Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway.... what is it about?

I have just watched it on Netflix. That leaves me with numerous question marks.

Which part of the UC timeline does the story fit into? Certainly it is after Char’s counterattack since Hathaway was only a spoiled brat in UC 0093 who sortied on a Jegan without authorization. He definitely looks too old to be in the Unicorn story so that the story should take place after UC 0096.

How did he become the founder of the terrorist group? Much of the time of the movie was dedicated to the plane hijacked by a group of masked individuals impersonating his terrorist organization and his encounter with a woman whom appears to be a NT.

After waiting and waiting and more waiting, Gundam appeared for the first time in the hanger for a few seconds. Toward the end of the movie, the two Gundams fought for a few minutes. The Federation suit was shot down. Here comes another misery. How did Hathaway develop a Gundam that is almost a direct copy of the Federation’s?

That’s it? This movie has adapted the same style as the first episode of Gundam Unicorn from which Unicorn only appeared in the very end?

Furthermore, how can Bright Noah, whose son is a terrorist, still be in the Federation force ? Did I miss something here?

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It takes place 12 years after Char’s Counterattack.


The Hathaway’s Flash that was released was apparently part 1 of 3, at least it supposedly to be a trilogy. So some of the questions that you have, or pretty much anyone that did not read the novel, will probably get answered in the next 2 parts, hopefully.

According to some wiki found, Gundam Xi, the one that Hathaway piloted, was somehow acquired, possibly stolen as with many Gundams in other series. The how, will probably be answered later too.

Not sure how long it will take for them to release the next 2 parts, but most likely the second part will not be released this year as the virus situation again on the rise in Japan.


See I feel so weird about this film, but I tend to not enjoy UC stories in general.

Nothing here, other than the introduction of Lane Aim, felt like proper story pacing & technique to me. Show off a cool Gundam, wonder who the pilot is, meet the pilot, make comparisons between him & the main character. Cool. No other character had an intro like that & it was hard to feel anything for anyone or expect where the story is gonna take these people.

That’s what you’re supposed to do. Like I enjoy & respect that the UC stories I’ve seen (Unicorn, Narrative & this) come off as very realistic. But I don’t like that they’re a slave to the realism to such a degree that it becomes hard to follow a narrative they’re telling. Like there are certain breaks from reality that fiction requires so the story can communicate to the audience where the characters are gonna go in the narrative. But UC stories just drop you into the world & have everyone act too realistically to the point where you don’t know who’s after what & why.

We had NO IDEA what Hathaway wanted the entire film. The ENTIRE film! It wasn’t until near the very end that we see it’s the Xi Gundam. No hinting or foreshadowing at all towards it, we aren’t shown what it means to him or Mafty’s forces that they now have a great superweapon like the Xi. Why? Atleast allude to him having a plan in the beginning of the movie. Have him clearly on the search for something.

But nothing. He’s just dragged along by some generic waifu that eats up so much of his & the movie’s time. We aren’t shown him spending enough time with his pilots, his crew, or anyone. He has nice moments where Hathaway talks with Gawman & the glasses-wearing ponytailed chick, but it’s only focused on plot stuff. Which is a good way to move the story forward, but we don’t get to know ANYONE ELSE IN MAFTY! Not even the dude who GOT TAKEN HOSTAGE & HAD TO BE SAVED BY HATHAWAY!

And the tone at the end of the film was so weird. The whole time it’s Hathaway conflicted about what he’s doing & it’s very dreary & gray. Good, makes sense for this type of narrative. Yet the final moments of the movie are so hopeful & upbeat & everyone in Mafty is so happy. You’re a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION! Why are you being happy-go-lucky now??? If we got to know these guys beforehand then fine. But we DIDN’T!

There’s so many other things I could go on about, but I can’t right now. I get that it’s part of a trilogy but that’s no excuse. You have 2 hours to tell me a cohesive story, so focus on that precious time. I honestly feel like I’m just gonna avoid UC from now on. And I hate to say that cause I genuinely love the look & feel of the past few UC timeline stories. But I almost never care about the characters, the plots never feel like they go anywhere. Marida Cruz’s story was the ONLY good UC thing I’ve seen. Everything else, no thanks.

