Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway Trailer

The new trailer of Kidou Senshi Gundam Seiko no Hathaway.

Previous trailer:

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They fixed Hathaway’s face from the original teaser. That’s all I really needed.

I’m not that entrenched in the UC, but even then I can’t recall HF being known or seen as something impossible to adapt like the trailers say. Then again I haven’t been here all that long. What do you guys think about it? Was it ever considered un-adaptable?

^ “Hathaway’s Flash” was written as a sequel to “Beltorchika’s Children” which was the novelisation of the rejected original pitch for the “Char’s Counterattack” film. As such it contains numerous discrepancies to the “canon” events as well as having some pretty big ramifications in its ending that was virtually ignored by F91 which basically acted as a soft reboot.

As such, it was always going to be a big hurdle trying to go back to that specific time period which only really presented itself as an opportunity thanks to the rampant success of Unicorn allowing them to move forward back into the UC '100s once again.

At least that’s how I see it anyways.


New trailer, complete with ENG subs.

Not pleased to see “Mafty” being used as the romanisation of Mufti. But otherwise the movie looks really good.

Has anyone read the novels from which the new films will be based?

I’m actually quite excited to see this adaptation/

i’m curious about the characterization of Hathaway.

in the anime hathaway was a supporting character. he kills amuro’s girlfriend in anger (similar to a child with a loaded gun)

so he’s now a terrorist ? the earth federation has become super corrupt again and hathaway is secretly leading a terrorist organization - similar to ZEON.

and the movie poster has an image of Amuro and Char standing behind hathaway.

it seems like Hathaway is the conflicted anti-hero/gundam pilot.

i’m curious how the animation/story team will make hathaway a sympathetic hero.

I own and have read the novel trilogy. But it’s worth mentioning that they are actually a sequel to the CCA novelisation which was actually Tomino’s original rejected script for the movie and so there’s several differences such as Amuro’s girlfriend being Beltochika instead and the only person Hathaway kills is Quess and that was because she was about to kill Amuro so Hathaway had to make a split second choice on who to save. As such, Hathaway is remembered as a hero to the public and the Federation.

I won’t say anything about the plot of HF itself, aside from spoilers obviously but also because they will have to make changes to adjust the story to fit the canon of the animated series.

Oh yeah. i know. i found this video on line which explains that.

ah wow so u own the books? so you must be able to read japanese then. tell me - is there ALOT of action in the books? how do you think the animation team will tackle the action?

i found these fan-made animation videos for Hathaway Flash. is this pretty accurate to what we might see?

reminds me of 0083. Gundam vs Gundam.

do they show Mafty and the Federation as both being flawed? will the animators have to work hard to set the tone.

and do you think this movie will be a game changer in anime? i mean Unicorn was INCREDIBLE.

but these teaser seem like their gonna do something EPIC.

i’m just curious how they’ll tackle the hathaway character. because i understand the purpose of quess & hathaway in the context of char’s counterattack. with the film version - the idea being that Char and Amuro are both right and wrong in their view points. Char wants mass genocide to reset history to stop the descrimination against spacenoids and Amuro wants to save lives and be diplomatic about it all and find solutions.

and in the end Amuro defeats Char - but to achieve victory and saves lives the ultimate sacrifice is made. most of the good guys die (amuro, chan, astionage etc., and many of the londo bell soldiers). but to me Hathaway and Quess are the children with loaded guns in their hands. and Hathaway commits a heinous act because he’s confused.

i always felt that a story about hathaway wouldn’t be interesting because of what he did in the anime film.

basically the federation is STILL corrupt. and now hathaway is leading a secret rebellion…so it will all be interesting.

i can’t wait until it gets dubbed in English.

I have heard of Hathaway’s Flash for years but could never find the right adaptation to immerse myself in it. So I’m glad we get the opportunity to see it in all of its glory.

New trailer. Looks real good. :slight_smile:

“Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway” Trailer (EN sub) - YouTube

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Man these trailers are great. Can’t wait for the actual film.

I just hope that it’s gonna be a UC story that I actually like this time around. Wasn’t a fan of Unicorn or Narrative, even though I like that era’s tone & feel. But all this post-war stuff is what really got me interested in giving UC a chance, so hopefully I’ll have more fun with Hathaway.