down the corridor towards the mess hall. Most of the ships crew had gone to bed seeing as it was nearly 12AM, and they weren’t on a high alert status.

July 25th Location: Unknown, Courtyard of some estate on earth.
A man walked down a path way in a courtyard, with man exotic trees in it, the man looked to be in his mid twenties, and had short black, almost blue hair, with grayish blue eyes, and what appeared to be a birth mark above his forehead resembling a sideways crescent moon.

As he walked re remeber fighting the Space Federalist Army’s Gundam suits, and thought how it’s been nearly a year since he walked on earth, the amount of Gravity felt odd to him. He strolled in the light of the full moon, amid a nicely keep Garden of various trees, casting eerie shadows in the dim white light.

He approached a mansion, his destination, it had a flag poll in the middle of the drive way with the standard earth federation flag on it. The man took a moment to stop and look at the flag poll, and thought to him self, what he was fighting for, not only for the federation, yet space, in an odd sense. He continued thinking about how both sides should come to an agreement, but that would never happen, typical bureaucratic bull shit. He strode towards the mansion, eventually hitting the stairs, passing the columns, the only light now coming from a dim bulb in the porch light. 

He rang the door bell, as a balding man in his mid 50’s or so opened the door and said “Master Esquire has been expecting you sir, right this way,” the butler gestured towards the door way. 

They went up one of the two stairways lined with red velvet carpet, as they ascended the butler tried to make conversation, “I’ve heard much about you, but I never have gotten your name sir.” 

The younger man though wither to give his name or not, but came to the conclusion there was no harm, seeing has he won’t by a pseudonym “I go by Akira,” he said in a stoic tone as they ascended up the stairway to the second floor. 

“Ahhh, well, most people just know you by you’re nickname and reputation, as the Black Banshee of Earth Sphere,” they went on and Akira was thinking about the reasons he got that name, stemming from the fact he pilots black and red mobile suits, and when he was a rookie he used to unleash a scream that rivaled that of a banshee when he killed someone, the name stuck, not that he had any issues with it.

 They came to the end of the hallway, it was primarily dark in the house, with the exception of light pouring out into the hall from the open door at the end of the hall, and of course the moon light. Illuminating the classic paintings lining the wall.

The butler took a bow and said, “right though this door sir,” and walked off. Akira stood there wondering why Esquire wanted to see him, was it to congratulate him on the successful mission, or something else.

He pushed open the door revealing an old man, with balding grey hair, and wrinkles a crossed his face, his eyes looked as if they where shut almost, hands on his old protruding stomach, in a rather nice three piece suit.

“SIR!” Akira said immediately going into attention and saluting the man.  
“No need to salute me,” came a old horse voice with a British accent from the man. This was Reginald P. Esquire the third, operations officer of the Earth Federations military. “Lieutenant, sit.” 

Akira approached a leather chair in front of the desk, it rested on a bear skin rug, the fire in the fire place creating an eerie by casting shadows on the rather impressive library of books on the opposite side. “What is it that you wanted to see me about sir?” Akira said in a respectful tone.

Esquire reached for a bottle of whiskey on the table and poured a glass, and made a gesture towards his subordinate if he too wanted one, Akira declined. “Ahh keep your head clear, yes an active military man should never indulge in such evils as alcohol, not many young men would have as much self control as you Lieutenant.” Esquire began to sip the whiskey and went on “Your mission today was a success, was the new Mobile suit everything you expected it to be?”

Akira nodded and then went on to say, “Yes sir, it preformed above all of my expectations, so what is it that you wanted to see me about sir,” Akira was growing impatient, every second here talking with a pseudo military man, pseudo politician, was a second he could be on the front lines. Esquire was a shadow of his former self, you wouldn’t think it to look at him, but he is one of the best pilots the world has ever seen. Now he just made strategies and orders, going against everything he once stood for, about not having people behind the lines dictating choices. 

Akira respected the man’s former self, but this man, this politician, who was once an honored soldier made him strive to not become what he is. Esquire sighed “Ahh yes, I wanted to speak to you about your next assignment, we want to station you on want of the Earth Federations Air Forces “float ships”,”

There was a brief silence in the room Akira was shocked to hear this change in events, Esquire went on “It’s only a matter of time before the Gundams make a decent to earth, we want to be ready, so we’re stationing you and Your Jambyia on a float ship, after all it was designed for the air forces needs, also a squad of Mass production Jambyias will be under your control.” 

“Ok sir, any idea when the Gundams will try to descend into the atmosphere?” 

“None,” Esquire frowned at this, “But we do know it will be soon,”

Akira stood up “Permission to speak freely sir?” 

“Granted as always Lieutenant, or should I say Lt. Commander?”

“Thank you sir, for the promotion, as I was saying, I think it’d be better if I stayed in space sir, and I monitored the Normandy movements.” Akira was standing at attention again his face lit but the flickering fire, his hands behind him.

“It’s been taken care off soldier,”

“Ok then I’ll go to the transport sir,” Akira saluted and walked away, thinking of the possiblites that lie ahead.

To Be continued…

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