I’m not looking forward to the next 2 films. Like at all.

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Most of the questions you ask are answered by the film.

Which part of the UC timeline does the story fit into?

How did Hathaway develop a Gundam that is almost a direct copy of the Federation’s?

He did not develop it. Anaheim Eletronics did and Hathaway just made a deal with them. Anaheim Eletronics has been long established since Zeta Gundam as supplying both sides of any given conflict with mobile suits for the right price. They also develop all of the Federation’s mobile suits. Obviously, Anaheim could make a match for the Penelope since they designed it in the first place.

Furthermore, how can Bright Noah, whose son is a terrorist, still be in the Federation force ? Did I miss something here?

You missed the entire premise of the film. Gigi was the first person to figure out Hathaway’s identity as the leader of Mafty. Nobody in the Federation knew until Kenneth got suspicious from how Gigi talked about Hathaway as a soldier. Additionally, it’s likely nothing would be done about Bright unless it could be proven that he knew about his son’s activities and was complicit. It also has only been mere hours at most by the end of the film that Kenneth found out that Hathaway was Mafty and we don’t see him even tell anybody else yet. And he was also looking for more evidence in the interrogation. News has not spread to the rest of the Federation so they can’t investigate or court mashal or do anything with Britght yet.

How did he become the founder of the terrorist group?

This is the only question that isn’t answered. But honestly the minutiae of how he was radicalized doesn’t actually matter all that much and wouldn’t make for an exciting film. We understand the WHY is his grief over the death of Quess. We understand that he is wealthy and privileged and has been shown helping the organization financially and via his connections as part of the upper class. It is easy enough to connect the dots from there and instead focus on the more exciting thriller aspects of the story and the mobile suit battles that come with him being in the organization.

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Have never read the novel, not sure if the film follows the novel to the dot or skew from it. Though just finished watching it today, most of time at 2x or more so somethings might be missed, like to address some of things in this post. Not to go against anyone though. Hopefully can post without spoil bunch of things for those that have not read the novel or watch the part 1 yet.

Unless somewhere mentioned the specific years after Char’s Counterattack, Unicorn, NT, or maybe it was on the news things somewhere, the film did not explicitly stated what year it was. In fact, it did not even stated that everything takes place in Universal Century. Again, might have missed that somewhere, but did not see any mentions. So it was understandable that if someone never read anything about the film and watched it the first time will likely not knowing when this event take place.

Anaheim Electronic did develop the Gundams. And most likely the organization paid for it. But again, just going by the film, they did not really specify how it was acquired, except that it will show up at some rendezvous point.

Got bunch of Gundam series to catch up, after watching the part 1 and though have not watched Z in full, it feels that the group was not too different than that of AEUG. In Z, it was AEUG vs Titan, which was converted from the old Federation. In part 1, it was Mafty vs the Federation. Not to be political or anything, but pretty much any anti government groups can and will be considered as terrorists if they take extreme measures such as attacking government establishments and officials or riots. Also not conforming to laws and breaking them repeatedly, regardless of their intentions, will definitely make them enemies of the government. So in the case of Mafty, due to their use of force, they will be considered as terrorists, even if their intentions were good. Though large scale battle was most likely not their intention.

As for their mood in the organization, well, you cannot really expect them to be all dark and gloomy. If you watch some other films, probably like Mission Impossible or something, the bad guys were also happy and contend within their organization.

Since only the part 1 was released, the other 2 parts will likely be more of backstory and character developments, hopefully. But that will definitely be depended on how much they can and willing to squeeze in the next 4 hours or so. Hopefully they do provide backstory of the organization and how it came to be. Most probable, not unlike other movies, part 3 will be more concentrated on Mafty fighting against Federation.

Now, probably the only person that got confused the first time, but thought the Penelope pilot’s name was Lame Aim on first watch. It was a “what the…” moment. :rofl: Had to rolled back a little to catch the subtitle stated Lane Aim… Eyesight is getting worse these days…